Tuesday, Oct 03rd

Letter to the Editor: Drive Carefully Until New Light Is Installed

TrafficLight-The following letter was submitted by Christine Weston in response to the news that a traffic light will be installed on the Post Road at Edgewood Road.

Many thanks, but caution is imperative for the next two years.

The Edgewood and Crane Berkley neighborhoods are sincerely grateful to New York State Assembly Member Amy Paulin and New York State Senator Shelley Mayer for their successful negotiation with the New York State Department of Transportation to install a much-needed traffic light at the intersection of Post and Edgewood Roads. The support and hard work of Village Manager Rob Cole is also recognized—many thanks to you.

While this news is encouraging, the timeline is concerning. Edgewood Elementary school opens next week, and when those doors open, there will be many Crane Berkley families with young children crossing there at least twice a day. There are a lot of school days between now and the estimated installation of the light in 2025. These parents will be putting their lives and the lives of their young children at risk for more than two years.

Until that happens, we implore the community: BE CAREFUL. Drivers, please slow down on the approach to Edgewood Road. Pedestrians, cross very carefully; assume cars can’t see you.

Relief is on the way, but we have to continue to stay vigilant until we see that first red light.

Christine Weston
26 Taunton Road

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