Sunday, Apr 14th

Non Sibi? Scarsdale Senior Price Gouges Fellow Students for Post-Prom Party Tickets

PromSignThis letter to the editor was written by the parent of a Scarsdale High School senior:

It was shocking and disheartening to learn that the Scarsdale High School senior who is selling tickets to the prom after-party in NYC is price gouging his fellow students for his personal benefit.

Each year there is a senior who takes it upon themselves to sell tickets to the prom after-party at a club in NYC. Normally the student makes a small profit as compensation for their coordination effort. This year however the student is poised to make tens of thousands of dollars as he has created a special scheme to price gouge his fellow students for his own behalf.

The way it seems to be working is that he released a very small (~50) number of tickets available for sale at a set time for $100/each. Those tickets sold out quickly and most students were not able to get them. Then he released a similarly small batch of tickets for sale at $115/ticket which also sold out quickly. The next batch is supposedly soon going on sale for $130/ticket (!!).

As there are 400 kids in the senior class, and some people take dates to the prom, this student is making a hefty sum from his sales. It seems likely that the student was already making a profit at the $100/ticket price, and that the markups above $100 are pure profit for him.

Who are the parents of this student? Where are they and how are they allowing this?

Also, is this income is being reported to the IRS? Assuming that this student is going to college somewhere in the fall, he should be worried about continuing his scheme as there are now many angry students and parents.

Non sibi? Where has this student been for the last 4 years.

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