Tuesday, Jun 25th

Take A Survey to Tell Us What You Would Like To See Downtown

ScarsdaleVillageDowntown Scarsdale has seen its ups and downs in the past few years.  Just this week, Imagine Candy is opening on Harwood Court, right across the street from the former site of Rhodadendron, a moderately priced clothing and accessories store that never gained a foothold in town.  And on Christie Place the new Patisserie Salzburg is selling cake but the Christie Place Bakery has closed.

With several empty sites in town, the Scarsdale Chamber of Commerce wants to hear your opinions about what kinds of businesses, stores and restaurants you’d like to see in Scarsdale Village. Participate in our short survey and we’ll tabulate the results and make sure your voices are heard.

Click here to take our survey:

Imagine Candy on Harwood Court is hoping to open by Halloween







rhodadendron2Rhodadendron on Harwood Court has closed









The Christie Place Bakery is also history



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