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Edgewood Couple Assaulted by Their Son: FEMA Scammers Knock on Doors

umbrellaAssault arrest: On Oct.1, police responded to Johnson Road on the report of an assault in progress. There, police found an older white man and woman in the yard. The woman was bleeding from the head with heavy bruising and swelling of the face. The man told police that his son had just assaulted his wife and him. According to the father, the son had used a metal umbrella to strike his wife. His son had also punched the father, the father said. Police and Eastchester police began a search for the son – Andrew Killourhy, 38, of Merritt Park, Florida – who was described as a 6’5” tall white man wearing an aqua shirt. He was found by Eastchester police and picked up by Scarsdale police who arrested him on charges of second-degree assault and third-degree assault, both with intent to cause physical injury. He was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court. He was remanded to Westchester County Jail on $15,000 bail. He is due back in court on Oct. 6.

After observing a2005 Jeep speeding on Post Road near Huntington Avenue Oct. 2, police conducted a traffic stop. The driver – Maycon A. Borges, 28, of Mount Vernon – was determined to be driving with an expired license. Furthermore, Borges’s driving privileges had been revoked in January 2021 for failing to submit to a chemical test. Police arrested Borges on charges of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, driving an uninsured vehicle, speeding and failure to notify the DMV of a change of address. His car was towed to the police impound lot. He was released on his own recognizance and is due back in court on Oct. 20.

On Sept. 29, a man reported his electric scooter and lock had been stolen from an East Parkway bike rack on Sept. 23.

A boy’s silver trek bike was reported to have been stolen after it was left unsecured near a high school fence Oct. 2.

Damaged window
An Olmsted Road employee reported the driver’s side window of her car was found smashed while she was at work Sept. 30. Grass clipping were observed near the car, as a result of landscaping work that day. It was deduced that the broken window was most likely the result of a rock kicked up during the course of landscaping work.

On Sept. 27, graffiti caused by spray paint was found on a brick building on Depot Place.

Domestic matter
A Fox Meadow father reported his adult son was intoxicated and at his doorstep, and the father did not want the son to come into his house due to substance abuse issues Oct. 3. Police went to the house and asked the son to leave. The son refused medical attention. The son accidentally left his phone behind, and police gave it to the father.

On Oct. 3, a Cayuga Road resident reported DHL attempted to deliver packages to her, but she refused them due to the fact that she had not ordered anything. Later a man called her asking for his packages, which he claimed had been delivered to her address by mistake. He said he got her phone number online. Police advised the resident to check her accounts to make sure there were not any unauthorized charges.

A person was reportedly causing a disturbance by “antagonizing a restaurant server” at an establishment located at Garth and Freightway roads Sept. 28. He was reportedly yelling and screaming, even after he was told to leave the restaurant. He was gone by the time police arrived on scene.

Police helped a Palmer Avenue woman get back to her house after a neighbor called to report the woman needed assistance Sept. 29.

Police checked the welfare of a 91-year-old Popham Road man at the request of his son Sept. 29.

A Saxon Woods Road resident called police to complain that a ten-foot hose appeared on her property without her permission Sept. 29. Investigation showed that the property was split between Scarsdale and White Plains and also had a waterway running through the backyard. White Plains police were notified and it was determined that the hose had been placed their by White Plains department of public works, as part of a Hurricane Ida remediation effort.

A caller reported she was having an “uncomfortable feeling” entering her Brook Lane house after midnight Sept. 30. She could not provide an articulate reason for why she was feeling uncomfortable, except to say that she thought someone or something might be inside. Police checked the exterior and interior and found no sign of criminality.

A Wakefield Road woman reported she thought someone might be in her house, possibly exiting her upstairs bathroom, Oct. 2. Police checked the exterior and interior and found no sign of anyone.

A woman rang a Palmer Avenue doorbell claiming to be a FEMA representative investigating a claim Sept. 30. The homeowner said no FEMA claim had been filed.

A man spoke with a resident of an Eton Road house claiming to be a FEMA representative investigating a claim Oct. 3. The homeowner said no FEMA claim had been filed.

Shortly after midnight, Oct. 4, a Volkswagen Passat crashed into fencing at Weaver Street and Stratton Road. It was on the New Rochelle side of Weaver Street, so NRPD was called. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps was called to evaluate the condition of the car. It was determined that four occupants of the car had been involved in the accident, but two occupants had already started to walk away from the scene of the accident by the time police arrived. Police canvassed the area for them but did not find them. The two remaining occupants -- the driver and a passenger – refused medical attention.

Road rage
A caller reported a livery taxi cut her off on Heathcote Road, and the driver got out of his car at a traffic light, started yelling and hit her car with his hand Sept. 30. Prior to the yelling, the caller said she took a picture of the driver, who was a man in his 50s wearing a white shirt with graying hair. After the driver slapped the caller’s car, he allegedly photographed her car before he returned to his vehicle and drove away. The incident was classified as minor road rage.

Junk car
A Weaver Street business owner reported a car had been abandoned on his property since Sept. 10. Police contacted the registered owner of the car who said the car “was junk” and he would be willing to transfer ownership of the car to the business owner. He further said he had left his car at a junkyard in Port Chester to be salvaged. He claimed he had no idea how the car ended up on Weaver Street.

Cars and roadways
On Sept. 27, a driver misjudged the driveway at Fenway Golf Club and drove onto the green and into a sand trap, causing his car to become lodged. The car was pulled out and towed off site. The driver did not report any injuries.

Police tape was cleared from the Brewster Road side of the high school Sept. 27.
An electrical transformer at Foxhall Road and Palmer Avenue was reported to be making popping noises Sept. 28.

A sedan on a jack was reported to be parked on Bradley Road, “in danger of falling” Sept. 28. Police attempted to talk with the owner of the car, who started yelling at police to get off his property and get a court order, without allowing police to explain their reason for being there. A police supervisor arrived on scene to assist. The supervisor explained the reason for the visit and determined the car on the jack was not an immediate hazard.

Police helped a driver start her temporarily disabled car in Freightway Garage Sept. 28.

A tree came in contact with wires on Herkimer Road and caused an explosion-like noise and cut power to the area Sept. 28. Police stood by for Con Edison.

A MacDonald Place resident reported a neighbor’s car was parked too close to her driveway Sept. 29. The car was determined to be legally parked. Police informed the owner of the complaint. The owner said she could not move the car due to a religious holiday that day.

On Sept. 29, a disabled car was parked on Lenox Place awaiting a tow scheduled for the next day.

Police asked a driver to move a car that was parked too close to a stop sign Sept. 30.

A contractor told police he would move his car if a resident needed more space to mow his lawn on Brookby Road, after the resident complained on Sept. 30.

A caller complained of a car with frontend damage parked on Bradley Road for over a month, Sept. 30. The car was legally parked near the registered owner’s address.
The owner was informed about the complaint. No summonses were issue because no violations were observed.

A driver got a flat tire at Post and Popham roads and was awaiting a tow Sept. 30. Police assisted the driver in moving his car to a safer location.

A pedestrian on Post Road was advised to use the sidewalk Oct. 1.

A car ran out of gas on Weaver Street Oct. 2. While police were looking into the matter, the driver returned with a gas can.

Police helped the driver of a disabled car move the car from Mamaroneck Road to Catherine Road to be safer Oct. 2.

Police put up traffic cones around a shifted roadway plate at Greenacres and Walworth avenues Oct. 3.

Police informed Verizon about a fallen wire on Mamaroneck Road Oct. 3.

One car was repossessed in the Village this week.

Civil matter
On Sept. 28. An Overhill Road woman reported she was having a problem with the owner/developer of a property next to hers. She claimed that person was possibly going to remove several trees on the property line and brought over papers for her to sign indicating her agreement to remove the trees. She asked him to leave her property, she said. Patrol advised her to contact police again if the owner/developer was on scene and she was having an immediate problem with him. The issue involving their disagreement over tree removal was civil in nature, police advised.

Village code
Police issued a landscaper and a homeowner summonses for using a gas-powered blower on Murray Hill Road Sept. 27.

A Franklin Road resident was advised a permit was required to drain pool water onto the street Sept.28.

On Oct. 1, police dispersed noisy kids from middle school grounds on Mamaroneck Road.

Police advised a security guard at a Mamaroneck Road party that a noise complaint had come in about the party Oct. 2. The guard advised he would tell the coordinator to turn down the music.

A Fox Meadow Road party host was twice advised about Village code regarding noise Oct. 2. The host turned down the music.

Fenway Golf Club staff and Westchester Reform Temple were advised of unrelated noise complaints Oct. 2.

A Griffen Avenue host was advised about a complaint about loud music Oct. 3. The host turned down the music.

Lost and found
On Sept. 27, a Chesterfield Road woman reported losing her wallet, which also contained her driver’s license.

On Sept.27, a Bronx woman reported losing her passport in the Village earlier in the month.

On Sept. 28, a woman reported losing her pocketbook in the vicinity of Chase Road Park.

On Sept.29, a Garth Road resident reported losing a license plate during a recent storm event earlier in September.

A Bradley Road parent said his son lost a flute in Edgewood School Oct.1.

A daily planner was found on Weaver Street near Quaker Ridge School Oct. 1. Police contacted the owner who agreed to pick up the planner from headquarters.

On Sept. 27, a Fairview Road man reported a sick opossum on his property. When police arrived, they noticed a raccoon lying motionless on the man’s pea gravel. It was not in a safe location to shoot it. So, the homeowner reported he would address this issue himself.

Two dogs were reported to be off leash near the public library Sept. 29. The caller claimed she had been attacked by one of the dogs. No one was on scene when police arrived. Police spoke with library employees who said they had only observed a German Shepard off leash in the parking lot, but the dog had been subsequently put back on leash and was taken away.

A dead raccoon was removed from Saxon Woods Road Oct. 2, and a dead squirrel was also removed from Lincoln Road the same day.

A seriously injured raccoon was reported on Richbell Road Oct. 3. Police shot it due to its grave condition, and its dead body was picked up by the sanitation department for disposal.

On Sept. 27, a Carthage Road resident reported smoke in the house. Firefighters did not observe any smoke, but rather they observed vapor beneath recessed lighting in the living room. The vapor was accompanied by a strong floral fragrance. The homeowner reported the presence of an HVAC aroma diffuser in the basement. Firefighters shut the unit down and advised the homeowner to allow vapor to disperse prior to adjusting settings and resuming use. No hazards or readings were observed within the house.

On Sept. 28, a natural gas detector went off inside a Barry Road house. Plumbers were changing out a gas-fired hot water heater and purged the gas from the lines, activating the alarm. Firefighters ventilated the basement using an electric powered fan. Con Ed Gas was released after ventilation was completed.

On Sept. 29, investigation of a gas odor on Christie Place led firefighters to discover that a restaurant worker had accidentally left an outdoor patio heater with its gas valve in the open position. Firefighters closed the valve.

On Oct. 1, firefighters assisted at a three-car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway and, later, at a two-car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Sept. 27 – Oct. 3 has been compiled from official information.

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