Friday, Jul 12th

Westchester Becomes Greener Away from Home

recyclingBinsWith the approval of new amendments to the Westchester County’s Source Separation Law, it will now be easier for individuals to maintain sustainable practices outside the home. The amendments require that nonresidential waste generators include separate recycling bins in spaces open to the public wherever garbage receptacles are already located. The recycling and garbage receptacles must be in close proximity to each other and clearly labeled.

Entities mandated to offer recycling bins include schools, houses of worship, and businesses. Eco-conscious individuals will no longer need to trash recyclable items or bring them home for recycling. Being able to recycle away from home may also encourage other people to adopt more sustainable practices when they return home.

The recent amendments also made mandatory for both residential and nonresidential waste generators the curbside recycling of cartons (juice, soup, milk etc). Please note that cartons get included with commingled (plastic, glass, aluminum) recycling.

If nonresidential waste generators are not complying with these new amendments, a complaint form can be completed here. Alternatively one can contact the Department of Environmental Facilities.