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diamondArrested: On Aug. 9, police arrested James F. McBrien, 39, of Stamford, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol content of .18 of more with no priors, operating a motor vehicle without a valid inspection certificate, driving to the left of pavement markings and an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle on a highway. Police conducted a traffic stop of McBrien’s 2008 Lexus after the car was observed traveling at a slow rate of speed on Mamaroneck Road, crossing over pavement markings. Upon making contact with McBrien, police detected the smell of alcohol on his breath, glassy eyes and slurred speech. When police asked McBrien to step out of the car, police noticed four open beer cans in the driver’s side door panel. Each can was almost entirely consumed. Police administered field sobriety tests, which McBrien was unable to successfully perform. Following McBrien’s arrest, he was taken to headquarters, issued appropriate summonses and released on his own recognizance with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court.

At 6:30 a.m., Aug. 10, after seeing a car stopped in the position of mid-turn onto Tompkins Road from Fenimore Road, police determined the driver – Rashida Jones, 28, of Yonkers – was asleep. The key was in the ignition, and the motor was running. Police woke up Jones and observed her to be very disoriented and incoherent. Furthermore, her eyes were glassy and bloodshot, and her breath smelled of alcohol. An alco-sensor test indicated the presence of alcohol on her breath. Jones was arrested on charges of operation of a motor vehicle while intoxicated (with a prior conviction), aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol level of .18 or more (with a prior conviction) and a stopping/standing/parking violation. She was released on $100 cash bail with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable Aug. 14.

On Aug. 8, a Windsor Lane woman reported her $55,000 engagement ring and some other items were missing from her house. She said she last saw the missing jewelry in May. During the period that the items disappeared, a home health aide had been staying with the woman’s husband, the woman said.

On Aug. 8, a Lebanon Road woman reported her $42,543 engagement ring and her $5,680 wedding band were missing from her house. The woman said delivery people were recently in her house, installing a desk, when the jewelry went missing – sometime between Aug. 1 and 3.

ID theft
On Aug. 6, a Ferncliff Road resident reported that one of his personal checks, written for $3,200, was fraudulently cashed. The resident did not know the person who signed the check for payment. Additionally, earlier on the same day, the resident received a call from Chase Bank alerting him to the fact that someone attempted to use a debit card in his name at a Target store. The store declined the transaction. The man said he was still in possession of his actual debit card. Bank employees instructed the man to destroy the card because he would be issued a new one.

On Aug. 6, a Brite Avenue woman reported she was the victim of identity theft. She said someone fraudulently used her life insurance check in an attempt to open a savings account. However, the bank denied the deposit of the check due to name differences and suspected fraud. The woman also reported that on Aug. 5, someone attempted to change her address with the U.S. Postal Service. She did not recognize the requested forwarding address, but the address was in her hometown, she told police.

On Aug. 9, an Eton Road man reported an unknown person opened a fraudulent Verizon account in his name.

A Stratton Road man reported that his daughter said she saw a figure, possibly a man, come up to the rear window of his living room before running away Aug. 6. Patrol canvassed the area but did not find anyone.

Police received three prank 911 calls alleging problems at an Old Lyme Road house this week. The calls were determined to be prank calls.

Assistance rendered
Police threw away two empty toolboxes found on Birchall Drive Aug. 5.

A Cohawney Road resident reported that someone called her cell phone and asked if she was home Aug. 6. The resident got scared and hung up the phone. Police attempted to contact the caller and left a message. Police offered to perform extra ridebys of the resident’s house as a precaution.

Cars and roadways
Drivers and passersby expressed concern about a woman walking in the roadway on Weaver Street Aug. 5. Police spoke to the woman and reminded her of the importance of safely walking on the sidewalk or the side of the road. Later in the day, police assisted the same woman safely get from Weaver Street onto Palmer Avenue.

On Aug. 5 and 7, police closed Butler Road for repairs to the water main.
Police notified Verizon about fallen wires on Walworth Avenue Aug. 6.
Patrol helped a driver move her disabled car to a legal parking spot on Taunton Road after the car stalled in front of the driveway to Village Hall Aug. 6. The driver said her husband would come to the scene and deal with the car.

Police notified the highway department about a loose manhole cover at Brewster and Olmsted roads Aug. 7.
A concerned citizen saw a car on Mamaroneck Road, occupied by two people using their hands to hold a mattress balanced on the roof Aug. 7. Police searched the area for the car and mattress but did not find either.

Police helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street and escorted her out of the roadway Aug. 7 and 10.

Police helped track down the driver of a parked car that needed to be moved so the highway department could continue with road repairs at Scarsdale Avenue and Popham Road Aug. 7.

Police notified Con Edison about a drooping wire on Post Road Aug. 8. Additionally a branch fell on a parked car on private property, and patrol advised a neighbor, who was house sitting, to contact the homeowner.

A person reported that a white van struck a beam in Freightway Garage and left the scene Aug. 8.

Police arranged to have a disabled Honda towed from Heathcote Road Aug. 9.

Police stood by until a disabled car was towed from the Hutchinson River Parkway Aug. 9.

On Aug. 10, police notified the highway department about a fallen branch on Whig Road. They also notified Con Edison about a snapped guide wire on a utility police in the same area.

Five car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Village code
Police issued landscapers summonses for using gas-powered leaf blowers in violation of village code on Rock Creek Lane and Heathcote Road Aug. 5, Wildwood Road Aug. 6 and Mamaroneck Road Aug. 10.

After a neighbor complained about noise, a Walworth Avenue resident lowered the volume of an outdoor movie Aug. 5.

A peddler was selling food without a permit on Sherbrooke Road Aug.9. Police issued him a summons.

A woman reported two men and one woman women attempted to sell her jewelry out of their truck on Griffen Avenue Aug. 9.

After neighbors complained of noise, police advised the host of a Garden Road pool party to lower the volume of outdoor music after 11 p.m., Aug. 11.

Police picked up a small black dog walking without a collar on Sherbrooke Road Aug. 9. The dog was not wearing any identifying information; so police contacted New Rochelle Human Society for pickup. Before NRHS workers could respond to pick up the dog, the dog’s owner contacted headquarters looking for the dog. Police returned the dog to its owner and issued the owner a summons.

Police notified the highway department about a dead raccoon on Mamaroneck Road, for removal, Aug. 9.

Lost and found
A Walworth Avenue man reported finding cash outside his house Aug. 5. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

Police found a cell phone on East Parkway and returned it to its owner Aug. 7.
A passerby found a VW key near a bench at Hyatt Field and gave it to police Aug. 11.

According to Fire Captain James Seymour, firefighters responded to 24 incidents this week. He shared details of some of the incidents below.

On Aug. 5, a car struck a fire hydrant on Brookby Road, causing the cap to break off and a large amount of water to leak into the street. Police and the water department were on scene to address the problem Firefighters assisted as needed.

A light haze of smoke was detected inside a closed and unoccupied Palmer Avenue nail salon Aug. 7. Firefighters broke the lock, entered the establishment and traced the haze to an overheated electrical appliance. Firefighters disconnected the appliance and ventilated the structure. The property manager was notified.

While installing a new doorbell, a Brambach Road homeowner detected a burning odor in the vicinity of the doorbell Aug. 8. Firefighters investigated and determined the doorbell chime had shorted and was causing the odor. Firefighters advised the homeowner to contact a repairperson.

A worker using a gas-powered power washer inside a Butler Road basement caused elevated levels of carbon monoxide to accumulate. Firefighters shut down the equipment, evacuated the house, ventilated and instructed the worker and the homeowner to refrain from using gas-powered equipment in non-ventilated spaces and never indoors. While ventilating the structure, firefighters noticed two disconnected hot water heaters in the room. The building department was notified, and the homeowner was advised to have a licensed plumber reconnect both hot water heaters.

On Aug. 11, police assisted at a car accident in which a driver struck a tree on Mamaroneck Road. He said he was not injured. He told police he was dehydrated and that is what caused the accident.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Aug. 5-11 has been compiled from official information.

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TurtleArrests: Police arrested the driver of a 2016 Ford Fiesta following an accident in which the driver’s car was rear-ended at Popham and Post roads July 30. The driver – Daniel Joseph, 37, of Larchmont – presented police with a non-driver ID and stated he did not have a driver’s license. A computer database check indicated Joseph’s NYS driver’s license had been suspended 12 times for failing to pay a driver’s responsibility assessment and failure to answer summonses in four jurisdictions, including Scarsdale in 2015, and failure to pay two fines in two jurisdictions. Additionally, and active bench warrant issued out of Scarsdale was discovered. As a result, Joseph was arrested in execution of the bench warrant and additionally charged with operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver and second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle with three or more suspensions. Joseph was released with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable on July 31.

On Aug. 1, while conducting traffic patrol on Weaver Street, a 2017 Chevrolet Suburban caused the patrol car’s license plate reader to sound, indicating the car’s registration was “suspended or revoked” due to a lapse in insurance. Patrol attempted to conduct a traffic stop but the driver pulled into Balducci’s parking lot on Palmer Avenue and turned off the car’s lights in an attempt to conceal the car’s presence. When police pulled into the parking lot, the driver exited the parking lot at a high rate of speed. Patrol activated his car’s lights and sirens to signal the driver to stop. While fleeing and speeding, the driver lost control of the car and struck ornamental trees on Innes Road and drove onto a homeowner’s lawn. The car sustained heavy front-end damage and two flat tires. Police handcuffed the driver – Adil Akram, 23, of Brooklyn – and escorted him out of the car. Investigation showed his privileges to drive in New York State had been suspended 12 times on six different dates. A fraudulent NYS inspection sticker was also observed on the windshield. Inside the car, a THC vape pen and cartridge were discovered. Due to the car’s registration being revoked, the car’s license plates were removed, and the car was towed to the impound lot. Akram was charged with second-degree possession of a forged instrument, unlawfully fleeing a police officer in a vehicle, criminal possession of controlled substance, reckless driving, second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of motor vehicle, operation of motor vehicle with a suspended registration, criminal mischief involving reckless property damage greater than $250, passing a red light, speeding and an equipment violation. Prior to Akram’s arraignment at Scarsdale Village Justice Court, the district attorney’s office recommended $20,000 cash bail or a $40,000 bail bond. Judge Alemany remanded Akram to Westchester County Jail on $10,000 cash bail or a $20,000 bail bond. The owner of the Innes Road property estimated Akram’s flight from police caused more than $2,500 worth of damage to landscaping.

ID theft
A fraudulent line of credit and associated savings account was opened with key Bank using a Fayette Road resident’s personal information. It was reported to police on July 29 for follow-up from the bank.

On July 29, police helped a Coralyn Road resident restore power to her house by flipping three tripped circuit breakers. The resident was advised to contact her electrician.

Police helped a 17-year-old girl get back inside her Heathcote Road house after she accidentally got locked out and her mother notified police July 29.

Police helped a woman cross Weaver Street and later drove her home due to an impending storm July 31.

On Aug. 1, police safely escorted a pedestrian walking on Weaver Street and then directed the pedestrian to walk on a sidewalk section of the street. When the pedestrian refused to walk on the sidewalk, police issued her a summons.

Residents of Lyons Road experienced a power outage and police helped restore power by resetting the main breaker at the panel Aug. 1.

A car parked in a Lincoln Road garage was accidentally left with its lights on Aug. 4. Police notified the owner, and the owner turned off the lights.

Flash flood
On July 31, a BMW got stuck in a flash flood area on Springdale Road during a storm. The driver said she drove into water on the roadway, and her car stalled. A tow was en route to pick up the car. The driver was not injured and was picked up by her husband.

Banging on window
A man was seen banging on a window in a Church Lane house July 31. A concerned passerby alerted police in case the man was trying to get someone’s attention. Police went to the house. Police investigated and learned the man was the landlord of the property. He said he had been banging on the window in an attempt to open it for cleaning.

Wrong address
A Stratton Road woman reported an unknown car was parked in her driveway Aug. 2. Police investigated and learned the car had been serviced by Mercedes-Benz and dropped off at the wrong address. It was supposed to have been returned to its owner at a Stratton Road address in New Rochelle – not Scarsdale. The Mercedes-Benz dealership rectified the situation.

Shopping bags
On Aug. 2, police picked up two shopping bags from Trader Joe’s from the Scarsdale Train station platform and took them to headquarters. The bags had been left on the platform by an unknown person and sat there for more than four hours. Nothing suspicious was found in the forgotten bags.

While on patrol, police encountered a man lying on a Black Hawk Road lawn at 4 a.m., Aug. 3. The man, who was heavily intoxicated, showed police a debit card with his name on it. A computer check revealed the man lived on Carriage House Lane. Police contacted the homeowner of the Black Hawk Road house. The homeowner said she knew the man. She said the man could sleep at her house for the night, and she brought the man inside her house.

Cars and roadways
On July 29, police called a tow truck for a disabled car at Post and Tompkins roads.
Another disabled car was towed from Mamaroneck Road to the driver’s house in Yonkers July 29.

A sanitation vehicle backed into a parked car on Lenox Place July 30.

Police closed a section of Saxon Woods Road due to flooding and cracks in the road July 30.

Caution cones around a water main break at Normandy Lane and Griffen Avenue were adjusted in order to improve the flow of traffic after drivers complained of an obstructed roadway July 31.

A car overheated at Ramsey Road and Palmer Avenue July 31. Police advised the driver she should not drive the car. She agreed to call for roadside assistance to have the car towed.

On July 31, police observed a brown Cadillac Escalade occupied by two young males drive into the Golden Horseshoe parking lot and drive into an alleyway behind the stores. Police conducted a traffic stop and the boys admitted to driving behind the stores. They said they had done it to pass the time. Police warned the boys to refrain from going into that area in the future.

A White Plains man sleeping in his car at Montrose and Farley roads said he was resting before going home after midnight Aug. 1.

Police asked drivers to park their cars only on one side of Morris Lane during an estate sale Aug. 2. Temporary “no parking” signs were placed on one side of the street to eliminate continuing parking disturbances.

Police called a tow truck for a car with a flat tire on Mamaroneck Road Aug. 2.
Numerous construction vehicles were parked on Brite Avenue and Butler Road with a roadway crew performing work Aug. 2. The congestion was causing a dangerous roadway condition because no flaggers were on scene. Police closed the work zone until traffic flaggers were available.

Workers had used a traffic cone to block off a portion of Edgewood Road at Roosevelt Place without permission Aug. 3. Police removed the cone and advised the workers to contact Village Hall if they wanted to apply for a permit to close the roadway.

Patrol helped direct a lost driver to the Hutchinson Rover Parkway from Mamaroneck Road Aug. 3.

Eight car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A turtle was reported at a Heathcote Road address July 30. Police provided the homeowner with a list of trappers’ contact information.

A large turtle was observed on Post Road Aug. 1. Police safely removed it from the roadway.

A Roosevelt Place woman reported an animal trapped in one of her trashcans Aug. 1. Patrol tipped over the trashcans, and an opossum ran out. It appeared to be healthy and did not pose a threat.

Police picked up a loose dog from Brookby Road and held it at headquarters until the owner’s sister-in-law picked it up Aug. 2. A summons was issued to the owner.
Police picked up a loose, small, brown dog from Stonehouse Road Aug. 4. Police held the dog at Headquarters pending possible contact from the owner. After some time passed without any contact from a resident looking for a lost dog, police called New Rochelle Humane Society for pickup. A summons was issued and given to NRHS, to pass onto the owner.

Police relocated a turtle from Scarsdale Avenue to a safe place off the roadway Aug.4.

Civil matter
A Cornell Street woman reported landscapers had parked on her property and risked damaging her lawn Aug. 1. Police advised her it was a civil matter, and the woman said she would rectify the matter on her own.

A Brambach Road man reported his security camera caught his neighbor walking up and down the man’s driveway without permission Aug. 3. The neighbor said he was trimming his hedges and stepped onto the neighbor’s driveway to trim the side of the hedges that was not accessible from his own property. Police explained to the neighbor that he would have to reach an agreement with the man in order to step onto his property since the man had forbidden it.

Village Code
Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered leaf blowers on Kathy Lane July 30, Cushman Road Aug. 2.

After residents complained of noise, police advised an emergency crew working on Wilmot Road to lower the volume of music July 31.

Police issued Nelson Road workers, who were using power equipment outside of designated times, a summons on Aug. 3.

Lost and found
A Reimer Road man reported losing his passport, which contained a travel visa for India, Aug. 4.

On July 29, firefighters extinguished a fire inside an East Parkway trashcan. It had been caused by a cigarette thrown into the trashcan.

A fallen wire caused a fire on a Paddington Road lawn July 30. Police closed the road while firefighters controlled the fire from spreading and stood by for Con Edison. Power outages affecting nearby traffic lights resulted, and police set up temporary stops signs to control traffic.

Firefighters assisted with power outage related calls on Church Lane July 30. The power outages were due to fallen power lines in the area, which Con Edison was addressing.

On July 31, police placed barricades across Bypass to prevent traffic from driving over fallen wires. Firefighters stood by for on Edison.

A radon pump with a clogged filter was causing an odor in a Fox Meadow Road basement July 30. Firefighters cut power to the pump and the fan. They advised the homeowner to have the unit serviced.

On July 31, primary power lines fell and were burning or smoking in the Golden Horseshoe Shopping Plaza and across the Heathcote Bypass. Firefighters closed the affected area, notified Con Edison and stood by for Con Edison’s response.

A Sycamore Road homeowner reported a burning odor from his electrical panel July 31. Firefighters investigated and detected only a faint odor with no sign of wires burning or fire anywhere in the house. Firefighters advised the homeowner to call an electrician for service.

A resident accidentally got locked out of her house on Sprague Road Aug. 3. Firefighters succeeded in getting the resident safely inside her house.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on Post Road Aug. 3.

Leaking water above a kitchen ceiling caused a portion of a kitchen ceiling to collapse in an Aspen Road house Aug. 3. Firefighters helped the resident clean up the debris and advised the resident to call a contractor for repair.

The battery backup for a sump pump malfunctioned in a Montgomery Road house and caused a carbon monoxide incident Aug. 3. Police disconnected the battery backup and ventilated the structure.

This report covering police and fire department activity from July 29 – Aug. 4 has been compiled from official information.

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coyoteDWI: While conducting routine patrol in Mamaroneck Road at 3 a.m., July 20, police observed a 2013 Range Rover abruptly stop numerous times on Mamaroneck Road and make abrupt turns that brought the car in circles. Police conducted a traffic stop, and the driver – Timothy Bolton, 26, of New York City – told police he was coming from New Canaan, Connecticut, and looking for the train station. His breath smelled of alcohol, and Bolton told police he had consumed two glasses of wine. An alco-sensor test indicated the presence of alcohol on his breath. He was arrested, booked and processed at headquarters and released with an appearance ticket to appear at Scarsdale Village Justice Court on July 24.

Identity theft
On July 16, a Woods Lane woman reported someone fraudulently withdrew funds totaling $1,439 from her Bank of America account. The unknown person used a forged check to execute the transaction.

On July 17, a Greenacres Avenue man reported that someone fraudulently withdrew approximately $150,000 from his checking account in four fraudulent transactions. The transactions involved fraudulent checks written in another jurisdiction. The man spoke with a suspect regarding the fraudulent checks and funds from only one check has been reimbursed. The man said he was interested in pursuing criminal charges.

Prank call
Police received a prank call from an anonymous caller alleging an Old Lyme Road resident had been beaten up. Police investigated and determined the call was a prank. There was no need for police assistance.

A caller complained of construction noises on Sheldrake Road at 6:20 a.m., July 16. Police investigated the noises and determined woodpeckers were causing them.

Broken window
A highway department employee reported that while “weed whacking” on Mamaroneck Road, a rock was kicked up and into the passenger window of a 2019 Toyota, causing the window to break July 16. Police took photos of the window and notified the car’s owner.

A man was reported to be lingering around a Mamaroneck Road temple with no legitimate reason July 16. He was questioned by police. The man told police he was looking for a bus stop in order to catch a bus to take him home.

Cars and roadways
Police helped a woman cross Weaver Street July 15, 18, 19 and 21.

After a caller complained about a possible roadway hazard caused by a dead animal, police moved a chipmunk carcass to the side od Butler Road and Brite Avenue July 16.

Police notified Verizon about a fallen wire on Mamaroneck Road July 17.

Six summonses were issued at a safety checkpoint on Mamaroneck Road July 17.

Police removed fallen branches from Huntington Avenue July 17.

Roadway plates shifted on Griffen Avenue and Weaver Street, leaving an exposed hole July 17. Police notified the highway department for replacement.

A person sitting in a parked car on River Road was questioned by police July 17. The person said he was watching a movie on his phone. There was no sign of illegal activity.

A 2017 Jeep was repossessed from a Sherbrooke Road residence July 18.

Police erected barricades around flooded sections of Brookby, Sprague and Clarence roads to alert drivers July 18.

A driver was nervous about backing her car out of a tight parking space on Scarsdale Avenue July 18. Police assisted her in successfully backing out her car.

A car was idling on Heathcote Road July 18. The owner was not aware of the condition until informed by police.

Dispatch notified the highway department about a dead raccoon on Mamaroneck Road July 19.

As per police instruction, drivers moved parked cars from Wayside Lane in order to alleviate roadway congestion July 19.

A discarded mailbox box bearing the number 119 was found on Mamaroneck Road at 2 a.m., July 20.

Nine car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Village code
On July 15, police issued summonses to landscapers on Tompkins and Montrose roads for using gas-powered leaf blowers in violation of village code.

On July 16, police issued summonses to landscapers on Greenacres and Brite avenues and Murray Hill Road for using gas-powered leaf blowers in violation of village code.

On July 17, police issued a summons to a landscaper on Brite Avenue for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of village code.

On July 19, police issued summonsed to landscapers on Duck Pond Road, Greenacres Avenue and Morris Lane for using gas-powered leaf blowers in violation of village code.

Police assisted a homeowner in dispersing uninvited guests who showed up at her son’s party and started causing a lot of noise in the neighborhood July 20.

A Deerfield Lane resident reported seeing a coyote in the backyard July 16.

Police took custody of a dog left outside without food, water or shelter on Gaylor Road after a neighbor complained of ongoing noise from the dog July 20. When the owner picked up the dog later that evening, the owner was issued two summonses.

Lost and found
A woman came to headquarters to report she could not find her driver’s license July 15. She said the last time she saw it was when she had been arrested by police in March.

A woman found a wallet on Greenacres Avenue July 16. Police contacted the owner of the wallet, and the owner picked up the wallet from headquarters.

On July 16, a Murray Hill Road woman reported her wedding and engagement rings, worth $12,800, had been lost from her house sometime between July 4 and 5. She reported the rings were last seen on a kitchen windowsill.

Cars keys were found on Scarsdale Avenue July 18. It was determined that the keys belonged to a car parked on the street. Police placed a note inside the car regarding the found car keys. The owner contacted police later that day in order to retrieve the car keys.

A woman reported losing an iPad in a CVS store in Harrison July 18. On July 19, she came to headquarters to report that the location of the iPad pinged to a Sheldrake Road address. On July 19, Scarsdale police went to the address to investigate. There, a resident told police he had found the iPad in his shopping cart while at CVS. He said he first had the intention of bringing it to a Verizon store. Then, he noticed the iPad’s screen displayed a message that it was lost and to contact the owner at a phone number displayed on the screen. The resident then left a message for the owner, he said. Police told the resident they would facilitate the return of the iPad to its owner. The owner picked up the lost iPad from headquarters.

On July 16, firefighters dispatched Con Edison to a Lawrence Road house because of elevated carbon monoxide. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps was called to evaluate a treat a non-ambulatory resident for possible carbon monoxide exposure while firefighters isolated the carbon monoxide leak in the basement, shut down the boiler and hot water heater and ventilated the house.

On July 16, firefighters assisted at a four-car accident on Weaver Street. One person was transported to the hospital; for injuries, and two cars were towed.

On July 17, Eastchester Fire Department requested mutual aid for a structure fire. Firefighters assisted in helping EFD extinguish the fire.

Humidity was creating a slight smoke odor in an Old Lyme house due to a downdraft in the fireplace July 19. Firefighters evaluated the odor and determined there was no cause for alarm.

On July 21, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of wires burning and spreading fire into trees on Dolma Road. Firefighters used a hose line to keep the fire from spreading to other trees. They also soaked mulch below to make sure the fire would not spread to the ground while Con Edison was addressing the wires. Fire watch continued for about 40 minutes until the situation was determined to be under control.

This report covering police and fire department activity from July 15-21 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Virginia Trespassing SignArrested
On July 26, an Ardmore Road woman reported a man was ringing her doorbell July 26. She said the same man had also come to her house and rang the doorbell the day before. Upon further investigation, the man – Oumarou Barry, 20, of Brooklyn – was arrested for trespassing. He was charged with trespassing, possession of a forged instrument, due to a forged New Jersey non-resident temporary plate, and an unregistered motor vehicle. His car was impounded at the time of his arrest.

A Brewster Road resident reported someone stole a package from a Madison property where the package had been delivered July 25. The package contained a gaming controller for an Apple TV.

A person reported his $400 unsecured Mongoose bicycle was stolen from the corner of Huntington Avenue and Montrose Road July 26.

A $600 bluestone necklace was stolen from the Holsten Jewelers sidewalk sale table July 27.wirefireAn electrical wire on fire at the Golden Horsehoe during a sudden storm on the afternoon of July 31. Photo credit Dawn Knief.

Identity theft
On July 22, a Farley Road man reported two credit cards and one debit card were stolen. ID theft occurred on June 25 when a MasterCard was fraudulently used at a White Plains location for $1,461.98, and two unauthorized charges were made to the man’s American Express card – for $10,000 and $6,000. The fraud was reported, and the credit card companies are investigating.

On July 25, a Parkfield Road woman reported a credit card had been fraudulently opened in her name, and it had been used to purchase almost $5,000 worth of merchandise from Bob’s Discount Furniture.

On July 27, a Lebanon Road resident reported the fraudulent use of her Bank of America account. She reported that since May 3, 2018, her account had been fraudulently used to purchase video game items and credits via Amazon and PayPal. The total amount of money lost was $2,375. She reported the matter to her financial institution, and the matter is being investigated.

Hacked phone
A Greenacres Avenue man reported someone hacked into his iPhone and left a threatening message in his phone’s “notes” section. The threat mentioned the man’s two daughters by name. The mater was reported to Apple’s security department for investigation.

Wrong address
A Stratton Road woman called police to report an unknown man was attempting to get inside her house at 4:15 a.m., July 27. The man alleged he was staying at the house with his aunt and uncle. The homeowner, on the other hand, stated she did not know the man and she was not his aunt. The man, according to police, appeared to be intoxicated. Further investigation revealed that the man was in fact staying with his aunt and uncle who were residents of a different house on the street. It had been a case of mistaken address.

Slip and fall
A woman fell while attempting to board a train at the Scarsdale train station July 23. She was complaining of lower back and left hip pain. She was transported to White Plains Hospital Center by ambulance.

Chimney work
A Rural Drive resident reported a possible scam involving two women in a Mercedes-Benz with a Connecticut license plate July 27. The resident said the woman parked in his driveway, knocked on his door and said they had come to provide an estimate for chimney work. The resident told police he had previously contacted a chimney repair company to request an estimate for some repair work. He further said he was expecting to see a man in a truck – not two women in a Mercedes – and that’s why he thought their story was not legitimate. Police followed up with the women. One of them was in fact the owner of the chimney company. She said she was performing estimates because some of her employees were on vacation.

Assistance rendered
On July 25, a Cornell Street resident told police her basketball net had been cut; a FedEx package had been stolen from her front door, and for several days, feces had been found right outside her door. She told police she wanted to document the incidents, but she was not ready to have them investigated.

Police called a taxi for a White Plains man who was in the process of walking home on Post Road because his cell phone died. It was after 11 p.m., July 26.

Police told a woman who parked her car in Christie Place garage July 25 that she owed $790 in unpaid parking tickets to the Village. The woman processed to rectify the matter at Village Hall.

Police received several calls about a car driving over lawns and erratically maneuvering streets in Fox Meadow July 27. Police conducted a traffic stop of the car at Paddington and Olmsted roads.

Cars and roadways
Police helped a woman cross Weaver Street July 22, 23 and 28.

Police cleared fallen tree limbs from Fox Meadow Road July 23.

The highway and water departments were notified about a storm sewer drain at Old Lyme and Meadow roads that appeared too large and possibly presented a hazard.

Police helped a driver move a disabled car into the Supply Field parking lot to await tow services July 23.

Police issued a parking summons to a commercial vehicle that was illegally parked on Nelson Road overnight July 24.

The highway department was notified about a loose manhole cover at Mamaroneck and Catherine roads July 28.

The highway department cleared a fallen tree from Brite Avenue July 26.

Police notified Verizon about a fallen wire on River Road July 26.

The highway department was notified about a possible hole in Normandy Lane July 28.

A large snapping turtle safely crossed Mamaroneck Road July 28.

Police removed branches from Lockwood and Popham roads July 28

At approximately 1 a.m., July 28, a 17-year-old Madison Road boy parked his 2019 Nissan on Sage Terrace and exited the car. He then noticed the car started rolling down and across the street onto a Sage Terrance lawn. He went around and got into the passenger side of the car. He attempted to put the car into park. In the meantime, the car struck bushes and a lamppost. Police issued the boy summonses for a licensing violation and leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it.

Six car accidents were reported in the village this week.

On July 23, a UPS driver requested police response after she was bitten by a Farley Road dog while delivering a package to the address. The dog was identified as a black lab mix. The dog, and another dog, reportedly saw the driver approaching the front door, pushed the door open and ran outside. That is when the driver was bitten. The dog’s vaccinations were up to date, but the dogs were required to be quarantined for 10 days as a precautionary measure. The driver’s injuries were evaluated at the hospital, and she was released.

On July 25, a dog owner reported a black poodle attacked her small dog and bit him on the neck while she was walking her dog on Vernon Road July 25. The dog did not sustain any serious injuries. The owner wanted to report the matter for documentation purposes only.
A raccoon was stuck inside a garbage can on Mamaroneck Road July 27. Police helped release the animal and made sure it made its way to a safe location away from the public.

Village code
Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered leaf blowers on Circle Road July 24, Overhill Road July 25 and Tompkins Road July 27.

After neighbors complained about noise, police asked a Mamaroneck Road resident to lower the volume of music playing at his house around 11:30 p.m., July 25.

People were outside around a pool making noise in a Dickel Road backyard around 4:40 a.m., July 26. Patrol advised them of village noise ordinances, and the people went inside.

Garden Road kids were asked to lower the volume of outdoor music July 28.

Lost and found
A lost Ralph Lauren wallet was found at Popham and Overhill roads July 23. It did not contain any identifying information.

A wallet found on the train was brought to police July 25. Police attempted to locate the owner and vouchered the wallet for safekeeping.

A woman reported losing her smart phone somewhere in the village July 26. She last saw the phone in the vicinity of East Parkway and Spencer Place.

A person found a key and lanyard near the curb on Tunstall Road July 26. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

On July 24, turned off a water spigot that had been accidentally left on, allowing water to infiltrate the basement. Firefighters opened a trap in the basement to allow the water to drain out.

On July 24, firefighters found a tripped breaker in the basement panel at an Edgewood Road house, with residents reporting a burning odor in the garage. The odor was traced to an overheated sump pump in the basement. The sump pump was unplugged, and the homeowner was advised to contact a plumber to replace the pump.

On July 24, firefighters helped drain water from a Hillview Drive basement due to a sump pump not working. The house trap was opened to allow approximately four inches of water to drain.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident at Post and Kingston roads July 26.

On July 26, an odor and clicking sound were reported to be coming from a Fox Meadow Road stove. Upon arrival, firefighters found the stove clicking but unable to be lit. Firefighters disconnected power and gas to the stove, and they advised homeowner to call for repair.

This report covering police and fire department activity from July 22-28 has been compiled from official information.

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WigPolice were called to a Boniface Circle store on a report of shoplifting in progress July 10. Employees who reported the matter stated two slim, dark-skinned women wearing wigs were taking merchandise and placing them beneath their skirts. When police entered the store, the suspects left, dropping some items in the hallway lobby of the Harwood Building. The suspects were observed going up in an elevator, and police began to search the building. Police located the suspects in the third floor stairwell. The suspects dropped the stolen merchandise and ran down the stairs and through an exit onto Chase Road. Police stopped the suspects on Chase Road in front of their car. In the midst of fleeing, the suspects had discarded all of the stolen items, and one suspect had removed her wig and changes from a purple dress to pair of black leggings and a white T-shirt in an attempt to change her appearance. The manager of the Boniface Store was satisfied that all of the stolen property had been returned and did not wish to pursue charges. One of the suspects had an active arrest warrant out of New York City for petit larceny. NYPD was notified but stated it did not want to pick up the suspect and execute the arrest warrant. Both suspects were advised they were no longer welcome in the store and were released. The total amount of stolen items, which were recovered, was $877.86.

DWI arrest
At 6:37 a.m., July 11, a parks and recreation employee reported a suspicious young man in a parked car at Supply Field July 12. The man was with a young woman and they were observed by witnesses to be “acting erratically” and had reportedly pulled into the parking lot and asked the employee for help. Police arrived on scene and the man – Christian Castillo, 21, of Stamford – said he was drunk and had parked his car so he did not have to drive. He also told police his license was suspended. While speaking with Castillo, police detected a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Castillo agreed to an alco-sensor pre-screening test, which indicated the presence of alcohol on his breath. At headquarters, a Datamaster test measured Castillo’s blood alcohol at .16. A computer check of Castillo’s pedigree information indicated that Castillo had a suspended driver’s license in New York State, and it also revealed an active warrant from West Virginia with no extradition (in-state pickup only). Upon searching Castillo’s car, police found marijuana and THC oil cartridges. Castillo was charged with driving while intoxicated (first offense), operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08 of one percent of alcohol or more (first offense), criminal possession of a controlled substance, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver and unlawful possession of marijuana. Castillo was released on $200 cash bail and issued an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court on July 17.

Restriction violation arrest
On July 12, Police noticed a driver not wearing a seatbelt at Mamaroneck and Post roads. Patrol circled around and conducted a traffic stop. The driver – Nagazaki Iturriaga, 36, of Scarsdale – presented police a passport and told officers that he did not have a driver’s license. The license had been revoked and had active suspensions for failure to pay a driver responsibility test, driving while ability impaired by alcohol, refusal to submit to a chemical test and failure to answer a summons. A further check revealed that an ignition interlock device restriction had been placed on Iturriaga’s license. Iturriaga was driving his girlfriend’s car, which was not equipped with a device. This meant Iturriaga was in violation of the restriction. Iturriaga was placed under arrested and charged with circumventing an interlock device, operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver, second-degree unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and a seat belt violation. Police notified the Westchester County probations department since Iturriaga was on probation. Iturriaga was released on $100 cash bail and issued an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court on July 17.

Arrest on warrant
On July 9, a caller reported two male solicitors, attempting to sell window and roof repairs, on Potter Road. Police went to the scene and saw two men wearing fluorescent vests in a car. Police spoke with them, and the men stated they had been soliciting in the area. They presented a valid permit. However, police pointed out they were soliciting outside of the permitted time period. Upon checking the men’s IDs, police discovered one of the men – Steven Elliot Garner, 30, of Staten Island – had an active bench warrant out of Orange County. The warrant was for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. Dispatch notified the Orange County Sheriff’s office, and that agency wished to extradite Garner. Scarsdale police held Garner until Orange County police picked him up.

Bail jumping arrest
On July 10, police processed the arrest of Erika Mollin, 45, of Scarsdale, on a charge of third-degree bail jumping on one charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance and various vehicle and traffic charges. Mollin was being held at Westchester County Jail on various charges from other jurisdictions. Scarsdale police picked her up and brought her to headquarters and Scarsdale Village Justice Court for arraignment. She was ordered to pay $1 bail and was transported back to Westchester County Jail.

On July 9, a Ridgecrest East woman reported approximately $500 cash and various items had been stolen from her house sometime between July 3-8. The stolen items included five credit cards, two car keys, three rings, three tie clips, one pair of cufflinks, a gold pocket watch with a chain, a Tiffany watch, 60 assorted coins, a fine leather pouch and a blue nylon bag. Police are following up.

On July 10, a Popham Road store manager reported a customer put a box of razor blades into her bag without paying for it July 10. Police confronted the 22-year-old Yonkers woman outside the store. She admitted to placing a box of Skintimate razor blades into her bag and gave them to police. The store manager agreed to refrain from pressing charges as long as the woman paid for the razor blades and agreed to never return to the store. The total cost of the razor blades was $8.90. Police stood by while the woman paid for the razor blades.

On July 12, a Palmer Avenue woman reported her son’s $900 trumpet was stolen from Heathcote School on June 6.

ID theft
On July 8, a Griffen Avenue resident reported her credit card had been fraudulently used to purchase goods totaling approximately $140.

On July 9, a Cooper Road man reported that unauthorized accounts had been fraudulently applied for in his name. He learned of the attempts after receiving calls and letters from the credit card departments of Chase Bank and Bank of America. The man told the bank representatives that he had not applied for either card. Additionally, the post office is conducting an investigation into an unknown individual who attempted to divert mail from the man’s address to another address. The man believes the incidents are related.

On July 13, an Old Lyme Road man reported money had been stolen from his TD Bank account through multiple fraudulent debits totaling $10,300. A pending fraudulent purchase in the amount of $1,700 was also detected. According to TD bank employees, a person presented an ID in the man’s name and made the withdrawals at two banks in New Jersey.

Car break-in
On July 14, a Carman Road woman reported someone entered two parked cars in her driveway the previous night and tossed the interiors. She did not believe anything had been stolen from the cars. Additionally, a birdbath had been moved from behind the woman’s house and repositioned in front of one of the cars.

TurkeyTom the Turkey seen in a yard on Tompkins RdMystery solved
A Richbell Road resident believed six chairs, a lamp and a TV had been stolen from her house sometime in the past. On July 9, she consulted with police who examined her house and found some of the missing items near the locations where the resident had last seen them. The resident called her housekeeper regarding the remaining items still purported to be missing, and the housekeeper said she had never seen those items. The resident told police that “the mystery had been solved” and police services were no longer needed.

Welfare check
On July 11, police checked the welfare of a woman visiting a Richbell Close from China. She was OK.

Cell phone
A woman accidentally dropped her cell phone down into a sewer grate on Boniface Circle July 11.

Road rage
A 28-year-old Eastchester driver came to headquarters and reported that someone in another car ran him off the road, on Post Road and Boulevard, and proceeded to spray him with a fire extinguisher July 10. A 24-year-old female passenger, from Thornwood, also got sprayed by the fire extinguisher. The driver of the other car who allegedly engaged in the aggressive behavior was a 46-year-old Brooklyn man. Police interviewed all parties, and no one wished to pursue criminal charges.

Cars and roadways
A woman in a black Jeep was staring at a man who had parked his car in a parking space “where she liked to park” in the Wilgrin parking lot July 5. The man refused to move and the woman’s actions were making his feel uncomfortable. On July 8, the man reported the incident to police for documentation purposes.

A truck driver knocked down a sign at the northbound entrance to the Hutchinson River Parkway on Weaver Street and the Hutchinson River Parkway July 8.

Police issued parking summonses to the driver of a moving truck parking across two driveways and in front of a fire hydrant July 9.

Police put caution tape on a fallen cable wire on Scarsdale Avenue and notified the cable company for repair July 9.

Police notified the water department about a water leak on Griffen Avenue July 9.

Police helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street July 10 and 13.

Police issued summonses to the drivers of a truck illegally parked on Christie Place and a car partially blocking a driveway on Brewster Road July 10.

The highway department removed a fallen tree from Bypass July 11.

Police helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street July 11.

Police closed a section of Post Road while a large truck maneuvered its way out of a driveway July 11. Police noticed the truck left indentations in the roadway and notified the highway department.

On July 12, police notified the highway department about a deer carcass by the side of Mamaroneck Road. Highway workers removed it.

The driver of an illegally parked car on Freightway Road received a summons from police July 12.

The water department was notified about a water main break on Fayette Road July 13.

Eight car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Village code violations
Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered leaf blowers on Lincoln Road July 8, Morris Lane and Popham Road July 9, Church Lane and Post Road July 10 and Ogden Road and Walworth Avenue July 12.

On July 11, police gave trappers’ contact information to a Whig Road resident who complained of two raccoons near a basement window well.

Police issued a summons to the owner of a dog on Brambach Road due to repeated noise complaints about the dog’s loud barking, which police also observed.

Lost and found
A Quaker Ridge resident reported losing a set of car and house keys somewhere in the village July 14.

This week firefighters responded to 17 calls. Details of some incidents are listed below.

Firefighters assisted a Morris Lane daughter get back inside her house after she was accidentally locked out July 8.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a water leak near a gas connection on Wakefield Road July 8.

On July 9, firefighters assisted at a car accident at Post and Mamaroneck roads.

Firefighters were called to a group home on Post Road on a report of an extinguished fire near the house July 9. There, firefighters found a smoldering pile of cardboard, the remains of a folding cot and a mirror. The fire caused discoloration to the exterior stucco of the house. No source of ignition was found. Firefighters confirmed there was no extension of the fire into the structure of the house, and they hosed down the area.

On July 13, firefighters mitigated a leak in a Brewster Road house and shut down electrical connections to fixtures that were affected by the dripping water.

This report covering police and fire department activity from July 8-14 has been compiled from official information.

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