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The Best Priced Gas in Scarsdale

gasscarsdalecitgoWith gas prices inching upwards, the price to fill up the tank is often over $50. Price variations between stations do matter and an area survey showed that there is a big range in gas prices around town. We wasted some precious fuel driving around to find out where the high and low prices are in our area.

Here is what we found. Of the five stations we checked, the Citgo station on Scarsdale Avenue was the cheapest, with Regular gas priced at $3.85, Plus at $3.97 and Premium at $4.07. These low prices were paying off as cars were lined up on Monday morning to fill up. Next door at the Shell Station on Scarsdale Avenue with prices at almost .10 cents higher in each category there was only one car at the pump.

The Shell station at the corner of Popham Road and Post Road was also a good bet at $3.89 for regular, $3.99 for gasweaverPlus and $4.09 for Premium fuel.

The most expensive prices we found were at the Mobil station in Hartsdale where gas is priced at about .50 cents more per gallon than the Citgo station on Scarsdale Avenue. However, the pleasant people at the Hartsdale Mobil, their competent mechanics and the location still make this station a favorite among area residents.

Here are the prices for Regular, Plus and Premium gasoline we found at the pumps on Monday, April 11, 2011:

Scarsdale Avenue Citgo $3.85 $3.97, $4.07

Popham Shell Station $3.89 $3.99 $4.09

Scarsdale Avenue Shell $3.95 $4.06. $4.17

Weaver Street Shell $3.99 $4.09 $4.19

Hartsdale Mobil $4.17 $4.50 $4.58

gasscarsdaleshellA helpful website reports on gas prices at some area stations. Click here to check it out.
And if you fill-up at an economically priced pump, let us know where it is in the comments section below.gashartsdalemobilgaspophamshell



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