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Gas, Water and Sewer Lines to Be Replaced: Traffic Diversions Ahead

Gas LineGas and stormwater pipe replacements will continue to cause traffic woes in the year to come. This week the Village announced more plans to replace gas, water and sewer lines which will cause roads to be closed and excavated and traffic to be diverted. So be aware of these upcoming projects:

The work begins this week on Spencer Place in Scarsdale Village where a gas main will be replaced, causing lane closures and blocking parking spaces. Here’s the details on this project:

Spencer Place

On February 28 Con Edison will begin the replacement of a 200-foot length section of vintage 4” diameter steel gas main including several customer service lines along Spencer Place between Boniface Circle and Harwood Court in the Village Center. During this work, traffic will be able to continue through Spencer Place with some restricted parking and partial lane closures. The anticipated timeline for road excavation and utility replacement will be approximately two weeks, followed by an additional week of restoration, weather permitting. This project will occur between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.

As work progresses, there will be restrictions on street parking adjacent to the work zone. Police personnel will also be on site for the duration of the project to further assist with traffic control.

Any questions or concerns about this project should be directed to Con Edison’s Supervisor Santos Ramos at 1-929-637-4102, or by e-mail at You may also contact Con Edison’s Westchester Regional & Community Affairs Office at 1-914-925-6361, or by e- mail at


Another major project is planned for Crossway, where the water main will be replaced from Weaver Street to Mamaroneck Road. The project is expected to take six months, beginning in March and extending through November.

Fenimore and Fox Meadow Road

Fox Meadow and Greenacres residents, who have lived through traffic disruptions caused by the Con Edison gas line replacement since 2021 will be subject to even more road closures, this time at one of Scarsdale’s biggest intersections where Fenimore Road meets Fox Meadow Road.

It turns out that as a part of the gas line replacement project, Con Edison has determined that they need the Village of Scarsdale to relocate the water main under the intersection to a lower depth to make room for the new Con Edison gas main. Also to be replaced and relocated is the sewer main. Depending on its condition it will be replaced or relined at a minimum.

At the Village Board meeting on February 27, 2024, the Board approved a memo of understanding with Con Edison to relocate the water and sewer lines along with a professional service agreement with Woodard and Curran for the design of the relocation of the water main and sewer to allow the installation of a 36” gas main.

Timing for the project has not been given as yet.

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