Friday, Jul 12th

Woman Drives Mercedes Into Burger King

burgerking2On the afternoon of 1/20 a 73 year-old woman, ironically named Thressiama Panicker, of Dalewood Drive in Hartsdale, backed her car into the Burger King at 556 South Central Avenue, Scarsdale. Driving a 1985 Mercedes, Panicker was attempting to exit a parking space and had the car in reverse when she struck the front of the restaurant instead, breaking through the glass doors and stopping 3-4 feet into the lobby of Burger King against a support column. In the process, she also hit a 1998 Honda that was parked outside. Fortunately, no one was injured. The owner of the Honda is 91 year-old Irving Sprinsky of 60 Morrow Avenue, Scarsdale, who was eating inside Burger King at the time of the accident. A tech rescue team, the detective division, the building department and the Greenville Fire Department were all called to secure the restaurant. Everyone was evacuated while the building department assessed the structural damage to the building. It was determined to be safe and the two cars were towed to Glenn’s Towing.


On the afternoon of 1/17 police responded to Walgreens on Central Avenue on a report of two males attempting to have a forged prescription filled. The two men became irate when they were told the prescription could not be filled. Both were recorded on the video camera, leaving Walgreens in a white BMW 2D with a black roof.

Threatening Posts: During the week of January 12, several members of the Edgemont community reported receiving anonymous letters that were threatening and insulting.

Feuding Neighbors: On Elizabeth Street in Scarsdale, neighbors continued to feud, with on reporting that her neighbor drove over her garbage can on the night of 1/18. The two homes share a driveway. Police went to the house and spoke to the man who hit the cans who claimed he had not seen them, and that the cans were placed on his property without his permission. Officers are unable to determine the location of the property line.