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My daughters and I found a kitten and it's young mother (the mother is under a year old) abandoned in the parking lot by the Five Corners. They are well groomed and well behaved and were obviously indoor cats at one point. They are litter trained as well. We would like to see them get adopted instead of having to drop them off at a humane society. We already have cats of our own and cannot take in any more.

If you are interested in adopting a kitten, please call 723-8384 or email:

This note was sent from Frank Kaiman to update Scarsdale10583 on the progress of building a crosswalk across Edgemont Road to Crane’s Pond: (From Frank) Although I was unable the Planning Board meeting last night, I spoke to Garrett Duquesne (the Town’s Assistant Planner) this morning who advises that:

1. The Board unanimously passed a resolution making a positive recommendation to the Town Board to use up to $75,000 of the Recreation Escrow to make the necessary predestination improvements to the Pond

2. The Board unanimously passed a resolution making an immediate finding that the current situation is a hazard and recommending that the Town hire a traffic safety expert to evaluate the project as proposed. Note that this is separate and apart from the first resolution – there is no linkage.

3. The Board defeated a motion (4 against, two in favor) recommending that the Town immediately paint a crosswalk and make such other immediate improvements pending the overall project.

As I understand it, the Planning Board will send the Town Board a memorandum in the next several days advising the Town Board of the foregoing. The Town Board will then schedule this matter for a work session. Garrett advised that the earliest it could be is NOT the next session but the one following that – I do not know when that is. I ofcourse intend to attend that work session.

So, we won at the Planning Board – I think the turnout helped a lot -- and we move on closer to the finish line.

Hats off to the Scarsdale 10583 and the Inquirer for the reporting they did.

Franklin R. Kaiman, Esq.

Here is the latest news on the proposed sidewalk discussed at a Planning Board Board meeting held June 2nd

Update: The Greenburgh Planning Board met on June 2 and the crosswalk was the first item on the agenda. The Parks Department (Gerry Byrne) favors the raised crosswalk.  The Police Chief spoke and favored a crosswalk but suggested that there needed to be a further study regarding the raised crosswalk which could only be done by an outside expert – but the issue is paying for it.

One resident spoke against the crosswalk – Abe Reckson, the gentleman who wrote several letters.  About 10 residents spoke in favor, including one eighth grader. The Board closed the hearing but left the record open until June 11. The Board will make a decision at its meeting on June 16 and then it is on to the Town Board.

(Original Article) The Edgemont Association has spent the last four years fighting for the installation of a crosswalk across Edgemont Road to Crane's Pond. This section of Edgemont Road links the Pipeline with Edgemont High School and Central Avenue and is a frequent thoroughfare for people going to and from Hartsdale Station. Cars travelling at high speeds east and west pose a danger to children crossing the street to access Crane's Pond and Edgemont Junior and Senior High School.

Prior to the summer of 2006 there were two painted crosswalks that pedestrians could use to access the pond. But when the road was repaved, the Town did not repaint the crosswalks because the Police Chief felt the crosswalks were not safe due to limited sightlines. In response, in October, 2006, 115 residents signed a petition for the reinstallation of the crosswalk and the police studied the issue for the next 2 ½ years.

In October, 2009 the police concluded that a raised concrete walk, similar to the one on East Hartsdale Avenue in Hartsdale would provide the greatest degree of safety. A second alternative was to simply repaint the crosswalk near Barclay Road. In November, 2009 the Edgemont Association advised the Greenburgh Town Board that they supported the raised crosswalk, which would now need to be handicapped accessible to conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In mid-November, 2009 the Greenburgh Town Board met with members of the Edgemont Association, the Parks and Recreation Commissioner and the Department of Public Works. Everyone agreed that the raised concrete walkway was the best option and Supervisor Paul Feiner suggested that the Town use the Parks and Recreation Escrow Fund to finance the estimated $75,000 in expenses.

However, following the meeting, Feiner solicited community opinion and Abraham Reckson who lives on Round Hill Road opposed the crosswalk. Since that time, progress has slowed. The Edgemont Association requested that the town hire a safety expert to consider the location of the crosswalk and in response Feiner suggested that Edgemont hold a community meeting. However, Franklin Kaiman, who is currently the Director of the Edgemont Association's Traffic and Safety Committee has found that everyone, with the exception of Mr. Reckson, supports a crosswalk.

Therefore, in an April 14th letter, the Edgemont Association is asking the Planning Board to authorize the use of $75,000 from the Parks and Recreation Escrow Fund to pay for the crosswalk and street improvements recommended by the Police Department. Nearly four years have passed and residents want to see a new crosswalk before an accident occurs.

The Planning Board will meet on June 2nd at Greenburgh Town Hall at 8 PM and the funding is the first item on their agenda. All concerned Edgemont residents are encouraged to attend to voice their opinions.

Dears Scarsdale10583: As manager of Paint Your Own Pottery since 2003, it was with a heavy heart that we moved our studio. As taxes, rents, permit/resident meters increased, customer parking options decreased dramatically. When asked, many customers said that although they had a great time painting at our studio, they would not return due to parking tickets and shrinking meter times. We hope that painters, both old and new, will find our new location to be warm, welcoming and creative (with plenty of free parking, too!)


Note: Paint Your Own Pottery can now be found in the Midway Shopping Center at 999 Central Park Avenue. For more information, go to

This story was picked up from Scarsdale10583 by CBS and aired in a segment by Tony Aiello on the 6 pm news on May 27th.  Dear Scarsdale10583: As I looked out my kitchen window today, Fox Meadow Road resembled Manhattan in the early 80's. There was garbage strewn everywhere. Everything from dry cleaning wrapping, crumpled Red Bull cans and used Tupperware decorated the street. This is becoming a common occurrence on Fox Meadow Road. I have actually witnessed my garbage man …(sorry) "sanitation engineer", drop garbage from his collection route, step over what he's dropped and give me a big friendly, toothy morning smile. I called the Scarsdale Sanitation Department today to complain and they actually had the audacity to tell me that they don't collect litter!!

They lackadaisically said that they would send someone out in a week or two to do a general clean up, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I drove along Fox Meadow Road, getting in and out of my car in the pouring rain to collect all the trash with my bare hands. It is all still in the back of my Acura. My intention is to drive on over to the Scarsdale Sanitation Department tomorrow and sprinkle it all over their front lawn. Maybe just maybe then will the Sanitation Department see that picking up litter is part of a Garbage Man's..(sorry) "Sanitation Engineers" job.

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