Wednesday, Jun 19th

Massive Tree Splits on Tompkins Road

treesplitsNeighbors were awakened on Friday morning at 5:40 am when a large historic oak tree split and half of it fell to the ground in a thud. The weather was calm and there did not seem to be any immediate cause for the sudden fissure of the tree, that was rumored to be 200 years old and to date back to the Civil War. Before it fell, the tree appeared to be healthy.

The branches covered the yard and Tompkins Road in Fox Meadow.

After it fell, neighbor Tara Greco reports that she saw two deer emerge from the woods and head down Kensington Road to Butler Road. She thinks they may have been scared out of the woods by the loud noise from the buzz saws.

Crews from the Village took several days to cut up the fallen piece and take down the rest. You can see the logs here.

Photo credit: Tara Grecobranches




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