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Police: Electric Bike Stolen, Loud Neighbors and a Three-Legged Cat

imagesStolen: An electric bicycle, valued at approximately $2,000, was stolen from the bike rack on Depot Place May 9. Its lock had been cut.

On May 10, a Franklin Road woman reported she was the victim of larceny.

Identity theft
On May 8, a Boulder Brook Road resident reported that a fraudulent bank account had been opened in her name, and an attempt to change her address had occurred with the post office.

A Franklin Road woman reported being scammed out of $300 via a Facebook seller who claimed to be selling her four NY Knicks tickets. The woman sent the money via Venmo and never received the tickets.

Broken windows
A driver reported her car’s rear window was broken on Church Lane May 11.

Village landscapers kicked up a rock on Mamaroneck Road and accidentally broke a passing car’s window May 12. The Village is taking care of the damage.

An Ogden Road facility manager reported that someone was illegally depositing trash in their dumpster May 10. Custodians examined the trash and found evidence of several boxes with an Olmsted Road address on them. Police spoke with the Olmsted Road resident and she said she did not know how her trash was ending up there.

Police helped a Mamaroneck Road woman contact her home health care agency to discuss how they could improve their services, following an alleged walk-out of the woman’s health aide, May 10.

As a courtesy, police transported a homeless person to a shelter May 12,

A reported of a man dressed in black carrying a sword turned out to be a student walking with a lacrosse stick on Butler Road May 14.

Civil matter
A Brewster Road resident reported that his neighbor installed a security camera pointed at the resident’s backyard and allegedly left trash in the resident’s driveway May 10. Another allegation reported that the neighbor was removing vegetation and altering a fence located in an area where the property line was being disputed.

Cars and roadways
On May 8, police issued a driver a speeding summons, and additional summonses, on Mamaroneck Road.
On May 8, police noticed a parked car with scofflaw status on Boniface Circle. Before they could tow it, the owner returned. Police advised her of her unpaid parking tickets and scofflaw status. She said she would go to Village Hall to correct the matter immediately.
A landscaping truck was parked in a way that was obstructing traffic, too close to a corner on Tompkins Road May 8. Police issued a summons.
On May 10, police issued multiples summonses to a driver found to be driving on Post Road without valid insurance and registration and without a valid inspection.
Police turned off headlights of a parked car on Carthage Road after midnight May 10.
A car with front end damaged was found parked on Meadow Road May 10. Police contacted the owner who lives in West Hartford, Connecticut. The owner said he rented the car out through a rental app and was unaware of the car’s location and the damage. He said he would contact the renter and attempt to move the car.
Police notified Verizon about low-hanging wires on Beechwood Lane May 11.
On May 13, a Penn Road man reported he found an object wedged between his car’s body and the bumper. It did not appear to be criminal in nature.
One car accident was officially reported in the Village this week.

Village code
Police discarded illegally posted signs on Walworth Avenue May 8 and Weaver Street and Saxon Woods Road May 14. Summonses were issued, as appropriate.

On May 9, a Penn Blvd caller reported that a white man, approximately 50 years old, exited his Mercedes and urinated on a tree. He left before police arrived.

A person was sitting in a parked car on Crossway, screaming and having a loud argument with a friend after midnight May 10. Police advised the person that neighbors had complained of noise.

Following noise complaints, police advised a White Road resident who was hanging out with three friends in the backyard to lower the sound of their socializing May 11.

On May 13, police dispersed a large crowd gathered after a lacrosse game on Wayside Lane.

After neighbors complained of noise, police advised a Montgomery Road homeowner to reduce the volume of music being played by a band.

On May 9, a caller reported a cat with three legs was dangerously near the roadway at Heathcote Road and Weaver Street. Police investigated the call and did not find any cats with three legs in danger. They instead saw a cat with four legs basking in the sun, a safe distancing away from the roadway.

Police picked up a loose cat from Jefferson Road and helped return it to its owner May 11.

Police picked up a wounded cat, struck by a car, on Mamaroneck Road and contacted an animal rehabilitator who took custody of the cat on May 11.

Two loose dogs ended up in a Catherine Road yard May 12.Police picked up the dogs and returned them to their owner, who lived down the street. The dogs managed to break through their fence, causing their escape.

Lost and found
A Murray Hill Road resident reported never receiving license plates that had been previously ordered May 12.

On May 8, firefighters helped a Burgess Road resident close a house window.
Firefighters assisted with two car accidents on the Hutchinson River Parkway May 8 and one HRP accident May 12.
On May 8, firefighters helped EMS workers lift a patient on Quaker Square.
A reported gas odor on Brewster Road was actually a skunk odor May 9.
Carbon monoxide was released inside a Saxon Woods Road structure after workers used gas-powered saw to cut concrete indoors May 10. Firefighters ventilated for safety.
A child was struck by a car in Eastchester May 10. Firefighters assisted,
An odor in a Ridgecrest West basement was traced to plumbing epoxy resin May 10.
Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas odor on Shaw Road May 10.
Workers using a power washer caused carbon monoxide to build up in the Christie Place parking garage May 13. Firefighters shit down the washing operation and ventilated the space.
Firefighters assisted with a water main break and possible gas line impact on Butler Road May 13.
Firefighters were dispatched to a grill fire on Mamaroneck Road May 15.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This report covering police and fire department activity from May 8-14 has been compiled from official information.

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