Saturday, Jul 02nd

NYS Department of Transportation Renumbers Hutchinson River Parkway Exits

exit22If you thought you lived off Exit 22 of the Hutchinson River Parkway, the Mamaroneck Road exit, think again! As if life wasn’t confusing enough, the New York State Department of Transportation has decided to renumber the exits. So moving forward, the Mamaroneck Road exit will become exit 12.

Why? Here’s the official explanation we received:

As part of a New York State Department of Transportation project to install new reflective signs, the DOT is also transitioning to a mileage-based exit numbering system, replacing the consecutive exit numbering system.

Under the new system, exit numbers correspond to mileage markers. So, an exit between mileage markers 1 and 2, will be numbered Exit 1. If there are additional exits before mileage marker 2, the exits will have letters added -- 1A, 1B, 1C, etc.

Below is a table from the NYS DOT showing the old consecutive exit numbers and the corresponding new mileage-based exit numbers.





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