Wednesday, Jun 19th

Free Street Trees for Scarsdale Residents-First Come, First Serve

treelinedstreetScarsdale Village plants new street trees in our neighborhoods every year. These are planted within the Village “right of way”, which means within the first 13 feet of your yard from the curb. If you want one of these trees planted in your front yard within 13 feet of the curb, please email Matse Jenkins at immediately. There are only about a dozen remaining and they will be planted on a first come, first serve basis.

The Village will plant these trees at no charge and water them once per week during the hot summer months. They remain Village owned trees and the Village is responsible for maintaining them over their lifetime.

These trees should be planted in the next week or two before the summer heat sets in. The Village will need to have the utilities come to your property to mark the utilities, which is always done for your safety before digging to plant a tree.

Trees of taller stature when mature are planted on the side of the street without power lines, while trees of shorter stature will be planted on the side with power lines to avoid conflicts. Each year the species are changed in order to promote a healthy diversity of tree species in our community.

The Village plants trees native to our region to support our local ecosystem. These trees absorb gallons of stormwater, provide shade and oxygen, store carbon and will definitely increase your property’s value.

If you have questions, please call Matse Jenkins at Village Hall at (914) 722-1150 or contact resident volunteer, Cynthia Roberts, at

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