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Get Tipsy at Tipsy Taco Bar on Garth Road

TipsyWe were happy to see that a new restaurant had recently opened on Garth Road – and even happier after we had dinner there last week. Tipsy Taco Bar of Mt. Kisco, now has a second location in the large space formerly occupied by Westchester Burger.

We stopped in on Thursday night and found the place hopping. After a short wait at the bar we were taken to the last available table. We were surrounded by a boisterous group of twenty and thirty somethings, enjoying colorful tropical drinks and clearly out to have a good time. A cheerful waitress handed us menus on iPads – and there was lots to scan and consider. There was a long list of colorful margaritas including blood orange and cucumber, plus sangria, mojitos, a vodka mule and “The Volcano,” which is coconut rum, fresh lime and coco loco in a fresh pineapple topped with 151 rum lit on fire. Watch out! You could easily pass an evening sipping cocktails accompanied by hors d’oeuvres at the long bar.

From a lengthy list of appetizers that included guacamole, chicken wings and empanadas, we opted for the tequila flamed shrimp and chorizo skewers. These were 3 bamboo skewers with shrimp, chorizo, red onions and peppers, doused in liquid and lit at your table. As I said above, watch out! The flame was larger than the waiter expected and almost set us on fire. TacoFlame

Main course choices include skirt steak, grilled salmon, paella, chicken, enchilladas and even short ribs. There’s a wide selection of salads and another of bowls where you can choose from seared ahi tuna, grilled shrimp, skirt steak, or the Tipsy vegan bowl. But wait, there’s more. As in six types of fajitas, nine choices of quesadillas and tostadas as well as tacos, which was the reason we came. Tacos can be ordered individually. The waitress recommended that I choose three for dinner and I went with the salmon tartar, the roasted organic check tinga and the Atlantic grilled shrimp with cabbage slaw. There were all yummy. My husband picked the “Tipsy Trio Burrito,” a 13 inch tortilla stuffed with rice, beans, cheese, corn, guacamole, chicken, steak and shrimp. No wonder he couldn’t finish it.

Looking back now, it’s a feat that the kitchen could turn all of this out – in a very short time for so many tables. But they did – and the service was speedy and the food was hot. The bill was also a pleasant surprise. We both had dinner and drinks and it came in at under $40 pp.

So what’s the bottom line on Tipsy Tacos? In short, the food was delicious, the portions generous, the menu ample, the atmosphere informal and the price -- just right. Give it a try – and if you can’t find a place to park on Garth Road, the Freightway Lot is an easy walk away.

Tipsy Taco Bar Burrito
56 Garth Road
(914) 574-6242


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