Sunday, Aug 07th

Village Announces the Launch of Redesigned Website,

website1The Advisory Council on Communications (ACC) and Village Staff are excited to announce the launch of Scarsdale’s streamlined government website,, which has been redesigned to enhance the visitor experience.

The new site features streamlined and edited content as well as reorganized pages based on Google analytics. Highly trafficked areas of the site were moved to the forefront to make them more accessible for users.

To build the new site, the ACC for collaborated with staff to make the website more user- friendly. A site is also not complete without a visual language, a look and feel. They hope that users will agree that the new scene-setting photos, taken by former Scarsdale resident Jay Cohen, telegraph a sense of place that is authentic and appealing, true to our hometown. Local photographer Andi Schreiber kindly shared her work too, adding vibrancy to the site.

A website is never really done. The committee is still aware that the Sports & Rec registration platform need improvement. They will continue to finetune the virtual experience to make it easy to find what you need on the site-- whether it’s paying a bill or checking the compost pickup schedule.

They hope that the new design leads to a better user experience for everyone. However, if you do find any issues report them to the team at

Commenting on the new site, Trustee Sameer Ahuja, Liaison to the ACC said, "I want to commend the Advisory Council on Communications led by Dara Gruenberg and our dedicated Village staff on the successful redesign of the Scarsdale website. The website is our digital billboard to the world, and the site now showcases all that is unique and special about Scarsdale. Also, the modern, simple interface makes using the site a much easier, more intuitive experience for residents, business owners, and Village staff."

Village Manager Rob Cole added, “One of the defining characteristics of the Scarsdale community is its residents’ robust participation in civic affairs, including exemplary commitment to volunteerism and collaboration in support of governmental excellence. The Village of Scarsdale, benefits immensely both financially and operationally from the many residents who lend their professional expertise and generously donate their personal time. Our recent website redesign is a product of such admirable volunteerism and collaboration. Kudos to the Advisory Council on Communications and Village staff for an outstanding deliverable, one that will not only benefit the members of the Scarsdale community, but also serve as a refined portal through which Scarsdale is experienced by non-resident visitors, including persons contemplating making this wonderful community their home or new place of business.”newwebsite

Advisory Council on Communications Chair, Dara Gruenberg said, "We are thrilled to announce the launch of the redesigned Village website which has been a true labor of love for the members of the ACC for the last year. This effort was a partnership with Village staff and demonstrates what good work can occur when our volunteers and paid professionals collaborate for the betterment of Scarsdale. A special thanks to the ACC Website Redesign Committee, led by Jisha Dymond, and to Chris O'Brien, the Village's IT Director and Village Manger, Rob Cole, for their extraordinary efforts. Thanks to our trustee liaison and former ACC member, Sameer Ahuja, whose help has been instrumental. The purpose of this redesign is to make our Village website more user friendly for our residents, to encourage community engagement and to create more transparency within our government.

Website Design Subcommittee Chair, Jisha Dymond said, "We live in an increasingly digital world with most of us getting news and information from digital sources. And that includes our Village's website. I’m proud to have worked with a group of fantastic women, Elyse Klayman, Jill Serling, and Lauren Rubino, - all volunteers - to design our Village's website to be informative, intuitive, and visually appealing. Our collaboration with talented town employees represents the best of community partnerships.”

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