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Scarsdale On Ice: History Exhibit Opening at Scarsdale Public Library

FMTCPaddleThe Scarsdale Historical Society is pleased to announce an opening reception for its new exhibit, “Scarsdale On Ice,” in partnership with Scarsdale Living Magazine and Scarsdale Public Library. The exhibit, which will be on display at the library for the month of March, provides a chronicle of Scarsdalians enjoying their favorite winter pastimes in locations all around town. The archival photography, dating back as far as the 1910’s, will include residents ice skating, sledding, skiing and playing paddle tennis. The opening reception is on Wednesday, March 1st from 7:00-8:30 PM at Scarsdale Public Library.

At the reception, Leslie Chang, trustee of the Scarsdale Historical Society, will highlight stories and local tidbits about the Village’s rich history of experiences shaped by snow and ice. The exhibit coincides with an article in the new Winter/Spring issue of Scarsdale Living Magazine, where Chang uncovers knowledge about Scarsdale’s history with winter leisure sports. The research examines which pastimes have prevailed, and which ones have (literally) melted away.

The exhibit and the accompanying magazine article were inspired by the wealth of winter photos from the archives of the Scarsdale Public Library, Westchester County Government, Fox Meadow Tennis Club and Scarsdale Golf Club. The photos will spark curiosity and give clues to the life and culture of Scarsdale’s past.

A special highlight of the exhibit will be a celebration of Scarsdale’s contribution to the world of sports - the invention of paddle tennis at Fox Meadow Tennis Club. The outdoor racquet sport, also called “platform tennis,” is generally played in cool weather. Thanks to some creative club members and a risky venture during the Great Depression, the sport grew in popularity to become a nationally recognized sport. Today, the Scarsdale Recreation Department hosts six platform tennis courts for use by residents.sleddersChildren coasting on a toboggan on the golf course at Scarsdale Golf Club. Credit: John Gass

“We anticipate that visitors will be mesmerized by the range of activities captured on film, sometimes in the most unexpected locations,” stated Randy Guggenheimer, President of the Scarsdale Historical Society. “We are thrilled to bring this compilation of photos to life so that they can be appreciated in one place as the remarkable artifacts that they are.”

Admission is free but RSVP is requested for the reception. The event is co-sponsored by the Scarsdale Historical Society and the Scarsdale Public Library.

SGCLakeSkating on lake: Sally Magowan does an antelope jump at the Scarsdale Golf Club Ice Carnival in 1939. Credit: Scarsdale Golf Club

The public can register for the opening reception here.

Top Photo: Sumner “Killy” Kilmarx and Clifford Couch, winners of the first national men’s tournament held at the Fox Meadow Tennis Club in 1935. Credit: Fox Meadow Tennis Club

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