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plentyplatformsThe box arrived from Bloomingdale’s just as my husband, Brett, was walking out the door to attend a neighborhood meeting one evening. That’s bad timing, when the UPS guy comes face-to-face with one’s husband. The uniformed man stands at your doorstep, a guilty look on his face, as he hands over the goods. He knows the rules. He knows he’s supposed to drop the package when your husband is either a) at work, b) at the gym, or c) has left the house precisely eight minutes ago, but sometimes he screws up and gets caught. The husband looks at the return address on the box, sees the name of a clothing store like Bloomies, or an e-tailer like Gilt, or a supermegavirtualworld like Amazon, and shakes his head sadly at the UPS man. Dude, he thinks, You’re complicit in her schemes. I’m so disappointed in you.

Here’s what happened in our house.

“What’s in this box?” Brett said, stepping into the kitchen with the package. I could hear the tires of the UPS truck as they burned rubber up the street.

Now, there are lots of things a wife could say in response to this. I could have played dumb, saying, “I don’t know, let’s open it and find out!” I could have said, “Oh, nothing. Bloomingdale’s just likes me so much that sometimes they send me free stuff. Boh-ring.” I could have feigned sudden blindness, saying, “Box? What box? I don’t see anything…except spots…and now the world is tilting slightly…honey, put down that make-believe box and call 911!”

But, this time at least, I felt I had nothing to hide. Spring is here and I need new sandals. Desperately. Bloomingdale’s considers me docevitaplatformspart of their Friends and Family – they’re nicer than some of my blood relatives that way – and so I shopped with a 20% price reduction and free shipping.

“In this box, Brett, are two pairs of new sandals,” I said, pronouncing the sentence with pride.


“Yes, two. I need to try them on and see how they fit. I might even return one pair.” (Yeah, right.) My gaze met his straight on, daring him to challenge my need for spring footwear.

He shrugged and left the kitchen, heading out to his meeting.

I was free to open the package in peace.

The shoes were brand spanking new, with all the Styrofoam bits still attached and with thin pieces of tissue paper wrapped around the hardware buckles. No other woman’s feet had tarnished these shoes. They were so freshly picked from the store’s warehouse that they had never made it out on the floor. The scent of leather filled the kitchen. I breathed in and out deeply, feeling a Zen-like calm.

In front of me sat two beautiful specimens of this spring’s It shoe. Is it a platform? Sort of. Is it a wedge? Kinda. Is it a flat? Maybe. You may look at it and go, what the heck is that thing? And that is precisely why the fashion community has put their heads together to give this shoe a name. Readers, I’d like to present the newest in hybrid shoe luxury: the flatform.

The flatform is high like a platform and simultaneously flat like a ballet slipper. It’s a sandal revolution! In certain light, the flatform does seem kind of chunky and ugly, but once on the foot, it’s usually not. I urge you to try on a pair. Mine are simply divine.

I stepped into one pair – with cork platform bottoms and cognac suede straps – and strutted around my kitchen island. I am so tall in these shoes that my kitchen looked different to me. I suddenly understood how much more I would get out of life if I could see the world from the perspective of someone 4 inches taller. And then I realized that, with flatforms, I could always be that 5’6” person! And I could do it with free shipping! I was walking on cloud 9 and 4 inches.

Have you ever seen a woman wearing amazingly gorgeous heels or platforms that she can’t walk in? She looks like a duck, with butt angled out slightly, using her neck for balance. Well, I see these shoe victims all the time and think, oh, poor thing. She is not pulling off that look at all. Flatforms might just solve this insidious problem. In flatforms, you can be tall but not fowl.

I tried on the second pair – with a black woven rattan base and thin honey and black straps – and found that they were just as comfortable as the first, but slightly dressier. I instantly knew that I would be keeping both.

I will wear my new flatforms with walking shorts, and Capri pants, and skirts and dresses, and wide-leg jeans and skinny jeans.

Now that I can view the clothes in my closet from an entirely different angle, everything seems new again. Turns out, all I needed to update my spring and summer wardrobe were a few pairs of shoes. (OK, and maybe a cool belt and some fun jewelry that I’ll write about another time.)

Brett and the UPS man can breathe easy.

Viva la flatform!

gerstenblattColumnist and blogger Julie Gerstenblatt writes with humor and candor about her life in Scarsdale, her friends and family, and the particular demands of motherhood and wifedom in modern-day suburbia.



4MstartThe weather was cool but dry for the Scarsdale 15K and 4 mile runs on Sunday April 1. The race began on Brewster Road and continued through Fox Meadow and Greenacres where streets were closed off to accommodate the runners and water was distributed along the way.

Participation was good, with 199 runners finishing the four-mile run and 149 completing the 15K. For the 1 mile Kids Fun Run, 65 children ages 12 and under turned out.

The Scarsdale 15K and 4 Mile runs were conducted by the Scarsdale Parks and Recreation Department and co-sponsored by the Scarsdale Antiques Running Club.

The Race is the longest running race in Westchester County.

In both races, awards were given to the overall male and female winners and for the first three finishers in the following male and female

15K Start
groups: 14 and under, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70+. Team awards were also given in the 15K for the first three teams in male (50+) and female (40+). In addition, for the 15K race, there were awards for the first Scarsdale winner, male and female.

For the 15K race, the overall male winner was Russell Cruz and the top male finisher from Scarsdale was James Pilchik. For the women, the overall female winner and first Scarsdale female finisher was Jana Trenk. In the 4-mile race, the men’s winner was Sherman Lau and the women were lead by Leota Branche.

A complete list of winners in all categories is available here.

Sherman Lau - Winner 4 Mile Run
Bagels, water and coffee were available for the runners with coffee courtesy of Lange’s Deli. Congratulations to all the runners and thanks to everyone who helped make the race possible.

Pictured at top: 4 Mile Race Start. Photos provided by the Scarsdale Recreation Department.


4 Mile Race Winner Leota Branche
15K Winner Russel Cruz


15K Winner Jana Trenk


Fun Run



mwcheerleadersThe Maroon and White winter awards dinner was a big success at Lake Isle Country Club on Tuesday night March 6. About 660 parents, student athletes, coaches and administrators were on hand to celebrate the achievements of Scarsdale students in gymnastics, ice hockey, cheerleading, wrestling, basketball, swimming, track, skiing and bowling. Highlights of the season included the boys’ ice hockey team’s participation in the Section 1 finals and senior Jacob Berkowitz’s success at the state wrestling final in Albany where he placed second in his class.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was the absence of Lake Isle’s famous chicken parmesan dinner – this year, much to everyone’s surprise, the menu featured Chicken Milanese!

Congratulations to the athletes, Maroon and White Presidents Charlotte Carr and Liz Whitney as well as the entire board. Below please find photos of the graduating seniors and team records and individual awards.  (pictured above: Senior Cheerleaders)

Ice Hockey Team Seniors
Basketball Team Seniors
Senior Gymnasts
Track Team Seniors
Senior Swimmers
Senior Wrestlers
Senior Skiers
Senior Basketball Team


Maroon and White Presidents Charlotte Carr and Liz Whitney

Here are the season's records for each team as well as individual awards from SHS Director of Athletics Robert Siracuse:

Boys¹ Basketball (6-13)

All-League: Greg Scacchi

Honorable Mention: Jack Hewitt

MVP: Greg Scacchi

Most Improved: Jack Hewitt

Casey Ferrone Memorial Award: Jeff Schwartz

Joseph Ades Memorial Award: Jordan Elkins

Girls¹ Basketball (10-9)

All-League: Shelby Zucker

All-Section Honorable Mention: Shelby Zucker

Boys¹ Bowling (53-45)

Girls¹ Bowling (34-57)


UCA Nationals Qualifier

All-American: Lauren Wang

Gymnastics (1-7)

All-League: Sophie Bernstein

Honorable Mention: Emma Bernstein, Dannah Strauss

MVP: Emma Bernstein, Dannah Strauss

Most Improved: Caroline Kristof

Best Sportsmanship: Maya Pochiraju

Ice Hockey (15-9)

Section 1 Division 2 Finalists

All-League: Connor Wolfe

Honorable Mention: Hunter Jurman, James Nicholas

All-Section: Connor Wolfe

Section 1 Division 2 Coach of the Year: Jim Mancuso

Section 1 Conference 2 Coach of the Year: Jim Mancuso

Leading Scorer: Hunter Jurman

Most Improved: Stuart Hindmarch

POW Big Hits Award: Sam Blakley, Rob Burns

Best Defensive Defenseman: Rob Burns

Best Defensive Forward: Devon Schell

Bruce Black Award for Leadership: Travis Misarti, Will Seider

Peter Shaw Award: Ian Klein

Boys¹ Skiing (8-2)

All-League: Nick Brechtel, Jason Luski, Takane Shoji

MVP: Takane Shoji

Most Improved: Josh Winward

Best New Skier: Nick Brechtel

Dedication to Dryland: Dewan Thenmalai

Girls¹ Skiing (5-5)

All-League: Julia Mayer, Melanie Norman

MVP: Julia Mayer

Most Improved: Ali Whitney

Best New Skier: Maggie O¹Keefe

Dedication to Dryland: Melanie Norman

Boys¹ Swimming (10-0)

League, Division Champions

All-League: Michael Lu, Sivan Mehta, Matt Ginsberg, Carter McFarland,

Charlie McFarland, Daniel Needham, James Frehill, Evan Moretti

All-Section: Michael Lu, Daniel Needham

State Qualifiers: Daniel Needham, Charlie McFarland, Sivan Mehta, Michael

Lu, 400 freestyle relay (Sivan Mehta, Daniel Needham, Matt Ginsberg, Michael

Lu), 200 medley relay (Sivan Mehta, Charlie McFarland, Carter McFarland,

Michael Lu). Note: At states, Matt Ginsberg subbed in for Lu in the 200

medley relay, Carter McFarland for the 400 relay.

MVP: Michael Lu

Coaches Award: Austin Serling

Boys¹ Track & Field

All-League: 4x800-meter relay (Ben Newman, Eric Dobosh, Kazuya Seki, Nick


All-County: Patrick Clarke (55-meter high hurdles)

Girls¹ Track & Field

All-League: Helen Clapp (3,000-meter), Lillian Foote (high jump)

All-County: Lillian Foote

All-Section: Lillian Foote

County, Class A, Section Champion: Lillian Foote (high jump)

State Qualifier: Lillian Foote

Wrestling (8-5)

All-league: Mikey Hodges, Joe Koshakow, Daniel Jureller, John Tambunting,

Jack Braun, Jacob Berkowitz, Chen Shen, Brian Hackel

All-Section: Jacob Berkowitz, Jack Braun, John Tambunting

All-State: Jacob Berkowitz

Section 1 Finalists: Jack Braun, John Tambunting

Section 1 Champion: Jacob Berkowitz (182 pounds)

State Finalist: Jacob Berkowitz

100 career wins: John Tambunting (117-31), Jacob Berkowitz (135-19)

MVP: Jack Braun (42-4; 82-20 three-year career), John Tambunting (39-6)

Most Improved: Daniel Jureller, Mikey Hodges

Most Outstanding: Jacob Berkowitz (51-3)




foxmeadowtcThe Fox Meadow Tennis Club at 14 Wayside Lane in Scarsdale announces their Spring Junior Tennis Program, open to all area residents. They offer three great ways for Scarsdale area Juniors to play tennis and sharpen their skills; all supervised by Head Tennis Professional, Gary Squires.

Match Play:

April 23 - June 18 (except Memorial Day)
Play supervised competitive singles and doubles matches! Work on scoring, strategy, court etiquette, and sportsmanship.

Boys and Girls:

9 - 12 years 3:30-5:00 pm
13 - 18 years 5:00-6:30 pm
$175 (7 play dates)

Group Clinics:
April 26 - June 21

Clinics will include fun drills and games to develop strokes, footwork, and strategy.

Boys and Girls:

5 - 8 years 3:30-4:30 pm
9 - 12 years 4:30-5:30 pm
13 - 18 years 5:30-6:30 pm
$240 (8 clinics)

Personalized Clinics:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
April 24 - June 23
Are your juniors ready to bring their skills to the next level? Then opt for private individualized instruction designed to quickly elevate their game. (Contact Gary Squires for pricing)

To register, or for further details:

• Contact Gary Squires at 914-384-0336 or garysquires3@gmail.com
• Visit www.foxmeadowtennisclub.com/juniors



Berkowitz1An opportunity to win a state title rarely comes to a high school athlete, and from Scarsdale, wrestlers have not historically gotten to the state tournament at all. That’s why this season was most unusual … as not one or two, but three athletes from Scarsdale and Edgemont vied for state wrestling titles in Albany. This past weekend, Edgemont brothers Tyler and John "Trey" Aslanian, and Scarsdale’s Jacob Berkowitz were all given a chance at the New York State tournament at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York. Despite snowy wet weather, the venue drew a large crowd, including families and teammates from all over the state who came to support their respective teams. Westchester’s section 1 crowd was particularly loud as they cheered on all the wrestlers from the schools in the section.

The New York State tournament includes the top 16 wrestlers in the state for each weight class, and some of the

Jacob Berkowtiz (blue)
best high school wrestlers in the country. The competition may seem intimidating, but Edgemont and Scarsdale wrestlers were confident. Sophomore Tyler Aslanian won his first section title in Division II at 99 pounds a few weeks ago, flying under the radar as one of Edgemont’s standouts of the year. The young wrestler looked to repeat his success at the New York State tournament. In his first round match Tyler easily handled his opponent and came out with a strong win at 8-0. Soon after, he lost a close match to Luis Weirbach of Hoosick Falls, 4-1. Although disappointed by the tight match, Tyler hoped to bounce back and wrestle for third place. He got his momentum going and defeated his next opponent 7-1. After this exciting victory, expectations were high but Tyler was unable to secure a win and eventually fell to 3rd place finisher, Joe Nelson, 8-4. With two impressive victories, Tyler will look to place as the top wrestler in New York in years to come.

Trey Aslanian (top)

His brother, Edgemont Junior John Aslanian at 113 pounds entered the tournament as a strong second seed, placing second in last year’s tournament. With an impressive wrestling career and well-performed season, John was considered a contender for the state title. On day one, John dominated his opponents, securing a 7-0 victory in his first round match, and a 6-2 win in his second match. On the second day, Aslanian edged out a victory over the 3rd seed from Warsaw, winning 7-2. After these performances, a state title seemed to be within the junior’s grasp. In a hard fought final match, Aslanian lost 5-0. Although a 2nd place finish two years in a row in a top wrestling state is extremely impressive, Aslanian will train hard for another year to work to capture a state title.

Proud Coach Peter Jacobson made the following comment about the brothers' performance, "Tyler and Trey have each really committed themselves to training the past year and it shows in the improvements they've made. This was Trey's third trip to Albany and he knows exactly what he needs to do to perform at his best at this point. While this was Tyler's first time up there, he also handled the pressures like a pro. Our program has also been fortunate enough to send athletes up to the State Championships each year for the past five years so our coaching staff has a good deal of experience preparing our athletes to perform at a very high level. To have Trey make the state finals two years in a row and have Tyler finish in the Top 8 his first time up there, says volumes about their own personal abilities to prepare. We're confident that we'll see each of them on the top of the podium next year."

Tyler Aslanian (top)
It’s been over 50 years since a Scarsdale wrestler had a chance at a state title. At 182 pounds, Senior Jacob Berkowitz has excelled as one of the best athletes Scarsdale has had in many years and is arguably the best wrestler in Scarsdale’s history. The D1 Binghamton-bound senior has had his eye on placing high in this past week’s tournament. In last year’s New York State tournament, Berkowitz went 0-2. This year his confidence was boosted by more experience and a different strategy. With two section titles under his belt and over 100 career wins, the senior was expected to upset many of his opponents in the tournament. As the number 4 seed, Berkowitz showed his strength over his competition in day one, scratching and clawing his way through his first two opponents with a score of 4-1 and 5-1. Advancing to the semifinals on day two, Berkowitz faced a tough opponent -- the number one seed, McZiggy Richards of Wingate. Keeping calm and wrestling to win, Berkowitz edged out one of his most impressive victories of the year, beating McZiggy 3-1. Advancing to the finals, Berkowitz kept the same game plan and strategy against his skilled opponent, Nick Bellanza of John Glenn. The match came down to the last second, but Berkowitz was unable to score a takedown in the limited time remaining and took second place in the tournament. The 9-6 loss certainly rattled Berkowitz,but his name goes down as one of the most skilled wrestlers’ in Scarsdale history. Coaches Barney Foltman, Brian Roemer, and Jeremy Szerlip as well as Berkowtiz’s family and teammates were proud of Berkowitz’s performance and will remember this season for a lifetime.

Contributor Daniel Jureller is a senior at Scarsdale High School, headed to Lafayette College in the fall. He is looking forward to studying English and education.

Photos courtesy of Leslie R. Berkowitz and Peter Jacobson



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