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Megan Simon Honored by Scarsdale-Edgemont Family Counseling Service

Family14Megan Simon with her family.At a festive gala Thursday, May 16 at the Scarsdale Golf Club, Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Service (SFCS) lauded their staff, volunteers and community partners and awarded Megan Simon the 2024 Rising Star Award in recognition of her active history as a volunteer, leader and contributor to many Scarsdale organizations. The annual Rising Star Award recognizes leaders in the Scarsdale Community who have demonstrated dedicated, impactful and active community service.

Executive Director Jay Genova acknowledged SFCS’ 104 years of service to the individuals, families and communities of Scarsdale and Edgemont and thanked local, Family21Executive Director Jay Genovacounty, state and school board officials for their dedication to SFCS partnerships and their dedication to the mission. Without community support, this work would not be possible. SFCS functions in a spirit of partnership for the benefit of the entire community with counseling services, parent support groups, vital aging in place initiatives, and has staffed the school district with mental health professionals. Through the new child services division, children are being cared for by using modalities of art to soothe stress, which requires space, materials and talented staff. Improving health, safety and wellness of families and children is in the organization’s DNA. Jay highlighted the importance of community support for these programs.

Amy Nadasdi thanked Jay, who she said runs the organization with integrity, kindness, patience and skill. She also lauded the extraordinary Gala committee, led by Wendy Gendel for the evening’s gathering. She said, “Organizing an event like this is a major challenge, and, to Wendy and your Gala committee, I know you’ve put your collective hearts and souls into this effort.” She also thanked the sponsors and vendors who contributed to the successful event.

Kathy Stahler introduced Megan Simon who she said has risen to leadership with drive and determination, and has contributed greatly to Scarsdale schools and the community at large.

Jordan and Lisa Copeland, the previous recipients of the Rising Star Award, presented this year’s award to Megan Simon.

Megan thanked the many people who helped pick up her kids so she could spend so much time volunteering. She’s had success in college and her professional career by virtue of living and growing up in Scarsdale. She also mentioned the importance of volunteering and giving back. She said, “students benefit when we all work together. Positive change is possible, and kids benefit from being in the school community. Our children deserve the best support possible. Volunteering is a passion. SFCS embodies the qualities of commitment, kindness and collaboration and gives back to the community. You get joy from helping others and being part of a wonderful organization.”

Megan thanked everyone in attendance and said, “none of this happens without a village, and this is the best village.”

About Megan Simon
Meg Simon (nee Wolters) grew up in Scarsdale, attending Greenacres Elementary School, Scarsdale Middle School, and Scarsdale High School. She moved back to Scarsdale in 2014 with her husband Chris Simon to raise their two children: Patrick (age 14) and Devon (age 12). Attracted by the excellent schools and her own experience growing up, Megan was eager to get involved in supporting community organizations.

Meg joined several Parent Teachers Association (PTA) committees at Greenacres School and at The Hitchcock School, then rising within just a few years to become Greenacres PTA President and the PTO President at The Hitchcock School. As Greenacres PTA President, she worked with Parent Teacher Council leadership, the District cabinet and Board of Education towards a successful $68M bond referendum. The majority of those funds were used for the renovation of Greenacres in addition to addressing health and safety issues at all seven Scarsdale schools. Her leadership, dedication and relationships within the school district then led her to be named PTC President in 2021-2022. As PTC President during part of the Covid Pandemic, Meg served on the District Restart Committee as well as on the Scarsdale Middle School Restart Committee. These committees helped plan and facilitate a smooth transition for both students and staff back to in-person classes.

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In addition to her leadership of the PTA and PTC, Meg was named co-president of the Scarsdale Schools Education Foundation (SSEF) in 2021, a role she continues to this day. Meg has overseen SSEF’s donations of the upgraded cameras and microphones used by teachers to enhance remote learning during the COVID pandemic. Recently, Meg has been involved with SSEF’s grants to Scarsdale Middle School for the library renovation and to Scarsdale High School for flexible furniture which can be moved and reconfigured in classrooms to create different learning environments that best meet teachers’ needs.

In 2023 when her son entered high school, Meg joined the board of Maroon & White, the athletic teams support organization. Meg currently serves on the journal committee, which is Maroon & White’s largest fundraiser.

Meg has also been on the board of Scarsdale Golf Club for the last five years, serving as the Head of Admissions, Secretary, Vice President and, now, President. She will continue to serve on this Board for the next two years.

Prior to her return to Scarsdale, Megan worked in advertising sales and marketing for CBS and A&E Networks. She is a graduate of Bucknell University.

Article and Photos By Lisa VanGundy

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