Friday, Jul 12th

Greenburgh Police Release Annual Crime Stats

greeburghshieldGreenburgh Police Chief DeCarlo released statistics for Part I and Part 2 Criminal Offenses for the year 2011. Part I Offenses are considered serious crimes by the United States Department of Justice and included Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Homicide, Larceny, Motor Vehicle Theft, Robbery and Rape.

Greenburgh Overall

During the year 2011, a total of 768 Part I Offenses were reported to the Greenburgh Police department as compared to the 730 reported in 2010 and 932 in 2009. This represents an increase of thirty-eight (38) offenses, or 5% over 2010 . This increase was primarily the result of the slight increase in larcenies from vehicles but on a positive note is the decrease of robberies from 26 in 2010 to 10 in 2011, a 62% decrease.

A total of 1,206 Part 2 offenses, which are considered less serious criminal acts, were reported in 2011. This was an increase of 141 over 2010 or 13%. This increase was driven by an increase in identity theft, criminal mischief and public order complaints.


In Edgemont burglaries decreased from 20 in 2010 to 15 in 2011, however larcenies increased from 90 in 2010 to 108 in 2011. Reports of criminal mischief rose from 43 incidents in 2010 to 52 in 2011.

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