Friday, Jul 12th

Three Views of Hitchcock's 99 Years

hitchcockTo celebrate the centennial of Hitchcock Church, the Perspectives committee will host a special panel discussion and luncheon featuring three experts on the history of the church in Scarsdale. The event, titled “3 Views of Hitchcock’s 99 Years ,”will bring together Scarsdale Village Historian Eric Rothschild, Tom Hughart, a long-term Pastor in the Hudson River Presbytery and Scarsdale Inquirer Editor Linda Leavitt. They will discuss the Scarsdale, Westchester and civic view, the Presbyterian Denominational view, and the personal view of a member who grew up in Scarsdale and Hitchcock.

New area residents and new members of Hitchcock are urged to attend and older members of Hitchcock and the community are invited to participate and contribute their own recollections. All interested historians or active members of the community are welcome.

A buffet luncheon will be provided at noon, at a fee of $10 and will precede the panel. Reservations for the event are required.

Reservations for available seats and servings can be made by telephone or email no later than Wednesday, January 25. Earlier reservations are strongly encouraged. Call or email, Merrell Clark at 914-472-6238 or (Leave your phone number and email address on the message.)

Special “Perspectives” Panel Luncheon
Hitchcock Presbyterian Church
January 27, 2012 at Noon
Lower Children’s House
6 Greenacres Avenue
Scarsdale, NY

“Perspectives” is a subcommittee of Presbyterian Women of Hitchcock Presbyterian Church, Liz Perrone, Chair; Jensina Olson, Chef.