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Police Report: Mamaroneck Man Flees Car Accident and Punches Officer in Face

bananasShortly after 1 a.m., April 29, police responded to Mamaroneck Road and Harvest Drive on the report of a car accident. There, they saw a 2013 Honda CRV with substantial damage resting across the eastbound lane. From evidence deduced by damage to a nearby tree, it became clear the Honda had been travelling west, struck the tree, rolled and came to a rest in the eastbound lane, facing north. The airbags were deployed, and the police report noted that the front driver’s seat was pulled very close to the steering wheel. A check of the car’s registration revealed the car belonged to a 32-year-old Mamaroneck woman. The car key was taken by police as evidence, and the car was towed to the police impound lot. Police investigation of the accident involved a canvass of the area, looking for the driver and any occupants of the car. One officer saw a man and woman in the area of Harvest Drive and Archer Lane and requested backup. The first officer stopped the couple and questioned them to determine any possible involvement with the accident. According to police, the man gave conflicting reasons for being in the area and appeared nervous. He then ran from the officer and was pursued in a chase. The police officer grabbed the man to stop him from fleeing, and the man turned and punched the officer in the face. The officer then tackled the man. The man continued to struggle with the officer. The backup officer arrived and requested additional support. When additional support arrived, both officers were struggling to take the man into custody. Even after the man was placed in handcuffs, he continued to act belligerently and was shouting and cursing. When asked to identify himself, the man gave a false name to officers.

Further investigation positively identified the man as Alexis Colchado-Reyes, 23, of Mamaroneck. Colchado-Reyes was taken to headquarters and charged with two accounts of assault with the intent to cause physical injury to an officer, second-degree obstruction of governmental administration, resisting arrest and false personation. While his arrest was being processed, Colchado-Reyes requested medical attention to evaluate a bruise caused by the seatbelt of the car. The district attorney’s office was consulted, and a bail recommendation of $20,000 cash was recommended. Colchado-Reyes was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court by Judge John Alemany. Alemany set bail at $15,000 cash or $30,000 bond. Colchado-Reyes was unable to post bail, so he was remanded to Westchester County Jail. The two officers who struggled with Colchado-Reyes received medical attention and were released. The woman who was with Colchado-Reyes cooperated with the accident investigation. She was identified as the car’s registered owner, and police issued her a summons for leaving the scene of an accident.

Potential car break-in
A motion-activated doorbell camera captured footage of a man walking up to an Oak Lane resident’s parked car at 3:36 a.m., May 2. The suspect used a cell phone flashlight to look through car windows into the interiors of two parked cars in the driveway. Both cars were locked, and the suspect did not gain entry to the cars. The suspect was wearing a blue or black hooded fleece, black sweatpants and white sneakers. He used a red folder to cover his face.

Identity theft
On May 2, a Stonehouse Road man reported someone opened two fraudulent accounts in his name, using his Social Security number and an old New York City address. One account was an investment account with a brokerage site called Betterment. The suspect then withdrew $9,000 from the man’s bank account on April 29 and invested it in the investment account. The account has since been reported as fraudulent and has been frozen. On May 1, a fraudulent Sofi loan payment account was opened in the man’s name. It has also been reported as fraudulent and was closed.

Criminal mischief
On May 2, a Walworth Avenue resident reported someone smashed the window of his 2019 Acura overnight, but nothing was taken.

A Herkimer Road resident reported that an unknown person parked his car in front of her house and took photos of her house April 30. The person left the area before police were notified.

Cars and roadways

At 2:30 in the afternoon of April 20, a 17 year-old driver overturned the 2018 Toyota he was driving on Murray Hill Road. He attempted to pass another car that appeared to be turning right into a driveway and then turned left. The driver of the Toyota swerved over the curb on the left side of the road and lost control of the car. The car then travelled to the right side of the road, hopping the right curb and striking a tree, which caused the car to overturn.

A parked BMW with an automatic starter was accidentally left running on Walworth Avenue April 20. It was registered to a Claremont Road resident. Police used the push button starter to turn off the car’s ignition, but they were unable to secure the car without the key fob. Attempts to notify the registered owner were not successful.

Police notified Verizon about a fallen wire on Bradley Road April 29.

Police helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street April 29 and April 30.

A caller reported a Jeep Wrangler driving up and down Brewster Road with several youths “hanging out of the car, throwing bananas at people” April 29. The car was gone before police arrived.

The water department was informed that a Forest Lane resident said he was having trouble with his water April 30.

A driver with a blown-out tire pulled into the police lot on Tompkins Road May 2. A mechanic arrived to change the tire. Police stood by until the car was roadworthy again.

Police and a homeowner moved bundled branches from Putnam Road May 2. The branches were relocated to a grassy area by the side of the road, awaiting sanitation pickup.
Two Lime Bikes were left on Post Road May 2. Police called the company for the bikes’ pickup.

Six car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A raccoon was observed to be breathing but not moving on a Penn Road property April 30. Patrol determined the raccoon was probably sick. Patrol could not shoot the animal because it was on a stone structure. Patrol provided the homeowner with trappers’ contact information.

Police helped a cat get out of a storm drain May 5.

Village codePBACommunityDay
A Shawnee Road resident placed boxes at the curb for recycling pickup one week before the scheduled pickup date April 30. Police advised the resident about the correct date, and she brought the boxes back inside.

A Con Edison subcontractor was using water from a Barker Lane fire hydrant May 1. Police issued a summons and informed the subcontractor that he needed proper permits.

A White Road resident was concerned that a neighbor’s landscaper was planting trees too close to the road in a way that that would block the sightline of approaching cars May 4. The landscaper was advised to remove the trees until the matter could be clarified with Village Hall.

Police asked a Post Road resident to lower the volume of music coming from his house after dark May 4.

Patrol dispersed kids from Heathcote School grounds after dark May 4.

Patrol dispersed noisy kids from Drake Road after dark May 5.

Lost and found
A Circle Road woman reporting losing her resident alien card in a European airport April 29.

A man found a black wallet on Hampton Road May 1. Police returned the wallet to its Hampton Road owner.

A credit card was found on Aspen Road May 2. Police contacted the owner, and she retrieved the card.

According to Scarsdale Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 26 incidents during the reporting period. Seymour shared details of the following incidents.

On April 29, firefighters assisted with a rollover car accident on Mamaroneck Road.

On April 29 a Saxon Woods Road fire was contained inside a microwave in a classroom of a preschool. The fire self-extinguished before firefighters arrived. Staff and students had evacuated the building prior to firefighters’ arrival. School staff had been using the microwave to heat plastic beads inside the oven for an arts and crafts project. Due to melted plastic inside the microwave, the microwave was discarded in a garbage dumpster.

Firefighters assisted at a rollover car accident on Murray Hill Road and Morris Lane April 30.

A loose flue pipe on a boiler was possibly the cause of an odor inside a Secor Road house April 30. Firefighters shut down the oil burner and advised the homeowner to not attempt to use until maintenance could be performed.

On May 1, firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

Firefighters addressed a carbon monoxide alarm at an Oak Lane house May 1.

On May 3, firefighters assisted at a four-car accident on the Bronx River Parkway. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps treated one person for injuries.

This report covering police and fire department activity from April 29 – May 5 has been compiled from official information.

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