Saturday, Jun 15th

Scarsdale Police Alert Residents About An Increase in Burglaries

burglarScarsdale Police are seeing in uptick in burglaries this year. They report that year to date there have been 14 burglaries, as compared to four at this time last year.

They are offering residents the following tips to avoid becoming a victim:

Automobile Theft Prevention

1. Lock your vehicle doors and remove your keys and key fobs from inside your vehicle.
2. Secure your garage door opener in a locked glovebox, as thieves may use it to enter your home to retrieve your vehicle key or steal other valuables.
3. Never leave valuables inside your vehicle, particularly if visible.

Burglary Prevention

1. Keep all exterior doors at your residence locked, using deadbolt locks. Also, keep your garage door closed and locked, including your interior access door, and lock all widows, including second floor.
2. Always turn your alarm system on when you are away. It is also recommended to have your alarm system in the “stay” or “home” mode when you are home, especially while you are sleeping.
3. Use motion sensing exterior lighting and keep the perimeter of your home well lit.
4. Never leave your house key under doormats or in “hiding” places outside of your home.
5. Make your home appear occupied. Leave lights or televisions on timers when you are out for the evening.
6. Consider the use of a video surveillance system to protect your property.
7. If your residence will be vacant for an extended period, consider signing up for the Scarsdale Police Department’s “Dark House Program” by calling 914.722.1200. The program is free, and officers will make periodic checks of the house, depending on call volume and officer availability, until the homeowner returns.


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