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Enterprising Teen Launches Fashion Line for Charity

UNI T2An enterprising Scarsdale High School student has launched a fashion business that raises funds for charity. Sofia Feinstein, founder of UNI-T fashion has been taking design courses at Tufts, FIT and Scarsdale High School and designed sweatshirts, t-shirts and totes that are available online here.

All the profits from the sales are donated to three charities – HIAS, Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms and INROADS. She says she was inspired by Newman's Own Food Company who also donates all the profits from their sales to charity.

Where does she produce her merchandise? Feinstein explained, “All of my designs are produced with Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing. This means that every order gets printed once the order comes in and I don't have to stock any inventory. I have several printers all over the US that print for me. The printer that has the fastest turnaround time gets my orders. They are all very good.”

About price points she says, “I try to price our products at a very reasonable price so people can support us. I have been encouraged to charge higher prices because this is for charity, but I want to be an affordable and comfortable casual clothing brand.”

And how much has she been able to donate? Feinstein said, “Roughly every three months I donate my profits to my charities. I started this for the period ending December 31, 2022 and have been making donations since then. If my ambassador program gains support, and I get some PR, I hope to have profits this year in excess of $15,000.”

This month the company received an added boost when Dreamwear, Inc. a leading fashion brand based in New York donated over 3500 items of new brand name, luxury clothing items to those in need. Sofia and her team of students are sorting these items and creating packages for donation to Steve's Camp and HIAS.

Feinstein explained, “I am building a brand that cares and gives every penny of profit to causes that matter. Dreamwear is already a leader in its category and their generosity is overwhelming and further validates that fashion can truly make a difference in the world. The quality and quantity of their donation will enable UNI-T and my partner charities to help a lot of people.”

Check out UNI-T fashions here

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