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Police Report: Squatter Discovered in Popham Road Apartment and Kids Covered in Flour Found in Playground

A white man with blonde hair, approximately 25 years old with facial hair and green eyes, was squatting in a vacant Popham Road apartment according to building management April 29. He left through a window when workers renovating the apartment arrived.

A Catherine Road homeowner reported that books containing business contact phone numbers were stolen from his house sometime between May 1 and 2. The books had no monetary value, he said.

Police offered assistance to a homeless man on Depot Place May 1. He refused. Police advised him about trespassing laws.

Identity theft and scams
On May 1, a Walworth Avenue man reported that a business loan for “Covid disaster” was taken out in his name by an unknown person.

On May 3, a Hutchinson Avenue man reported that he was contacted by an individual claiming to be with the US Customs and Border Patrol. This individual stated that an unknown party was opening bank accounts and buying properties in Texas using his personal identifying information. The man was then transferred to an individual who claimed to be with the US Treasury Department. He was then instructed to deposit money into a Bitcoin ATM. The listed party did not comply with this request and was not defrauded of any monetary assets.

Disorderly conduct
A caller reported a man yelling at Chase Road post office workers and ripping up boxes April 29. Patrol spoke to two postal employees at the front counter. At first they were unaware of the complaint, but then they remembered a customer that was upset about boxes that were mislabeled. They stated that the customer left without incident, and they wished no further police action.

Police assisted library employees inform a customer that he was no longer welcome in the library April 29. Police gave the customer a trespassing warning.

Police checked the welfare of a Penn Boulevard couple at the request of a concerned neighbor April 29. The couple was OK.

A man was reportedly sitting on a Morris Lane lawn and walking around the homeowner’s property May 2. The man left the scene before police arrived.

Cars and roadways
Police ticketed a car for parking in a handicap designated spot without permission May 1.
On May 2, a caller reported an aggressive driver at Heathcote School.
On May 5, police contacted Verizon about a branch on communication wires over Brite Avenue and Chesterfield Road.
Police ticketed a car parked in the wrong direction several feet from the curb on Graham Road May 5.

Civil matters
On April 30, a Windmill Circle resident reported his car was struck by a rock kicked up by landscaping equipment. The rock shattered one of his car’s windows. Police contacted the landscaper to advise of the damage.

Police were called to intervene in a dispute over labor and payment between a Saxon Woods Road resident and a gardener May 1.

On May 3, police were called about an ongoing issue involving neighbors who share a driveway on Brewster Road. They have had multiple disputes about where their vehicles can be parked. On May 3, one neighbor reported that the other neighbor placed signs stating to "Stop Stealing Your Neighbor's Property" on his vehicle and front door. The signs were removed prior to reporting and did not cause any damage upon their removal. This other neighbor also reportedly placed cones on her property that fell over onto his property, again not causing any damage. He further stated that the other neighbor also removed lights that he had placed near the property line and put the lights on his property. Police advised the reporting neighbor party to not further perpetuate the back-and-forth antagonistic activities over the property line and easement. The reporting neighbor was informed that this matter is civil in nature and should be reported with the court. Additionally, patrol recommended getting a fence, where possible, to mitigate any future dispute over the property line.

A dead cat was reported on Fox Meadow Road April 30. Police informed the highway department.

Police issued a summons to a Coralyn Road dog owner because the dog was outside and barking inn excess of 15 minutes, which patrol verified by an in-person visit to the location May 1.

A lost dog was reported to be roaming on Mamaroneck Road May 1. It ran off before police arrived.

A caller reported being bitten by a dog while walking on Heathcote Road May 5. The dog’s owners offered their information at the time, but she refused it. The caller received medical attention and called police to see if the dog’s owners had contacted police to provide their information. The call log was checked, and no such call occurred. The caller refused the offer of an officer to respond to her residence and stated she believes she will run into the dog’s owners again to get their information.

Village code
On April 29, police removed illegally posted signs from Mamaroneck Road and Fenimore Road and discarded them. Summonses were issued.

A Rock Creek Lane homeowner was using a “shop vac” to vacuum a pool liner April 29. A neighbor complained of noise. The homeowner unplugged the vac after police informed him of the noise complaint.

On April 30, police removed illegally posted signs from Heathcote Road and Paddington Road – and discarded them.

Police issued Aspen Road workers for starting noisy work before 8 a.m., April 30.

On May 1, a real estate sign on Heathcote Road was moved to be in compliance with Village code.

Police entered a recently sold and unoccupied Nelson Road house to silence an alarm May 2. A summons was issued.

In May 4, signs on Franklin Road, Reimer Road and Murray Hill Road were moved to be in compliance with Village code.

A caller complained of loud youths on Brewster Road after midnight May 5. Patrol responded to the listed location and observed a group of youths in a playground. The youths were covered in flour for some sort of class prank. Patrol instructed the youths to clean up after themselves. Patrol stayed and observed the parties clean up and leave without incident.

Lost and found
On May 2, a Mamaroneck Road resident reported losing a disability permit hangtag.

A Winslow Place man reported his daughter mailed him old license plates from California, and he never received the package, causing him to report the plates as lost on May 5.

A man reported losing a jeweler’s roll of jewelry on the northbound platform of the Scarsdale train station May 5.

On April 29, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of arcing wires on Murray Hill Road.

Wires were burning on Burgess Road April 29. Con Edison was requested. The burning lines dripped hot embers onto a brush area, causing a brush fire.

Firefighters used a hose to put out the ground fire. The fire caused minor damage to one wooden fence panel at a Burgess Road house.

On April 30, firefighters received a call for assistance at an Ardmore Road house to evaluate an alarm that has been beeping in the vicinity for "over a year." Upon investigation, crews observed a faint beeping sound originating from a Lebanon Road house. Crews discussed the sound with the resident of the house who assisted members in identifying the audio as an error alarm originating from an out of service Jacuzzi pump. The resident disconnected power, and the alarm terminated.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on Weaver Street April 30.

A Fenimore Road resident reported a cat in a tree May 1. Firefighters advised the resident to put food at the base of the tree to lure the cat out of the tree.

Firefighters cleaned spilled fluids from East Parkway following an accident May 1.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on East Parkway May 1.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on Crane Road May 2.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway May 2.

Firefighters helped remove a person stuck in an elevator on Weaver Street May 3.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on Haverford Avenue May 3.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway May 4.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on Hutchinson Avenue May 5.

This report covering police and fire department activity from April 29 – May 5 has been compiled from official information.

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