Friday, May 20th

SHS Drama Club’s Student Directed Plays on Stage and Streaming This Weekend

Play1The Scarsdale High School Drama Club comes together once again for their yearly student-directed plays, putting together two one-act plays. One is a comedy called “Crazytown,” about a ridiculous town showcasing their craziness through their evening newscast. The other play is a drama called “4 AM” which shares the various experiences of being awake at 4 am (Rated PG-13).

Shows are in person in the SHS auditorium on Friday night January 21 at 7:30 pm and Saturday January 22 at 7:30 pm or can be viewed online. Purchase your tickets here.  The maximum number of attendees per show is 120, so buy your ticket early!

Janmariz Deguia, the student who directed Crazytown said, “Crazytown has been a wonderful experience. It’s funny going from being on stage to the other side of it all. Luckily, directing did not feel new; it just felt great. It combined my passion for leadership like student government and my immense love for theatre into one amazing position. I hold more titles such asCrazyTown “founder and director of Project Calendula”--a mental health awareness initiative--but it’s a little different. Directing is less about managing work, supervising events, and dealing with paperwork. To me, it’s about putting a vision of art onto stage by giving suggestions. By guiding people to connect with each other and the audience the best. Directing is not super direct all of the time! It’s loose and it’s fun and at the end of the day, it's art. For this show, it was also about helping people gain stage confidence. There’s nothing like seeing my actors grow; I’m just so proud.”

“I'm beyond grateful for everyone's hard work despite it being many people's first time acting; their flexibility and perseverance through Covid related changes and their support were incredible. I’ve had a difficult time these past couple of months, and I could not have done this without the support from SHSDC. Ms. Malecki and Dr. Graybill specifically have been huge helps and amazing motivators. This show would be nothing without my assistant director, Maud, and our amazing crew. Everyone from stage crew to production to costumes deserves a big thanks!”


Photos by Joe DiMartino

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