Wednesday, May 29th

Police Report - Someone's Watching!

Somebody's Watching: An alert officer spotted  a car hitting a fire hydrant at the Freightway Garage on November 29th.  The driver left the scene without reporting the incident, even though the hydrant and his car were damaged.  The officer replayed the police surveillance video,  and noted the license plate number of the car. On December 4th, the officer found the car, with a dented bumper bearing fresh yellow paint, parked near the entrance of the garage. The officer then contacted the owner, Deng Min Zheng of Bayside, who works at Kirari Sushi on Garth Road. He was ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident and agreed to pay to repair the damage to the hydrant.

Tree falls on moving car:  Joel Lowe of Goshen, NY was driving south on the Post Road on the morning of December 3rd, when a tree from a Tompkins Road yard fell on his car. The tree damaged the windshield, and the hood of the car. Luckily, the driver was not injured and did not want to have the car towed. The Highway Department was called to remove the tree.

Car break-ins on Barry Road:
An Acura and a Honda, parked unlocked in the driveway of the Sacchi home on Barry Road were entered during the night of December 3rd. The consoles, glove compartments and contents were rummaged through but nothing was found to be missing.  That same evening, another car parked by the Widlitz family on Barry Road was also entered. Taken were a gas credit card, loose change and the GPS valued at $500.00.

Identity Theft:
A Saxon Woods Road man realized he was the victim of identity theft when he received a pair of sneakers from in a package delivered to his home. He realized that someone had used his Bank of America debit card to buy the sneakers as well as items from and

Nasty missives: An Edgewood woman reported that she was receiving abusive text messages, emails and letters from her ex-husband. She wants these unwanted communications from her ex to cease and police agreed to contact him to ask him to stop.

Sleepy occupants: At 11:30 pm on December 1st police received a call about a man and a woman sleeping in their car in the parking lot at Hitchcock Church.  Police found a blue Chevrolet parked occupied by the two who said they had been talking and fell asleep. They agreed to leave the lot.

Keys down the drain:
The owner of a Land Rover accidentally dropped her car keys into the sewer on the corner of Chase Road and Boniface Circle on December 3rd. As her car was parked on top of the sewer grate, the Highway Department was unable to remove it to access her keys. The Land Rover dealership in New Rochelle agreed to send someone with a key to the car to move it and the Highway Department said they would try to find her keys after the car was moved.

Aggressive dog: A Birchall Road resident complained that his neighbor’s dog was acting aggressively when he was out walking his own dog on the street.  The neighbor reported that she accidentally dropped her keys while while walking her dog and the dog broke free and started to bother the neighbor. She apologized and both parties agreed to walk their dogs in opposite directions in the future.

Safe to drive? An Aspen Road woman called police to express concern over her elderly husband’s ability to drive. He had received conflicting reports from doctors on whether or not it was still safe for him to drive. In the meantime, Police phoned and found that the man had hired a driver.

Cash machine break-in? Just after midnight on 12/6, police received a report that two men were vandalizing the cash machine at the Bank of America on Wiilmot Road. When officers investigated they found that the two were actually repairing the machine.

Reindeer down:
Damaged Christmas Decorations:  Two metal, lit Christmas deer decorations on the front lawn of a home on Madison Road were knocked down and damaged on December 6th.  The homeowner requested surveillance by the police to prevent further damage.

Street signs down: Joanne Anderson of 277 Boulevard found two street signs in her yard on 12/6. She suspects that the street signs for Boulevard and White Roads, and Boulevard and Johnson Roads had been pulled out during the previous night.

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