Friday, May 24th

Letter: Keep Pickleball at Brite Avenue

pickleballDear Board of Trustees,

We represent a group of men and women who regularly enjoy playing pickleball at the Brite Avenue Courts. We played this week and were informed by the clerk that the courts can no longer be used and will soon be locked.

We are disappointed and confused as to why the Board would close a beloved neighborhood facility. Even though the new courts are now being used at Crossways, why not allow residents to use the ones at Brite Avenue?

The three Brite Avenue courts offer shade during the brutal summer months, easy parking and are quiet. There is already a clerk there to oversee the tennis courts. The Crossway courts are open with no shade and noisy from the soccer and softball games at the adjacent fields. Plus, parking is impossible on weekends when parents attend their children's games.

Our group enjoyed the pickleball clinics for the past three seasons. Now, they are moved to the new location at inconvenient times such as mid afternoon when it is really hot. Obviously, the Board wants to appease the neighbors who complained about the noise from the new courts by not offering any 9:30am clinics.

Please reconsider leaving the Brite Avenue courts open so we can enjoy a tried and true Scarsdale neighborhood recreational space.

Best wishes,

Barbara Pollard; 83 Brite Avenue
Isabel Feingold; 22 Elm Road
Susan Kopple,;11 Huntington Avenue

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