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walletDWI Arrest: On Jan. 13, at 7 p.m., police arrested Thomas W. Chin, 58, of Rye, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of at least .08 of one percent, failure to dim lights and failure to use a turn signal. The arrest occurred after police observed Chin’s 2005 Toyota Camry traveling on Chase Road, flashing its high beams at the car in front of it. Police conducted a traffic stop and detected the scent of alcohol on Chin’s breath as he spoke. Chin admitted to consuming “one mixed drink an hour ago.” Chin was asked to perform field sobriety tests, and an alco-sensor test indicated the presence of alcohol in Chin’s system. Based on results of those evaluations, Chin was arrested for drunk driving. He was later released on his own recognizance with a follow-up appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court.

Arrest on Warrant

On Jan. 19, New York City police advised Scarsdale police that they had, in their custody, a man who was wanted in Scarsdale. Scarsdale police picked up the man – Lloyd Whea, 34, of Staten Island – and arrested him in execution of the warrant. The warrant was issued in 2018 for failure to appear in court on a charge of bail jumping. Following his arrest, Whea was issued an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court for Feb. 5, and he was released on his own recognizance.

Car Break-ins

A Walworth Avenue resident reported coming home to find a light-skinned, possibly white, male, approximately 5’5” tall, inside his mother’s unlocked, parked car, with the dome light on. It was almost 3 a.m., Jan. 19. The male had apparently broken into the car and fled in an older model tan Honda CRV when the resident arrived home. Nothing appeared to have been taken.

On Jan. 19, a Walworth Avenue resident reported her unlocked car had been entered overnight, but nothing was taken.

ID Theft

A Post Road resident reported his ex-roommate possibly stole his debit card and might have used it to fraudulently charge his PayPal account with a $140 debit Jan. 15.

A Cayuga Road man reported fraudulent activity, including forgery, causing money to be withdrawn from his retirement account Jan. 16.

Criminal Mischief

An Overlook Road woman reported parking her 2019 Landrover in the Christie Place garage and returning to find it had been scratched with a blunt object Jan. 13. 


On Jan. 17, police mediated a verbal dispute between two housemates on Post Road. The housemates agreed to stay away from each other.


On Jan. 18, an East Parkway business owner reported a customer visits the business almost every day and speaks aggressively with employees. Police advised the owner to contact them the next time the customer is aggressive.

Individuals Struck by Passing Car

A woman reported she was struck by a passing car while loading a child into a car seat in front of Heathcote School Jan. 13. She said she was suffering leg pain as a result of the accident. The driver of the passing car did not stop. The woman was taken to White Plains Hospital Center for her injuries.

On Dec. 16, a car struck an adult man on an electric scooter on Crane Road at 8:28 a.m. The man was crossing the road in a crosswalk. He was taken to White Plains Hospital Center for injuries. Police noted the scooter was not registered and could not legally be used on any public roads in New York State.

Cars and Roadways

On Jan. 13, a White Road caller reported a car with an expired registration and a flat tire has been parked in the street in front of his house for over one year. Police examined the car and issued the owner a summons for the expire registration. No parking violations were observed.

On Jan. 14, a Corell Road resident reported a white car drove into his driveway earlier that day, then backed out over his lawn and struck a light post.

Police issued a summons to the owner of a car parked in a fire zone on Brewster Road Jan. 15.

A White Road resident complained about a car parked in the street Jan. 15. The car had a valid registration, and police contacted the owner. The owner said he was parking the car there because he did not have room for it in his driveway. He said he would move it to not inconvenience the resident who complained.

The green lens of a traffic light blew open during high winds on Jan. 16. Police stood by and directed traffic until highway workers could arrive for repair.

Police notified the highway department about a fallen tree on Post Road Jan. 16. 

The highway department was notified about sewage backing up into a Post Road house Jan. 18. 

Police notified the highway department about a broken street sign at Drake and Post roads Jan. 18.

A Post Road resident plowed snow from his driveway into the road Jan. 19. Police advised the resident he was not allowed to pile snow in the street. The lane was temporarily closed while the resident removed the snow.

A resident was concerned that a snow-covered mound on Penn Boulevard might be a car that was involved in an accident Jan. 19. Police investigated the mound and determined it was only a rock and vegetation.

Police moved a manhole cover back into place at Eton and Greendale roads Jan. 19.

Eleven car accidents were reported in the Village during the reporting period.


Police reunited a lost dog, found on Mamaroneck Road, with its owner Jan. 15.

A Brite Avenue woman reported a loose animal was in her house. Police were unable to locate the animal and provided contact information for local trappers.

A Johnson Road woman reported a neighbor’s dog, from Hamilton Road, jumped at and startled her dog while it was being walked Jan. 16.

Lost and found 

A wallet found at the Scarsdale Train Station was given to MTA police Jan. 15.

A Peekskill resident reported losing her driver’s license, cell phone and personal papers Jan. 15. She last saw the items while inside Starbucks on East Parkway.

The owner of a lost wallet picked it up from DeCiccio’s Marketplace, where the wallet was lost, before police could make a report Jan. 17.



On January 14, 2020 the Scarsdale Fire Department swore in 9 volunteer fire officers at the annual membership meeting. The officers are slated to hold a two year term and have a wide variety of responsibilities pertaining to our volunteer force. Scarsdale’s volunteer firefighters responded to 60 incidents in 2019 assisting Scarsdale’s career force during structure fires, weather events and mutual aid responses.  Pictured from left to right are: Shawn Singer, Charles Swift, Christophe Bernard, Jonathan Bradlow, Jason Costanzo, Louis Mancini, Jeffrey Koslowsky, Andrew Fish and Jeffrey Hill.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a Fox Meadow Road gas leak Jan. 13. 

A falling branch struck the roof of a Walworth Avenue house and took out electrical wires Jan. 16. Police and firefighters made sure the residents were OK and the scene was safe while waiting for Con Edison.

Firefighters assisted Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance with a patient lift on Saxon Woods Road and with medical transport Jan. 16. 

Firefighters shut down a malfunctioning boiler in a Shawnee Road house and ventilated light smoke from the house Jan. 17. They advised the resident to call for service.

A Heathcote Road resident reported a lack of water pressure in his house Jan. 19. The water department was notified.

On Jan. 20, water was found leaking from a broken pipe inside a Reimer Road crawl space. Officials turned off water at the main shut off valve and recommended calling plumber for repair.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Jan. 13-19 has been compiled from official information.

ShopliftinOn Jan. 8, Yukari Natalie Shigeta, 44, of Scarsdale, was arrested on charges of third-degree grand larceny and fourth-degree grand larceny. She is accused of stealing $1,710.63 cash and merchandise valued at $19,601.98 from her former employer’s business, a clothing store on Spencer Place. Shigeta was arrested following an interview with police and arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court. She was released on her own recognizance, and a temporary order of protection was issued in favor of the victim. A future court date is pending.

Car break-ins
On Jan. 6, a Cohawney Road resident reported two unlocked cars in her driveway were entered overnight and a total of $30 in quarters was stolen. The incident was captured on video surveillance. That same morning, residents on Kingston, Shawnee, Tompkins and Brewster roads also reported unlocked cars in their driveway were entered. A wallet containing credit cards was stolen from the Kingston Road car. An empty Rolex watch box was stolen from the Shawnee Road car. A cell phone and change purse were stolen from the Tompkins Road car. Loose change was stolen from two Brewster Road cars. Additionally, on Jan. 6, a Brown Road resident reported a locked car parked in the driveway was broken into overnight, and a cell phone and loose change were stolen. When police arrived at the resident’s house, no one answered the door. Therefore, a report on the incident is pending. 

On Jan. 7, another Cohawney Road resident reported her car had been broken into the previous night. The resident said change had been stolen, but she did not wish to file a report.

Cell phone
A Cushman Road woman received a message that her cell phone had been disconnected Jan. 7. In following up with Verizon, the woman learned her number had been exported to AT&T without her permission. The phone service providers are following up to determined who requested the export of the number. 

A Jefferson Road woman reporting receiving an email that she originally believed was from Apple. She then supplied her husband’s personal information as requested in the email. Later she realized the email had not been sent by Apple and was most likely part of a scam.

On Jan. 6, police spoke with a library patron who was making employees uncomfortable by asking about their work schedules. The patron apologized and said he would stop asking such questions.

A Palmer Road business reported a white man with gray hair, in his 50s, was refusing to leave the establishment Jan. 8. The man left after police were called. Police spoke with the man in a nearby parking lot and told him to stay away from the establishment at the owner’s request.

On Jan. 9, a Hutchinson Avenue resident reported experiencing “multiple suspicious incidents” from Jan. 6 – Jan. 8. Police are following up. 

A 95-year-old Aspen Road man died at home Jan. 12.

Custody arrangement
A Popham Road man reported his ex-wife was not allowing him to pick up his daughter and not abiding by their custody agreement Jan. 9. He was unable to provide court-ordered custody documentation and was advised to have paperwork with him when picking up his daughter in the future, so police could enforce it if necessary. 

No car seat
Following up on a call from a concerned citizen, police stopped a driver who made an illegal U-turn at Garth and Popham roads Jan. 12. The car contained a baby being held on his mother’s lap in the back seat. The baby was being “bounced around with his face pressed to the rear driver’s window” without being properly restrained in car seat. Police issued summonses to the parents and admonished them for unsafe transportation. 

A woman called 911 from an Edgewood location because her “eight-year-old daughter was out of control and would not calm down” Jan. 8. The woman then hung up the call and did not answer upon callback. Finally the woman answered and said her daughter had calmed down. The woman refused to provide her name.

Cars and roadways
On Jan. 7, police directed traffic around a disabled truck on Popham Road.

Police called a tow for a disabled car at Mamaroneck and Stratton roads Jan. 9.

Cars were parked illegally on Potter Road while the drivers were observing their children play in Hyatt Park Jan. 11. Police asked drivers to move their cars to legal parking spots.  

Callers reported boys racing cars behind the high school on Brewster Road Jan. 12. The boys were gone when police arrived on scene. Police will monitor the area.

Three car accidents were reported in the Village this week. 

A Kensington Road woman reported her dog was attacked by a neighbor’s dog at the corner of Tompkins and Fenimore roads Jan. 8. No further details were provided.

A passerby saw a puppy outside in the cold weather on School Lane and called police Jan. 8. Patrol went to the house and confirmed the dog was in good health and being taken care of. The owner said she had just let the dog out momentarily.

Village code
On Jan. 10, police issued a violation summons to a Wildwood Road gardener that dumped leaves and yard debris on Village property at the corner of Secor and Wildwood roads.

Lost and found
A black jacket was found on Brewster Road Jan. 7. It was soiled and appeared to have been in the roadway for a period of time. Police discarded the jacket due to its condition and lack of identifying information.

An attorney reported losing a “secure pass” ID somewhere in the village Jan. 7.  

On Jan. 11, a Scarsdale High School ID was found on East Parkway and returned to the student at the student’s Village address. 

A passerby found a Chase debit card on Greenacres Avenue and gave it to police Jan. 12. Police contacted the owner who said she would retrieve the card. 

According to Captain James Seymour, firefighters responded to 15 incidents during the reporting period. Seymour shared details of some of the incidents, as follows. 

On Jan. 7, firefighters stood by for Con Edison and provided assistance at the site of a gas leak on Richbell Road.

Firefighters assisted at a one-car accident on Weaver Street, in which the driver was injured after striking a pole, Jan. 9. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps tended to the driver.

On Jan. 13, smoke was coming from a burnt steam supply line connected to a dishwasher in a Garth Road pizzeria. Firefighters forced open the door and disconnected the appliance. They ventilated the space by opening a sliding glass door.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Jan. 6-12 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

milkbottleAccident: Following a one-car accident with a traffic pole at Popham Road and Scarsdale Avenue, which took out an electrical connection for a traffic light, police subsequently arrested the driver – Jamie Rene Tenelanda Pesantez, 39, of White Plains – and charged him with driving while intoxicated (first offense) and operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver. The charges occurred after the driver and a passenger were taken to Westchester Medical Center for injuries immediately following the accident Dec. 23. According to a witness, Pesantez’s 1998 Chevrolet passed through the intersection and collided with the traffic pole. Popham Road remained closed to traffic for several days while the pole was repaired and electrical connections were restored.

On Dec. 27, defendant Rodolfo Maldonado, 34, of Mamaroneck, 34, of Mamaroneck, surrendered himself at headquarters because of an active arrest warrant. Maldonado’s attorney was present with him at the time of his surrender. Following an investigation of alleged incidents from Dec. 22, Maldonado was charged with second-degree aggravated harassment using a phone, telegraph or written communication; third-degree assault, with intent to cause physical harm; and fourth-degree criminal mischief involving disabling equipment to prevent a request for emergency help. Following arrest processing, Maldonado was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court and released on his own recognizance. Judge Cynthia Dunne issued a temporary order of protection in favor of Maldonado’s alleged victim, a Greenwich man. Maldonado is due back in court on Jan. 8.

ID theft
On Dec. 29, a Brite Avenue man reported that a Burlington credit card was fraudulently opened using his personal information. The account was closed, and the man did not sustain any financial loss.

On Dec. 23, Town of Mamaroneck police recovered several packages on Madison Street, in their jurisdiction. The packages were addressed to four different residents, living at four different addresses in the Village of Scarsdale. Town of Mamaroneck PD gave the packages to Scarsdale police. Scarsdale police delivered the packages to their respective addressees. The recipients could not confirm if the packages had been delivered and stolen, or if the packages had never been delivered. According to shipping details, all packages were marked as “delivered” on Dec. 19.

A Deerfield Lane woman reported seeing a person looking into her mailbox via video surveillance Dec. 27. The woman thought a package might have been delivered, and she suspected the person might be involved with stealing it. Police checked the mailbox. It was empty. The woman said she would call headquarters if she determined a package had, in fact, been stolen.

Broken window
A Post Road woman reported her car’s window was smashed while her car was parked outside her house Dec. 23. Police investigated and found a golf ball near the car. It appeared as if the ball was the cause of the broken window.

A Griffen Avenue resident noticed water pouring out of a neighbor’s spigot and was unable to turn it off Dec. 23. Police and firefighters attempted to turn off the water, but it was apparently flowing from a frozen pipe that had burst. Police attempted to contact the homeowner and left a message.

Police notified the water department about a water line break on Valley Road Dec. 23.

Welfare check
On Dec. 24, a woman called police and asked for a welfare check of her mother who was staying with an aunt on Nelson Road. Police checked on the mother, who said she was fine. She spoke with her daughter and said she would contact her again the following day. On Dec. 27, a woman called police again and advised she was at her mother’s house in Katonah, but her mother was not there. She told police she believed her mother was at her aunt’s house on Nelson Road and requested a welfare check. Police checked on the mother, who was at the Nelson Road house, with her sister. The mother said she had not received a call from her daughter and did not want to talk to her at that point in time. The mother advised she would be staying with her sister on Nelson Road until her car was fixed.

At the request of a caller, police attempted to check the welfare of a Penn Boulevard resident Dec. 28. Police went to the house, but no one was home. From the exterior, it appeared as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

A Gatehouse Road woman reported she could not leave her house because an unknown dog was outside her door Dec. 24. Police retrieved the dog and located its owner. The woman was then able to comfortably enter and exit her house.

At 2:30 a.m., Dec. 25, a Post Road man reported that his housemate was playing loud music in the room next door. Police asked the housemate to lower the volume of the music due to the hour, and the housemate complied. Police also advised the man who made the complaint that due to the fact that the men share a wall between their rooms, some sound will always be able to be heard.

A Quaker Ridge woman called police to say she was having a problem with her son Dec. 25. The son told his parents he was going to play basketball at the Heathcote School courts; however, the parents then observed their son en route to a friend’s house on Secor Road. They told their son to get into their car, which he did. The family went back to their house, and everything seemed in good order when police arrived to investigate the call.

Milk bottle
A Tunstall Road resident alleged a person came onto the property, placed something in a milk container and ran away to a car after midnight Dec. 27. Police examined the milk container and saw two empty bottles. Everything seemed to be in good order.

An elderly man was stopped in a car at Chase Road and Spencer Place Dec. 27. The man said he was lost and did not have any means of navigating back to his house. He said he was tired and wanted to leave his car parked in the village and return with a family member to get it the next day. Police helped the man secure his car at a parking spot. Police also helped him call a taxi.

Cars and roadways
On Dec. 26, police notified Con Edison that branches were down on electrical wires on Murray Hill Road.

Police were called to mediate a dispute between two drivers who allegedly almost got in an accident on Mamaroneck Road Dec. 26. When police arrived, one driver was standing outside of his car in front of the other driver’s car. Police managed to separate the individuals and calm the situation. No damage occurred, and no injuries were reported. Police advised the parties to call police in the future and to not attempt to handle any road disputes themselves.

Police placed a traffic cone in a large pothole at Ferncliff and Post roads and notified the highway department Dec. 28.

Four car accidents were reported in the village during the reporting period.

Civil matter
A Stratton Road woman reported her daughters were not brought back to her house on time by their father, who lives at a different address Dec. 26. She did not request a welfare check of the children. She just asked that the incident be documented.

According to Captain James Seymour, firefighters responded to 25 incidents during the reporting period. Seymour shared details of the following incidents.

A dryer caught fire in a Normandy Lane house Dec. 25. Residents were instructed to evacuate the house, and firefighters disconnected the dryer and removed it to the front yard. Firefighters ventilated the basement with a fan.
A caller reported an outdoor deep fryer, located approximately 10 feet from the house on a concrete patio, was on fire Dec. 25. Firefighters put out the fire with an extinguisher and stood by the pot of oil until it cooled down.

Lincoln Road residents locked themselves out of their house Dec. 25. Firefighters successfully got into the house through an open window and let the residents back inside after checking IDs.

A smoky haze was present in an Eton Road house Dec. 25. Firefighters investigated and removed embers and burnt logs from a fireplace to mitigate the condition.

On Dec. 29, firefighters called Con Edison about an outdoor gas odor on Aspen Road. Con Edison arrived and firefighters assisted in checking a house to check for possible gas migration.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Dec. 23-29 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.


highlanderPedestrian Death on the Bronx River Parkway: A Greenburgh woman suffered fatal injuries on Tuesday night January 7, 2020 when she was struck and killed as she crossed the Bronx River Parkway at Fisher Lane. The woman was identified as Sandra Dekoubia, 57.  Westchester County Police responded to the parkway at 6:17 p.m. on a report that a pedestrian had been struck by a Lexus SUV that was traveling southbound in the left lane of travel. No charges were filed against the driver of the vehicle, who remained at the scene.Dekoubia was pronounced dead at the scene by Greenburgh paramedics. This is the sixth serious accident involving pedstrians in Greenburgh since September.

On Dec. 30, a pair of housekeepers reported a Park Road house appeared to have been burglarized over the weekend. Police met the housekeepers at the front door of the house and asked them to wait outside while police investigated the interior. Police found a rear basement door had been forced open. The rest of the house appeared orderly. The housekeepers said they had been in the house working for approximately two hours before they went into the basement and saw they open door. While cleaning, they noticed previously items were out of place in the master bedroom closet, but they did not suspect criminal activity and simply cleaned up the area and dusted it.  The homeowner was notified. It is suspected some jewelry was stolen during the burglary.

Stolen car
On the morning of Jan. 4, a Lee Road resident woke up to find her $35,000 2017 Toyota Highlander had been stolen from her driveway overnight. Police are following up. 

A Spencer Place business owner reported an employee had stolen approximately $1,300 cash, checks and $15,000 in merchandise from her store Dec. 28-29. When requested, none of the stolen items were returned to the store. Police are following up.

On Jan. 3, a Popham Road storeowner reported a larceny that occurred on Jan. 2. Video surveillance showed three individuals enter the store, conceal merchandise valued at $1,750.95 on their persons and exit the store without paying for the items. Police are following up.

Car break-ins
On Dec. 31, a Potter Road resident reported a gym bag containing clothing, headphones, medication and an iPhone was stolen from his parked car on the street.

On Jan. 4, one Lee Road resident reported someone broke into his wife’s unlocked car overnight and riffled through items in the console and glove box. Nothing was stolen. 

On Jan. 4, another Lee Road resident reported someone broke into his unlocked car overnight and stole sunglasses.  

During the overnight period of Jan. 4 – Jan. 5, an unknown person walked onto a Walworth Avenue driveway and attempted to open the door handle of a parked car in the driveway. Nothing was reported damaged or stolen.  

Check fraud
On Dec. 31, a Haverford Avenue resident reported four checks totaling more than $3,000 were stolen from his mailbox. The payee’s names on the checks were altered, and the checks were subsequently cashed. The resident’s bank flagged the checks as fraudulent. Police are following up.

ID theft
On Dec. 30, a Brambach Road man reported someone had fraudulently attempted to open a Neiman Marcus credit card in his name on or around Dec. 25. The account was cancelled, and the man’s other creditors were notified of the ID theft.

On Jan. 3, a Carstensen Drive resident reported he was the victim of ID theft with regard to a fraudulently opened Verizon account that had accumulated an unpaid balance due. The resident is following up with Verizon’s fraud department.

Computer scam
On Jan. 3, a Bradley Road resident reported he was the victim of computer fraud. He said he received a pop-up message on his Dell computer indicating that the computer was affected by a virus. The resident called a number listed in the pop-up and allowed a person on the line to remotely access his computer to “fix” it. Later follow-up with Microsoft revealed that the alleged phone representative did not work for Microsoft, and the pop-up was most likely a scam.

Recovered phone
A man reached out to police for assistance in retrieving his iPhone from Depot Place Jan. 5. The man reported his phone had been stolen from him in the Bronx the previous night, and he was able to track the phone to Village Center. With police help, the man called his phone, and it could be heard ringing in a pile of leaves. The man was able to successfully retrieve his phone. No suspects were present near the discarded phone.

A Heathcote Road medical office called police for assistance because a 31-year-old patient was refusing to leave the office due to the fact that medication had not been prescribed for him Dec. 30. Police arrived, and the patient left the scene.

A passenger arrived at the Scarsdale train station at 2:26 a.m., Dec. 31, and requested help getting home. The passenger and a relative said they fell asleep on the train and were unfamiliar with the area. Police helped the passenger call a taxi and remained on scene until the taxi arrived.

Shortly before midnight Jan. 5, police provided a person with a courtesy ride to the Hartsdale train station from Walworth Avenue. The person said he was trying to get to the Bronx by train.

Quaker Ridge parents called police to assist with a dispute over car use by their 18-year-old son Jan. 5. The son wanted to use his parent’s car to drive to a friend’s house. The parent’s said they would drive their son to the friend’s house instead, as they did not want him driving there himself. The son was angry about his parent’s decision, according to the parents. Police arrived and explained to the son that although he was 18 years old, the car was registered to his parents and therefore it was their decision about when and where it could be driven. The son said he understood and would either stay home or let his parents drive him. 

Welfare check
A brother asked police to check the welfare of his sister on Fayette Road Jan. 2. The sister was fine, as she was just taking a nap. Police urged her to contact her brother and check in.

Civil matter
Police were called for a dispute between a Nelson Road resident and a contractor who was there to repair a stove with a defective igniter Jan. 2. After the repairman allegedly worked on the stove for approximately two hours, the resident asked if the stove could be fixed. At that time, the resident said the contractor became “visibly upset” and started “pacing around the kitchen.” The resident said she called the manufacturer who advised the resident to “leave the contractor alone and let him do his work.” The resident asked the contractor to leave, and he allegedly told her that gas might leak, causing the resident to call the contractor back. Police and firefighters checked the condition of the stove and gas line to confirm nothing had been tampered with. No leaking gas was detected.

Cars and roadways
On Dec. 30, multiple reports indicated a tree had fallen across Post Road and knocked down electrical wires. A perimeter was established so police and firefighters could detour vehicles around the hazards, and Con Edison was notified. 

Due to a transformer spill, a Haz-Mat team was dispatched to the scene.

On Dec. 30, police received several calls about people in private cars doing things with packages in the village. Investigation and communication with UPS confirmed that UPS workers were making deliveries in private vehicles due to the holiday rush.

A caller complained about debris in Fenimore Road Dec. 30. Police went to the scene and saw a discarded Christmas tree in the street. Police moved the tree onto the sidewalk and contacted the sanitation department.

On Dec. 31, police cleared a fallen branch from Heathcote Road and notified the highway department for pickup. 

Police notified the proper utility providers about fallen wire on Montrose Road Dec. 31 and Garden Road Jan. 3.

On Jan. 2, police helped a pedestrian safely cross Weaver Street.

Police notified Verizon about a fallen wire on Aspen Road Jan. 2.

The highway department was notified about an overflowing storm drain on Brayton Road Jan. 2. 

Police asked the driver of an illegally parked truck to move it from blacking a Popham Road driveway Jan. 4. 

Seven car accidents were reported in the village during the reporting period. 

Fire Captain James Seymour shared the following details about incidents that occurred in the village during this week’s reporting period. 

On Dec. 30, firefighters assisted with a rollover car accident on the northbound Hutchinson River Parkway. Four occupants of the car were able to get out of the cat on their own. They each refused medical treatment. Firefighters cleaned up spilled fluids from the roadway and stood by until the car was removed by tow. 

Smoke from a fireplace with a partially closed damper filled a Tompkins Road living room Dec. 31. Firefighters put out the fire and assisted with ventilation.

A holiday wreath caught fire in a Crane Road house Jan. 4. It was extinguished by the homeowner. Firefighters checked for extension and ventilated the house. 

On Jan. 4, firefighters assisted at a car accident on the northbound Hutchinson River Parkway. 

On Jan. 5, firefighters assisted Greenville Fire Department with a laundry room fire in an apartment building on Central Avenue. They helped evacuate occupants and checked apartments for extension. The affected appliances were removed from the building.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Dec. 30, 2019 to Jan. 5, 2020 has been compiled from official information. 

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

policeblotterHouse Fire: The Scarsdale Fire Department received a report of smoke inside a Walworth Avenue house Saturday night, Dec. 21, at 10:20 pm. Upon arrival, firefighters observed visible exterior smoke and an active fire inside the basement. Firefighters stretched the initial attack hose line through a rear door in order to suppress the fire. Firefighters encountered heavy smoke and heavy fire in the basement, with smoke and fire extending to the first floor. Scarsdale career firefighters were assisted at the scene by Scarsdale volunteer firefighters and mutual aid units from Fairview, Greenville and Hartsdale fire departments. White Plains and Eastchester fire departments responded to cover the remainder of the Village while the fire was ongoing. The main body of fire was knocked down within 20 minutes, and firefighters remained on scene for several hours checking for extension. Scarsdale and Westchester County fire investigation units determined the cause of the fire to be accidental. Scarsdale Police, Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps and Scarsdale Department of Public Works units assisted. All occupants of the house had self-evacuated, and there were no reported injuries. Salt had to be applied to the driveway and roadway because icing conditions were forming during extinguishment efforts.

Bank fraud arrest
On Dec. 18, an employee of Webster Bank called police and reported that a man was inside the bank attempting to fraudulently cash three counterfeit checks amounting to $788.79, $619.00 and $988.79. Police arrived at the scene, and investigation determined that the suspect – Mamady Danfakha, 22, of the Bronx – had attempted to cash a check under false pretense and a false name and a false ID. Police arrested Danfakha and charged him with second-degree criminal impersonation, second-degree grand larceny and three counts of second-degree possession of a forged instrument. In addition to the three counterfeit checks, police collected the following as evidence: a deposit slip and previously stolen checks and a deposit slip amounting to $24,138.57. In addition, marijuana was found in Danfakha’s possession. It was confiscated for destruction. Following his arrest, Danfakha was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court. Unable to post bail of $2,000 cash, he was remanded to Westchester County Jail pending his court date.

Stolen delivery
On Dec. 18, a Stratton Road caller reported someone tampered with mail from his mailbox, open an Amazon delivery box and stole products from the delivery. The products were a bottle of Nivea lotion and reflective tape.

Counterfeit money
On Dec. 16, a Spencer Place business reported it received a counterfeit $50 bill over the weekend. Bank personnel identified the bill as counterfeit and confiscated it when the business owner attempted to deposit it.

Arrest on warrant
On Dec. 19, Anthony T. Shell, 54, of Mount Vernon, was informed by Village Court that there was an active warrant for his arrest. Shell went to headquarters and surrendered himself for arrest processing. He was released on his own recognizance and was issued an appearance ticket for Village Court on Jan. 8.

Homeless person
A homeless man walked into headquarters and asked to use the restroom Dec. 17. Police allowed the man to use the restroom and drove him to a homeless shelter in White Plains as a courtesy.

Parked cars
On Dec. 16, a Lee Road resident complained about construction vehicles parked on a neighbor’s construction site. Police forwarded the complaint to the building department.

Eastchester police towed three cars from Gray Rock Road so that the Scarsdale Water Department could perform emergency work Dec. 20.

An elderly Saxon Woods Road resident called police to say that she was not getting enough heat in her apartment Dec. 19. Police notified staff in the facility where the woman lives, and staff said they would send someone to check on her and the heat.

On Dec.20, police checked the welfare of two women on Montrose Road who were scheduled to arrive the previous night and did not contact a person to confirm their arrival. The women were fine.

Pedestrian struck
On Dec. 19, at 6:25 p.m., a New Jersey driver struck a 64-year-old male pedestrian, of Scarsdale, at Fenimore and Brewster roads while the pedestrian was crossing in the marked crosswalk. The pedestrian was lying on the ground when emergency workers arrived. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps transported him to Westchester Medical Center for treatment. Firefighters and police assisted at the scene. The driver was issued a summons for failing to yield to a pedestrian’s right of way in a crosswalk.

Cars and roadways
On Dec. 17, a tree fell on Birchall Drive, knocking down a power line. Con Edison and highway department workers responded to correct the problem while police closed the street to traffic.

The highway department was called to remove a fallen tree from Bypass and branches from School Lane and Post, Richbell and Spier roads Dec. 17.
Con Edison was notified about a fallen branch and wires on Fountain Terrace and fallen wires on Ogden Road Dec. 17.

Police notified the highway department about three potholes on Wayside Lane Dec. 17.

Patrol removed a large tree limb from Ogden Road and tree debris from Bypass Dec. 17.

Con Edison was notified about burning wires on Donellan Road Dec. 17.

Police removed a fallen branch from Heathcote Road Dec. 17.

Police notified Verizon about fallen wires on Canterbury Road Dec. 17 and Sage Terrace and Paddington Road Dec. 18.

Police removed branches from Post and Crane roads Dec. 18.

The highway department was notified about a fallen tree on Taunton Road Dec. 18.

A New York City driver reported his 2015 Honda was struck by a falling branch on Post Road Dec. 18. The impact cracked the driver’s windshield and damaged the hood. The engineering department the branch did not fall from a Village-owned tree.

A driver struck a large pothole on Weaver Street and sustained two flat tires Dec. 19. The highway department was notified about the pothole, for repair.

Police removed a fallen communication wire from Black Birch Lane Dec. 20. Verizon was notified.

Sixteen car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

Civil matter
On Dec. 17, a building superintendent alleged a resident was removing safety stickers from doors and using cardboard to prop open doors in the building. The super, however, did not have any evidence to support the accusation. Police attempted to talk to the resident in question, but that person was not available.
A Brite Avenue resident reported an oil truck drove over curbing and made tire marks on her lawn Dec. 17.

Police picked up a loose dog at Crossway and Fayette Road Dec. 22. After attempts to locate the owner were unsuccessful, New Rochelle Humane Society picked up the dog. Shortly thereafter, the owner came to headquarters to report the dog missing. Police informed her how to pick it up from NRHS. The owner was issued a summons for having a dog at large.

Lost and found
On Dec. 16, a passerby found a wallet outside Starbucks on East Parkway. Police located the owner and returned the wallet after verifying the owner’s identity.

A Greenacres resident found a phone on the train and brought it to police Dec. 16. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

A woman reported losing a bag containing two NYS license plates while in a Chase Road restaurant Dec. 17.

On Dec. 18, a passerby found a set of Apple “Airpods” wireless headphones, and brought them to headquarters.

On Dec. 19, a Bronx man lost his phone and tracked it to a location near the Heathcote Gulf gas station on Heathcote Road. There, a man said he found the phone earlier that day while performing scrap metal removal services in the Bronx and planned to try to locate the owner and return the phone after work that evening. Police stood by while the phone was successfully returned to its owner.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 29 incidents this week, including the reported structure fire on Walworth Avenue. Details of other incidents are as follows.

On Dec. 17, firefighters responded to a scene of fallen power lines and a burning tree on Birchall Drive. Primary and secondary power lines were compromised, and multiple utility poles were broken. Firefighters stabilized the scene until Con Edison arrived.

On Dec. 17, carbon monoxide was detected in a Morris Lane house due to a problem with a gas boiler system. Con Edison was called, and firefighters assisted with ventilating the house.

On Dec. 17, fallen wires were burning on Donellan Road, and a resident reported that her house service had been taken out. Firefighters saw that the house service was still connected by one power leg. Firefighters shut down all double pole breakers in the house and relocated the central alarm power to another outlet to restore power to the alarm. Low-hanging wires were taped off, and Con Edison was called.

On Dec. 22, a hissing sound was coming from a suspected gas line at a Stonehouse Road house, following the resident hitting the line while drilling a hole in the wall. Firefighters shut gas to the house and stood by for Con Edison. Upon opening the wall to check for trapped gas, firefighters noticed that a copper pipe inside the wall was running an A/C condenser located outside the house. This pipe was hit and most likely bled out Freon. Firefighters were released from the scene after Con Edison’s arrival.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Dec. 16-22 has been compiled from official information.

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