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It’s almost August, so you know what that means- college is right around the corner! Kids have already started packing, and first-year students have started buying the dorm essentials. We all know what the dorm basics are: sheets, towels, extension cords, and more. But don’t you want your dorm room to have a little flair? Here are five things that I think are the un-official college essentials for a cool dorm room.

StringLightsString Lights
String lights are a great way to brighten up your room while still keeping it cute! Hang them around your headboard, on your wall, or on the ceiling around the perimeter of your room. For an extra touch, hang photos off of them! You can also look for different shapes, colors, and sizes. Buy some here.



WashiTapeWashi Tape
Looking for fun, temporary room décor? Washi tape is your best friend. A type of colorful masking tape, Washi tape is perfect for your dorm room because it doesn’t leave any sticky residue on your walls. Use it for pictures, posters, or even just on its own to make fun designs. It comes in so many patterns and colors, you’re sure to find some to fit your room’s theme or your school’s colors. Buy some here.



CustomDecorCustom Décor
Lots of teens are making money these days running custom college item businesses on Instagram. You can purchase decorations or apparel for almost any college. One popular item is a custom-drawn canvas. Each canvas has symbols and motifs of whatever you want, from your school to your favorite tv show. It can be a little glimpse into your personality. Since everything is custom made, the possibilities are endless- just poke around on Instagram until you find the perfect thing for your dorm. Buy some here.


A tapestry is one of the easiest ways to transform a boring dorm wall into something cute. There are tons of patterns out there, and you can always switch it up if you decide it’s not your speed. It can also be a great background for pictures in your dorm. Make sure to check with your college beforehand, though. Some schools don’t allow tapestries, since they can be a fire hazard. Buy some here.



SaltLampSalt Lamps
One thing you’ll have to leave behind when you go off to college is your candle collection. Still looking for a relaxing light source with the ambiance of a candle? Try a crystal salt lamp! The look of is gorgeous and mellow. Also, there are said to be health benefits of being around them. Studies claim that these lamps can raise energy, improve sleep, and promote concentration and relaxation. Find one for your desk, and sit back and let it relax you! Buy some here.




For some more great dorm supplies, check these websites out:
Pottery Barn Teen- Dorm
Bed Bath & Beyond- Dorm
Target- Dorm

yesLights or no lights … that is the question. We conducted a reader survey of views on the installation of lights at Butler Field at Scarsdale High School and we thank the 341 respondents for participating.

The poll remains open, but as of Sunday July 14, the poll shows that 78.5% of respondents favor the proposal.

Here is an analysis of the data:

Yes or no? Among the 341 responses received, 78.5% favor the proposal.

Male or female? The respondents were equally mixed among men and women.

Kids in school? 78.0% of respondents reported that they currently have children attending the schools.

Asked where the lived, here is what we learned:

Edgewood 19.0%
Fox Meadow 35.4%
Greenacres 18.4%
Heathcote 15.5%
Quaker Ridge 11.1%

A few interesting statistics emerged from our analysis.

Among those who said “Yes” to the proposal, here is the approval rate by neighborhood:

Edgewood 89.2% yes
Fox Meadow 71.9% yes
Greenacres 87.3% yes
Heathcote 75.4% yes
Quaker Ridge 73.6% yes

The proposal received bigger support among those with children in the schools than empty nesters.

84.2% of those with children in the school favor the lights
59.4% of empty nesters said “YES”

Men favored the proposal more strongly than women:

82.3% of men support the proposal
75.5% of women support the proposal

The proposal now stands before the Scarsdale Village Planning Board who will meet on Wednesday July 31 to review the plans in light of Village zoning code.

Keep in mind that this survey does not represent the views of all residents – it is only an indication of the opinions of those who chose to respond.

Thanks to those who participated. If you still wish to vote, click here: And for a summary of the pros and cons read our article here.

If you have comments on the plan, please enter them in the comments section below.

LLPacificPacific Division Blue RocksA fun-filled Super Saturday of activities and games was held on June 15 at Crossway fields by Scarsdale Little League. The day featured championship games in three divisions: The Raptors won the Atlantic Division (mostly fifth and sixth graders), the Blue Rocks won the Pacific Division (mostly fourth graders), and the Lake Monsters won the Third Grade Division. Additionally, Zane Kohn won the Scoop Shop Home Run Derby, before joining select Atlantic Division players in an All Star Game. The day concluded with the SLL Board winning a close softball game against the SLL coaches.

atlantic division champion raptorsAtlantic Division Champion RaptorsThroughout the day, players were honored for three different annual awards. The Kindergarten Sportsmanship Award winners were Benjamin Maibrunn, Lisa Frankel, Siru Huang, Gavin Roth, Zachary Gabin, Blake Dubbs, Hudson Beller, Ethan Rubino and Nico Polak. The Michael Ludwig Sportsmanship Award winner (for 4th graders) was Ozan Kopelman. Other nominees were Jai Chandarana, Bennett Klurfeld, Eduardo Lima and Leo Stiel. The Paul U. Jimenez Inspirational Award winner (for Atlantic players) was Matthew Bochner. Other nominees were Cary Haftel, Alex Horner, Oliver Kaiden and Dylan Pai.

Super Saturday also featured a video game truck, petting zoo, bouncy castle, batting cages, Atlantic and Pacific Division third place games, and a variety of food options. Sixth grader Annalise Corey kicked off the festivities singing the national anthem before the Atlantic Division championship and singing it again before the Pacific Division championship.
LakeMonstersThird Grade Champions: Lake Monsters

atlantic league all starsAtlantic League All Stars

JulyFour7Patrons flocked to the Scarsdale Municipal Pool for a full day of fun and festivities on the Fourth of July. From 12 to 5, the pool complex held a carnival for all and also different competitions and activities for the kids throughout the day. Included in the activities were parent-child relay races, kickboard races, and the penny hunt in the intermediate pool. By the basketball court and gaga pit, there was a blowup obstacle course for kids to play in. There was also a face painting station run by the lifeguards, for anyone to get a fun design. Strolling around the complex were Uncle Sam himself and Chase from the show “Paw Patrol”. On a beautiful and hot day, the carnival was perfect for families and kids to enjoy themselves.

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iCanBikeBiking is such a summer staple activity, especially here in Westchester. However, it’s an activity that most people take for granted. Although it’s usually considered to be a basic skill that all kids learn, many people with disabilities go their whole lives without taking a ride. This summer, Scarsdale High School rising junior Natalie Schonfeld is working to change that. Natalie is pairing up with iCan Shine, a non-profit organization which works to improve the lives of people with disabilities. The organization offers three programs, iCan Bike, iCan Swim, and iCan Dance, and pairs with hosts to run these programs across the country. Natalie is the host of the iCan Bike program which will be held in Yonkers over the summer. The program runs for 5 days, and each day the participants attend a 75 minute session. By the end of the camp, about 80% of the participants are able to ride a bike on their own.

Natalie first found out about iCan Shine from her cousin, who hosted her own camps for a few years in Massachusetts. Natalie volunteered at her cousin’s camp last year, which is what inspired her to become a host herself this summer. As host, she has a lot on her plate. Natalie is in charge of finding the space for the camp to be held, volunteers to help run everything, and most importantly the riders. As far as hosts go, Natalie is pretty young to be taking on all of the responsibility. However, she is devoted, and so far, everything is on track to be successful.

When asked what’s been the best part of the experience, Natalie said this:

“What’s been most enjoyable is the great response from campers’ families- which shows there really is a need for [iCan Bike] in lower Westchester. Although I know that once the camp begins, seeing campers improving their skills will be even better.”

To Natalie, it is such an incredible and rewarding experience to help these kids develop a new skill. As of now, she is still looking for volunteers. Anyone over the age of 15 who is looking for a way to help others over the summer should consider helping out at the camp for five days. To volunteer, enroll, or ask any questions, contact Natalie Schonfeld directly at

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