Wednesday, Sep 28th

Frustrated Customers Wait and Wait for Prescriptions at CVS

CVSIf you had to pick up a prescription or get a flu shot you may have noticed that the CVS Pharmacy on Popham Road is short staffed. Signs on the glass ask for your patience as they are short on pharmacists in the department.

On several days last week customers waited for more than an hour just to pick up a prescription. And those who stopped in to get a flu shot, which you could do in past years, were told to make an appointment online. But the catch is, there are no flu shot appointments available at this location, period.

To make matters worse, there are no weekday pharmacy hours after 7pm and NO weekend pharmacy hours at all. One Scarsdale man who works in the city said, “I am not sure how a commuter is ever supposed to pick up a prescription. I was in there the other evening, and there were 10 people ahead of me, with a 20-minute wait to pick up a prescription. Needless to say, customers were very unhappy. To aggravate everyone even more, the pharmacy had signs apologizing for being “a bit” understaffed.”

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