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The Municipal Services Committee of the Scarsdale Board of Trustees met on Monday, August 2nd to consider putting out a request for proposals (RFP) for a traffic engineering study of a potential roundabout at the Heathcote Five Corners. The RFP is to determine the feasibility of a roundabout, including how to keep traffic moving at the Five Corners while the construction is underway. The selected firm will be charged with studying the neighborhood impact of a roundabout and its effect on the flow of traffic. In addition, the selected firm will be asked to examine other five-leg roundabouts in New York State and report on its findings.

Trustee Flisser opened the meeting and immediately voiced her concerns about the time frame for completing the roundabout study. The project was tentatively scheduled for completion by February 28, 2011, but Trustee Flisser was concerned this was not enough time, and that the community would see the project as a rushed job.

Mayor Stevens commented that part of the timing of the project was being driven by the timeframe of the Board of Trustees. She was insistent that the study be completed before this Board’s term ends in April , 2011, while others, including Trustee Flisser, did not see this as an issue. Mayor Stevens also said that if the firm did not have enough time to finish the project in the allotted time, they could tell the Board at the various scheduled public meetings.

Ultimately, the Trustees decided to extend the timeframe. Phase 1 of the study is to be completed by December 21, 2010 (rather than December 14th), and it is scheduled for completion by March 7, 2011 (rather than February 28th). Part of the decision to extend the time allotted was that the original time did not take the holidays into account. The public meetings regarding the construction were also pushed back from December 1st to December 15th and from January 14th to February 14th.

A citizen spoke about aggressive drivers in Scarsdale and her uncertainty over how they would behave in a roundabout. In her view, the traffic light now at the Five Corners provides a clear signal whether to stop or go, despite the temperament of the driver. Without the light, she said, she is worried about the danger and intimidation factors of aggressive drivers in a roundabout.

After a motion to move the RFP onto the Village Board agenda, the meeting was adjourned.

Mighty Joe Youngs on West Hartsdale Avenue has closed their doors.  The spacious restaurant was a good place for steak, burgers, and appetizers and boasted a lively bar scene. They also hosted private parties and we enjoyed many a fun night at the restaurant.

We noticed the sound of breaking glass and the dumpsters in the parking lot and stopped by to speak to the demolition crew who was busy taking the place apart. Rumor has it that a new steak restaurant from the owners of Benjamin Steakhouse in Manhattan, will open this fall. From the look of their website, it should be a swank place to enjoy your sirloin. 

Check out the website for Benjamin Steakhouses Manhattan location here:

According to Con Edison, the heat wave and a fire in White Plains substation may be the cause of power outages in our area. On Monday July 5 some residents experienced outages but Con Edison restored power to the area by 9 pm last night. On Tuesday, 1,500 homes in Westchester are without power, however most of those are in Peekskill.

Wednesday was far worse for Scarsdale. According to Mayor Carolyn Stevens  1961 households, or a little more than 1/3 of the total homes in Scarsdale, were dark. The outage primarily affected Greenacres and Fox Meadown residents and was caused by a fire in a sub station in White Plains. Due to the heat wave, the loss of power and air conditioning forced many to leave their homes and seek shelter in their cars or with friends.

Con Edison brought in three truck--size generators to restore power by back feeding the system.  The generators should be effective in restoring power on Wednesday night.  Con Edison has not provided information on when repairs to the substation will be done.

For those of you who do have power, Con Edison maintains a map of the location of power outages and updates it every 15 minutes. So if you want to see which homes are affected, visit the Con Edison outage map;

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner recently pointed out that Greenburgh made the list of top-earning towns in a CNN Money survey released on July 1st. CNN Monday conducted its annual search for the best places in America, which this year focused on the nation's small cities (those with populations of 50,000 to 300,000).

Reporters crunched data to find the optimal combo of job opportunities, fiscal strength, top-notch schools, low crime, good health care, lots to do, and many other factors that help make a town great for raising a family. In that survey, Greenburgh was named number 8 on the list of 25 top-earning towns.

See why Greenburgh is a winner and who else made the list here:

The Scarsdale Recreation Department along with the Scarsdale Police Department and Scarsdale Chamber of Commerce are proud to present a special event planned for Saturday, July 17th. Bike and Blade Night, a night of bicycling and in-line skating will be held in the downtown streets of the Village. The event runs from 5pm-8pm and admission is free. All elementary and middle school students, their friends and families are invited to attend this night of bicycling, skating, music, and entertainment! Bring your bike for a free safety inspection.  In the case of severe weather, the event will be cancelled by 4:00 pm that day. A notification will be on the Recreation Department website at  Any further questions may be directed to Dan at the Recreation Department by email at or by calling 722-1160.

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