Tuesday, Jun 25th

Meeting to Explore Elevated Crosswalk at Crane's Pond

craneaerialviewHere is a note from Paul Feiner regarding an elevated crosswalk at Crane’s Pond: The Town of Greenburgh will hold a community meeting at Crane’s Pond on Saturday, November 19th at 10 am to discuss the proposed elevated crosswalk that is being suggested for the road. In the event of rain or snow the meeting will be rescheduled for December 3rd at 10 am. The total cost for the crosswalk is $75,000 (using non taxpayer dollar developer escrow funds).

The consultant from the Birdsall Services Group will show residents exactly where the crosswalk is being placed. I want to emphasize that once the crosswalk is placed at the location the town will not spend any taxpayer dollars to remove the crosswalk in the event that the community does not like it. This has been my major concern over the years. If residents don’t want the crosswalk to be placed at this location please attend the meeting and speak up—before it is too late! Advocates of the crosswalk believe that the elevated crosswalk will slow down traffic and increase pedestrian safety.

Edgemont residents who have other town related concerns are invited to attend the meeting this Saturday at 10 am. We want to be responsive to the Edgemont community and are always interested in your feedback.

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor



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