Wednesday, May 29th

SoulCycle is Here

In 2009 Tarry Lodge, --which is Mario Batali’s Italian eatery opened in Portchester. (His pizza with guanciale, black truffles and sunny side up egg has officially changed my life.)

Next, was Yogaworks in Irvington, a hip California based yoga studio that blends the old and new, and fits just perfectly in our lil NYC ‘burb.

Then, Citibabes—the Manhattan-based family membership gym arrived above the train station in Scarsdale to the delight of parents and tykes alike. 

And NOW … drum roll please … SoulCycle has arrived in Scarsdale, too.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with this zen chic spinning gym, let me shed a little candlelight. SoulCycle is an indoor cycling workout that combines inspirational coaching with great music and a full body workout on a spinning bike. Cyclists ride in candlelight with a life size black and white mural of an open road behind them. "It's spiritual cardio therapy," New York Magazine states,  "you New Yorkers won't need your shrinks anymore".  Ahem? Don’t they know that we, Westchester suburbanites, have already traded in our shrinks for a labradoodle puppy? Soft, sweet and excellent listeners.

But I digress. Upon my visit today I was pleasantly surprised to see that the studio looked and felt just like the signature New York City studios. I know this because I visited one of their city locations just a few months back at the recommendation of my dear friend Jess. At that time I couldn’t muster up the fortitude to try the class as I am a runner and cycling, well, that's my kryptonite   But not this time! If they build it, I will come (and try) and that is exactly what I did today (at 9:30am to be exact). Wow-eee, I get it. Everything about the experience was soulful. From the amazing scent that the candles in the room give off to the tunes they play to the graciousness of the people who work there, the place has soul. But what about the cycling you ask? Well lets just say that it may take me awhile to get up to speed but I'll get a good sweat while trying and so should you!  

Where is it? The Scarsdale studio is located just above the Scarsdale train station inside the new Citibabes space. You don’t have to be a member to use SoulCycle but if you are, there is a BIG bonus in that you can drop your child off for “childminding” while you work out— that’s Citibabe talk for “babysitting.” Their website has this awesome (and easy) online reservation system so there is no need to rush the little one’s off to school at drop off time.

This idea comes to you from the website - an enlightened look at thriving in the burbs.  Check them out for more fun family ideas.

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