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zoomsederPolice Arrest Two for Trespassing and Possession of Forged Instruments:
Shortly before 10 p.m., April 9, a Meadow Road resident reported seeing two suspicious men on her property. The description of the men matched descriptions of men in a reported possible attempted burglary last week. Police responded to the scene and located a possible suspect sitting inside a parked car on Herkimer Road.

Police questioned the person, and as a result, the person – a 27-year-old Bronx man – was issued summonses for operating an unregistered motor vehicle, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver and operation of a motor vehicle without an inspection certificate. Patrol was additionally unable to identify the owner of the car, and the car was impounded.

A short time later, New Rochelle police observed two men running along Weaver Street. An aviation unit followed the men and directed ground units to Gatehouse Road where New Rochelle police stopped the men for questioning. According to a press release issued by Captain Ed Murphy, “[Because of] the fact that Scarsdale police had officer assigned to the area because of last week’s reports and the fact that residents contacted the police so quickly, the parties were able to be stopped and identified.”

On April 15, police announced that further investigation had resulted in the arrests of Emiljan Drekaj, 26, of Bronx NY, charged with Trespass and Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument 2nd Degree, a Class D Felony and Joland Gjeka, 22, of Bronx, NY, also charged with Trespass.

Car break-ins
On April 6, a Ferncliff Road man reported his wallet, containing $250 cash, his driver’s license and credit cards, had stolen from his car parked in his driveway sometime between April 4 and 6. Additionally, two cases of beer were stolen from the backseat.

On April 6, a second Ferncliff Road man reported three rolls of quarters were stolen from his unlocked parked car overnight.

On April 8, a Windmill Lane resident reported a person wearing dark pants and a gray hooded sweatshirt unsuccessfully attempted to break into his locked, parked car in his driveway at 4:30 a.m., April 8. A security doorbell camera captured the incident.

On April 8, a Fairview Road resident reported someone gained entry to two unlocked parked cars in her driveway overnight. The center consoles and glove boxes were tossed. Approximately $20 in quarters was stolen from one of the cars.

On April 8, a Windmill Circle resident reported someone broke into her unlocked parked car in her driveway overnight. The console and glove compartment had been rummaged through and their contents were left on the front seats of the car. Additionally, a key fob for the car had been removed from inside a compartment in the driver’s side door and placed under a doormat located at the side door of the resident’s house. A neighbor’s motion sensor detected motion outside the house around 4 a.m. Police are investigating.

An Oak Way woman’s handbag and two key fobs were stolen from inside her parked car, located in her driveway, April 8. The handbag contained $900 cash, credit cards and personal documents.

In the early morning hours of April 9, A Madison Road resident reported her doorbell surveillance camera captured footage of a man in a gray hoodie entering two unlocked parked cars in her driveway. The interiors of the cars were tossed, but nothing was taken. When she attempted to make verbal contact with the suspect, he fled the driveway and entered one of two parked cars – a dark SUV and a 4-door sedan – on the street. At that time, both cars left the scene. While investigating this incident, police noticed cars at one other house on the street, at least, had their dome lights on. Further investigation revealed the contents of consoles and glove boxes had been tossed. The owner of the cars, however, reported nothing had been stolen.

A Brite Avenue woman reported credit cards were stolen from her parked car in her driveway April 10. Approximately one dozen fraudulent charges – totaling $684.77 – were processed through one of the cards.

On April 10, a Brite Avenue woman reported a men’s jacket and loose change were stolen from two unlocked, parked cars, in her driveway, on April 8.

On April 9, an 85-year-old Murray Hill Road man reportedly died at home.

On April 11, around 10 p.m., patient at a Saxon Woods Road facility reportedly had no respiration and a low pulse. The patient – an 89-year-old man – was pronounced dead on arrival, by attending paramedics and police.

On April 11, at 11 p.m., a nurse at a Saxon Woods Road facility requested assistance with a 90-year-old female patient who needed medical attention. The patient was pronounced dead on arrival, by attending paramedics and police.

Stolen car
In April 8, a Park Road woman reported someone stole her 2018 Cadillac XT5 parked in her driveway overnight. Her groundskeeper had last driven the car, and the car keys had been left inside the car when it was parked.

Stolen items
On April 8, a Brite Avenue resident reported someone entered his open garage overnight and stole some items of minimal value.

On April 9, a Brite Avenue resident reported an Amazon package was delivered to her house and stolen approximately 12 minutes after it was dropped off. The resident is handling the loss through the Amazon retailer.

Identity theft
On April 9, a Paddington Road woman reported someone used her credit card to fraudulently purchase three pieces of furniture from an online retailer. Two additional orders were thwarted, due to the woman reporting the fraud, before delivery was made to an unknown address.

An Ogden Road caller reported that while hosting an online Passover meeting via Zoom, approximately six to nine unknown individuals hacked into the virtual session and were posting unwanted offensive and hateful messages and videos April 9. The Zoom meeting was not password protected and had been open to the public to join. The Westchester County D.A.’s office that handles hate crimes was notified about the incident. An investigation is ongoing.

Video spam
A Church Lane South woman reported receiving a disturbing video message, concerning the coronavirus pandemic, on her phone April 7. Police viewed the video and determined it was an Internet prank that the woman had misinterpreted. It did not contain any specific threats, criminal activity or suspicious behavior.

Welfare check
Police conducted a welfare check of an 87-year-old Post Road resident April 9. The resident was OK.

On April 12, a Carthage Road woman asked police to check the welfare of an Instacart driver who had delivered groceries to her house an hour ago and then went back to his car and not left her driveway. Police checked on the man and found him sleeping. He indicated he was tired and fell asleep after making the delivery. Police checked his license and determined it was not valid. He was issued a summons and was told to park his car on street. He called an Uber to be driven home, and he called a licensed driver to come and pick up his car.

Neighbors asked police to check the welfare of Quaker Ridge residents, at a house where mail and packages were piling up outside, April 12. Police went to the house and found it to be apparently unoccupied. They moved the delivery boxes and newspapers away from the front of the house to a side door, so as not to attract attention and possible criminality.

A Brite Avenue resident reported a drone flew onto his property, near his doorstep, at 2 a.m., April 8.

A Dunham Road resident received a letter in the mail from an unknown person April 8. The letter was not addressed to anyone specifically. It had a return address from New Rochelle. It contained offensive language. Police advised the resident to report it to the U.S. Postal Service.

Suspicious activity
A Post Road woman reported seeing two men outside her house taking photos with a flash around 2:20 a.m., April 11. One was wearing dark colored sweatshirt, and one appeared to be white, wearing a black hat and black outfit. The men continued walking in the direction of White Plains after they apparently took photos, the woman said.

Social distancing
Police dispersed a gathering of kids from Wayside Lane and informed them that school fields and playgrounds were closed April 7.

A group of teens was sunbathing behind Heathcote School on Palmer Avenue April 7. Police admonished them and dispersed them.

Police advised four kids playing basketball at Greenacres School that the court and school grounds were closed April 7. The kids dispersed.

People gathering around a parked car on Tisdale Road were not practicing social distancing April 8. Police admonished and dispersed them.

On April 9, police dispersed three people from Butler Field.

Police dispersed kids from a basketball court at Edgewood School and told them it was closed April 11.

Police observed a group of kids riding bikes on Fox Meadow Road, but they appeared to be practicing social distancing April 11.

Police dispersed a group of skateboarders on Brewster Road April 11.

Police dispersed a large group of people, not following social distancing orders, on fields and a playground on Mamaroneck Road April 11. Police informed the people that the area was closed. Later that day, police dispersed more kids from Mamaroneck Road fields.

Police used the public address system of a patrol car to inform basketball players that all Village courts, parks, fields and playgrounds were closed April 11. The players left the area as per police instruction.

Police dispersed a gathering of people outside an Oak Lane house April 12. The homeowner said it was a drive-by birthday party. Police reminded her of social distancing precautions.

Governor’s orders
Police responded to a Wheelock Road construction site where they encountered one plumber working on site April 6. The plumber said he was aware of Governor Cuomo’s orders involving non-essential work. He said the plumbing repair was necessary and affirmed he was the only worker on site.

On April 6, police checked a Lenox Place construction site. Only one worker was there, performing essential repair work. The single worker said he understood that no one else was permitted to be on the job site.

Police confirmed that work being performed at Copper Beech Lane and Weaver Street was, in fact, essential April 7.

Landscaping work being performed on Pinecrest and Sherbrooke roads on April 7 was deemed to be essential.

On April 9, police reminded two workers at a White Road construction site that no more than one worker was permitted to be at a necessary construction site at a time, as per Governor Cuomo’s orders. Both workers suspended work and left the scene.

Cars and roadways
On April 8, police informed Verizon that a telecommunications wire had fallen on Griffen Avenue.

On April 8, police informed Verizon about a fallen wire on Walworth Avenue.

Police taped off an area of Garth Road around a fallen streetlight April 8. The highway department was notified for repair.

A sewage backup was reported on Tunstall Road April 9. The highway department was notified.

Verizon was notified about fallen wires on Heathcote Road April 9.

A concerned caller reported a dangling tree branch on Brambach Road April 10. The homeowner stated he had been trimming tree branches but stopped due to high winds. He said he would finish cutting down the branch after the wind subsided. Police determined the branch was secure and did not pose an immediate threat.
A caller reported a dead squirrel on the ramp of the Bronx River Parkway near Fenimore Road April 11. Police notified Westchester County Police.

A suspended plastic exit sign was discovered to have been knocked down from the ceiling of Christie Place garage April 11. The highway department was notified for repair.

Police informed Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Lee Road April 11.
A disabled car was parked on Fox Meadow Road April 11. Police contacted the owner via a phone number left on a dashboard note. The owner said he would return to pick up the car in approximately 30 minutes.

No car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

On April 7, police reunited a lost dog found on Franklin Road with its owner.

On April 7, a Brambach Road resident picked up a neighbor’s dog that had wandered loose onto his property. Police advised the resident to contact New Rochelle Humane Society.

Police received a complaint about a barking dog on Meadow Road April 11. Police contacted the owner, who said he would bring his dog inside.

A Saxon Woods Road resident reported having a verbal dispute with a man walking an unleashed dog in the woods near his house April 12. The man and dog left before police arrived.

A deer caught in a Richbell Road fence was making unusual noises reported by a homeowner at 1 a.m., April 13. Police managed to free the deer unharmed.

Lost and found
A passerby found a credit card on Greenacres Avenue April 11. Police contacted the owner for pickup at headquarters.

According to Fire Captain James Seymour, firefighters responded to 18 incidents last week.

On April 8, firefighters assisted with a rollover car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On April 9, firefighters assisted Hartsdale Fire Department with a smoke scare inside a multiple-story building.

On April 11, firefighters investigated a reported odor in a Rectory Lane house. The odor was determined to be a “slight basement or sewer odor.” Firefighters were unable to locate the source. They ran water in all sinks and showers, and they ventilated the area. Firefighters advised the homeowner to call if the odor returns or consult with a plumber, due to past sewage problems.

On April 12, firefighters used a fan to ventilate a Lee Road house due to a natural gas odor and carbon monoxide. Com Edison was already on scene addressing gas leaks at the boiler and at a curb valve.

This report covering police and fire department activity from April 6-12 is being compiled from official information.

constructionIt appears that many construction companies attempted to get around the ban on construction by claiming their work sites were unsafe to leave as is. See below:

Non-essential or essential activity?

Police informed construction workers at a Mamaroneck Road job site that they could only perform essential work March 30. The workers said they were performing roof work for waterproofing safety reasons and would finish within 24 hours.

Construction workers at a Brown Road site said they were only performing work to make the site safe March 30.

Construction work at a Lenox Place house was permitted to continue because the general contractor confirmed that the house was going to be used as a home-based medical office March 30. On March 31, police returned to the site and informed workers to make the site safe, since all non-essential work would be suspended, as per Governor Cuomo’s executive orders, the next day. On April 1, police again found workers on the site. They said they were unaware of the executive orders and had shown up to receive a delivery. They vacated the site after police instructed them to leave.

Construction workers were told to cease work at a Hickory Lane house March 30. Workers told police the house would be unsafe to leave as is. They said they would stop work once the house was safe.

Construction workers were told to cease work at an Olmsted Road house March 30. Workers told police the house would be unsafe to leave as is. They said they would stop work once the house was safe. Police cautioned them to use social distancing while finishing up the necessary work.

A toilet was reported to be out of order in an East Parkway location March 30. A Maintenance employee temporarily fixed the toilet but said a broken valve needed to be replaced.

Police informed construction workers at a Morris Lane job site that they could only perform essential work March 31. The workers said they were performing roof work for waterproofing safety reasons. Police confirmed this with Village Hall. Village Hall also said that all work needed to be completed by the next day.discardedgloveReaders have noted many discarded gloves littering our streets. Please pick up your refuse!

On April 2, a Parkfield Road tenant reported his landlord was sending over a plumber to fix a leak in the house without his permission. The tenant said he did not want anyone in the house due to social distancing precautions related to the current pandemic. Police called the landlord and said she was not allowed to enter the house or send a tradesman to the house without the tenant’s permission. She said she would call her lawyer and attempt to get a court order to make the repair.

After a resident complained about two people blasting music from a parked car on Valley Road, near Red Maple Swamp, April 3, police spoke to the driver and passenger. They said they were out talking and listening to music. Police advised them to comply with Governor Cuomo’s orders and shelter in place at home, as their activity was not essential. The driver and passenger complied with police instruction and left the scene.

Police were also very busy chasing residents away from the fields, tracks and playgrounds:

Social distancing

Police used a patrol car’s public address system to clear approximately 12 people from the Scarsdale High School track and inform them that school grounds were closed March 30. Later that day, police returned to the track and dispersed three more people from the closed grounds.

Police received reports of parents and children using playgrounds April 1. Police patrolled the playgrounds for enforcement, but the alleged offenders were already gone.

Police used a patrol car’s public address system to clear people from the Scarsdale High School track and a basketball court on Wayside Lane and to inform them that school grounds were closed April 1.

Police used a patrol car’s public address system to clear people from the Scarsdale High School track and to inform them that school grounds were closed April 2.

Police were called to investigate a possible gathering on the fourth floor of an Overhill Road building April 3. Police checked the building and found only three people working there, and each was in a different office, this adhering to social distancing orders.

Police used a patrol car’s public address system to clear people from the Scarsdale High School track and to inform them that school grounds were closed April 3.

After a caller complained about a “massive crowd” inside an East Parkway essential store, police patrolled the store and determined that social distancing restrictions were being followed.

On April 4, police twice dispersed kids from the basketball courts and fields at Greenacres School on Huntington Avenue, informing them that all parks, fields, playgrounds and school grounds were closed.

Less than 10 members of Westchester Reform Temple gathered in the parking lot of the temple to let their children ride bicycles April 5. The adults were practicing social distancing, but they agreed to disperse and leave the scene.

Police dispersed a group of skateboarders from High School grounds April 5. They reportedly did not appear to be practicing social distancing.

Police told a group of kids that Edgewood School grounds – and all parks, fields, playgrounds and sports courts – were closed and dispersed them April 5.


An 87-year-old female resident of a Saxon Woods Road assisted living facility died at home April 1.

At 7:45 a.m., April 4, an Overlook Road resident reported her 93-year-old husband passed away at home.

Attempted car break-in

Around 9:20 p.m., a Greendale Road resident reported a man was attempting to break into his parked cars. The resident saw the man exit a parked a dark-colored BMW in the street and walk up his driveway. There, the man attempted to open the doors of two parked cars. Both cars were locked, and a motion sensor light illuminated. The man then walked back to his car and fled the scene. The suspect was described as a white man wearing a dark hoodie with fur on it.


On April 2, a Brookfield Lane resident reported receiving text messages from an unknown person in which the person attempted to solicit money from the resident. The resident only wanted police to document the incident.

Abandoned car

A Meadow Road resident noticed an unknown Honda CRV, without any license plates and with side damage, parked in her driveway April 1. Police called a tow company to remove the car and attempted to identify the owner from expired registration documents and track down a possible phone number from the police department in charge of the jurisdiction in which the car had been registered. Police called the number but did not reach anyone. Police also contacted neighboring jurisdictions to see if the car had been reported stolen, but there were no reports.


On April 1, two residents reported unknown individuals holding flashlights on their properties. The reports were made by residents who lived on Meadow Road and Penn Boulevard around 9 p.m. and 9:20 p.m.

On April 2, an Old Lyme Road resident told police someone opened a gate to his property and possibly attempted to gain access to his locked house, triggering an alarm activation April 1. No one was observed on the property.

On April 2, a Herkimer Road resident showed police video surveillance that captured an unknown car stopping on the street near the resident’s driveway, followed by an unknown man exiting the car and walking toward the resident’s house during the evening of April 1. At that moment the video cut off. There was no damage or signs of force to the house. Patrol forwarded the video to detectives for investigation.

A Dobbs Terrace resident reported three kids were on her lawn without her permission April 2. Police went to the scene and learned a kid had fallen off his bike and left the bike there while he tended to his injuries. While police were still on scene, the kids returned and picked up his bike.

An Old Lyme Road resident reported seeing a “suspicious” white man wearing a black jacket, hat and sunglasses walking around the neighborhood and “looking into windows” April 2. The resident said he sees the man on an almost daily basis. Police will increase monitoring of the area.

At 10 p.m., April 4, a Walworth Avenue woman reported seeing a person loitering around her parked car at the end of her driveway. When she went out to move her car, she called out to the person, and the person ran across her lawn and ducked behind a bush. Police arrived on scene and observed the person in the street. He appeared to have poor coordination and slurred speech. Patrol assisted the person by calling the person’s mother who arrived by taxi to pick up the person. They both returned to White Plains.


A man lying down on the sidewalk near the intersection of Post Road and Boulevard told police he was taking a nap at 2 p.m., April 5. After conversing with police, the man got up and left the area.

Cars and roadways
Police determined that two mattresses placed at the curb on Post Road were there for sanitation pickup April 1.

A plumber working in a Post Road house advised police that a sewage backup was
coming from the street April 4. The highway department was informed for response.


Police contacted New Rochelle Humane Society to pick up a loose bulldog found near the intersection of Crossway and Mamaroneck Road April 5.

A woman walking her dog and a second caller reported a possibly deceased cat near the intersection of Fenimore Road and Ridgecrest East April 5. Police notified the highway department.

A Fox Meadow Road resident found a loose bulldog on the street and secured the dog in his garage April 5. Police called New Rochelle Humane Society for pickup.

Lost and found

A woman found a wallet containing a driver’s license, five credit cards and miscellaneous papers at the high school track April 1. She gave it to police who contacted the owner for pickup. The owner said nothing was missing from the wallet.


According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 17 incidents in the Village during the reporting period. He shared the following details.

On March 31, firefighters shut down a malfunctioning oil-fired boiler in a Berkeley Road house using an emergency shut-off switch. They detected elevated levels of carbon monoxide inside the house and ventilated it. They advised the homeowner to repair the boiler before using it again.

On April 4, oven smoke was reported inside a Cushman Road house. During investigation, the homeowners reported arcing from the oven’s heating element.

Firefighters observed a broken heating element and no fire. They advised the homeowners to refrain from using the oven until it could be properly repaired.

On April 5, firefighters were called to a Saxon Woods Road house experiencing elevated levels of carbon monoxide. They discovered the source was a faulty boiler in the basement. Firefighters shut down the boiler and advised the homeowner to contact a repair service.

On April 5, firefighters used a dry chemical extinguisher to extinguish a small fire burning on top of the engine block on the passenger side of a car parked in the parking lot across from Fire Department Headquarters on Tompkins Road. Investigation determined the fire was caused by a buildup of leaves and brush, possibly even used an animal’s nest, under the hood. The driver of the car said he noticed the car had started to smoke and pulled into the parking lot near the fire station.

This report covering police and fire department activity from March 30 – April 5 has been compiled from official information.

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playgroundDomestic matter: A woman called police crying from Depot Place at 2:30 a.m., March 20. She told the dispatcher she had just left her house and had nowhere to go. When police arrived on scene, the woman said she had been involved in argument with her spouse and had left her house to avoid further confrontation. She said she needed assistance acquiring transportation to a family member’s house in the Bronx. Police stood by while the woman waited for a Lyft driver to arrive.

Social media

A Bradford Road woman reported someone fraudulently used her image on a social media site without her permission March 20. Police advised her it was a civil matter and recommended that she contact the social media site administrator and file a report.

Road rage

On March 16, a Cornell Street driver and another driver each reported an altercation incident that police categorized as road rage. The Cornell driver claimed that the other driver flashed his lights and honked his horn multiple times as she stopped in the road, without using a turn signal, in order to turn into her driveway. The other driver complained that the Cornell Street driver stopped suddenly in the road without signaling or moving. As a result, the Cornell Street driver got out of her car and had a verbal altercation with the other driver. She said she was tired of people using Cornell Street as a “cut through.” Police advised her that Cornell Street is a public connector road between Weaver Street in Scarsdale and Fenimore Road in Mamaroneck. Patrol advised her how she could direct her concerns to the traffic safety committee of Village Hall.

Cars and roadways

Police informed the highway department about a large branch hanging over the intersection of Heathcote and Sherbrooke roads March 16.

On March 17, 18 and 20, police helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street.

Parked cars were crowding a dead-end area of Lenox Place March 18. Police spoke with the drivers of the cars and advised them to park them in more suitable locations.

Police rolled up a loose wire on Garden Road and placed it by the curb for sanitation pickup March 18.

A fallen streetlight on Tisdale Road was determined to be a common occurrence due to poor structural integrity of the pole March 18. The highway department was consulted.

The water department was notified about a dislodged water cap in the street near the intersection of Claremont and Berkeley roads March 19.

Patrol asked the drivers of construction vehicles parked on Lenox Place to relocate their trucks to more suitable locations March 19.

Police moved a large rock from Saxon Woods Road and notified the highway department March 20.

A driver reported sustaining a flat tire after driving over a storm drain at Griffen Avenue and Mamaroneck Road March 20. Police called duty tow to change the tire and stood by until the tire was successfully changed.

Police notified the highway department about sewage backing up in a Richbell Road basement March 22.

On March 22, police notified the water department about water overflowing a catch basin on Secor Road.

Two car accidents were reported in the village during this reporting period.

Broken glass at school

A window appeared to have been broken on the Brewster Road side of Fox Meadow School, facing the playground, March 16. The small crack in the glass appeared to have been caused by impact from a ball. Police classified it as a non-crime incident. A school district employee was notified and made arrangements to board up the window until it could be repaired.

Village code

On March 20, police dispersed numerous people from a basketball courts and playground equipment at a village-owned playground on Boulevard.

On March 21 and 22, police dispersed people from the track and fields of Scarsdale High School.

After a neighbor complained, police advised Paddington Road landscapers to clean up any debris that might have blown into the neighbor’s yard March 22.

Police dispersed six lacrosse players from a Brewster Road field March 22.

On March 22, police dispersed people from the playground, basketball court and baseball field of Edgewood School.

Dog bite

On March 18, a Kingston Road woman reported that a dog bit her 15-year-old daughter on March 16 while her daughter was out alone walking in the area of Brewster and Huntington roads. The dog that bit the girl was a leashed black German Shepherd that was out for a walk with its owner. According to the daughter, the dog first grabbed her jacket with its mouth; then it bit her left thigh. The girl’s mother followed up with medical treatment for her daughter. Police contacted the owner of the dog and informed him that the dog must be quarantined, as per NYS Public Health Law. Additionally, the owner was required to submit vaccination records.

Lost and found

On March 16, a Boulevard woman reported losing her phone in the vicinity of the Popham Road CVS on March 14.


According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 21 incidents this week. He shared the following details.

On March 16, firefighters disconnected a faulty light ballast in the basement of a Barry Road house. The ballast was emitting a smoke odor, and firefighters recommended consulting an electrician to replace it.

On March 19, firefighters found that a non-working sump pump in a Copper Beech basement was causing approximately 2 inches of water to collect in a 600 square foot basement. Firefighters discovered a tripped breaker was causing the sump pump to fail. After the breaker was turned back on, further investigation revealed that one pump in the sump pit was working, but the other was burnt out. Firefighters unplugged the burnt-out pump and allowed the operational pump to begin clearing water from the basement.

On March 22, firefighters shut power to a leaking boiler in an Old Orchard Lane house and advised the homeowner to call a plumber for service.

This report covering police and fire department activity from March 16-22 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

Here is the list of park closures from Scarsdale Village:

In order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and to promote social distancing, the following Scarsdale Parks, Recreation and Conservation facilities are either closed or have modified use regulations, as follows:

All Parks and Public Spaces – No public gatherings. Passive and solitary recreational use of open facilities and spaces is authorized, but social distancing (6’between non-family members) is necessary.

Aspen Park – Playground closed; passive use area open with mandatory social distancing.

Boulder Brook Field – Sporting field is closed.

Brite Avenue Tennis – Tennis and Paddle Courts are closed.

Chase Park – Passive use authorized with mandatory social distancing.

Colonial Acres Park – Playground closed; passive area open with social distancing.

Corell Park – Playground closed; passive use area open with mandatory social distancing.

Crossway Complex – Fields 1,2,3,4,5, Tennis Courts, and Playground are all closed.

Davis Park – Playground closed; passive use area open with mandatory social distancing.

De Lima Park – Passive use authorized with mandatory social distancing.

George Field Park – Passive use authorized with mandatory social distancing.

Greenacres Playground – Playground closed.

Harwood Park & Library Pond – Passive use authorized with mandatory social distancing.

Hyatt Park – Athletic Fields, Playground, and Basketball Courts are all closed.

Memorial Garden – Passive use authorized with mandatory social distancing.

Red Maple Swamp – Passive use authorized with mandatory social distancing.

High School Tennis and Paddle Courts – Closed.

Middle School – Tennis courts are closed.

Municipal Pool Complex – Closed.

Scout Field/Willow Playground – Sporting field and playground are both closed.

Supply Field – Sporting fields are closed.

Weinberg Nature Center – Center is closed and programs are canceled; trails are open with mandatory distancing.

Winston Field – Sporting field is closed.

Wynmor Park – Tennis Court and Playground are both closed.

megaphoneIn order to enforce social distancing, police dispersed a group of teenage boys who were found to be playing basketball in a Boulevard park March 26. Later that evening, on Reynal Crossing, police came across a group of adults who were leaving a birthday party. Police admonished all of the adults for violating the current shelter in place order that has been issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic. All adults who had gathered for the party left the scene and returned to their respective houses.

On March 27, police dispersed numerous people, of various ages who had gathered on high school grounds to hang out and walk the track. Police re-tied barrier tape that had been placed in front of the entrance to the track and put warning cones back in place. Numerous signs were present, indicating that school fields are closed. About an hour later, police returned to the high school and found a group of teens on bicycles on the football field, not practicing social distancing and engaging in repairing one of the bicycles. Police reminded the teens about social distancing orders and the closure of school fields. They complied with police instruction and dispersed. For a third time on March 27, two hours after admonishing the bicycle riders, police returned to the high school to disperse people who had gathered there in violation of social distancing orders. Police used a patrol car’s public address system to make an announcement of dispersal. All people complied and left school grounds.

Dead on arrival
A 91-year-old Fenimore Road man passed away at home March 27.

On March 24, a lawyer based ion Scarsdale and Manhattan reported one of her clients was harassing her. She said she had been experiencing a poor client/attorney relationship with this client, and the client had been visiting her Manhattan office on a daily basis, attempting to discuss matters unrelated to the legal work being performed for him. Upon the onset of social distancing related to pandemic precautions, communication was performed through email. The attorney told police she was concerned about the client’s use of aggressive language in emails. Police advised her that this was a civil matter and also advised her to additionally report the matter to New York City police.

Assistance rendered
At 4:45 a.m., March 25, a Drake Road caller said he had been engaged with someone in an online video game who told the called he might get “swatted.” According to the caller, he had a disagreement with another gamer in a chat room, and that gamer said he would call the police and say that the caller had a hostage. This threat was not based in fact. The caller said he did not personally know the gamer, and the gamer might live in another country. Police advised the caller to avoid further contact with the unknown gamer.

Civil matter
A DeCicco’s Marketplace employee called police to report a civil incident regarding a Garth Road customer who failed to pay for a grocery delivery March 27. According to a store employee, the customer placed the order, for $88.65 worth of groceries, with the store manager. She told the manager she would pay for the groceries with a credit card or cash when the groceries were delivered. The store has made numerous calls to the customer to collect pay and the customer failed to call back. Police called the customer and left a message.

On March 28, police went to three construction sites – on Southwoods Lane and Mamaroneck and Brown roads – to disperse workers and enforce codes. Only the workers on Mamaroneck Road were allowed to continue working because they had received emergency permission from the building department to complete waterproofing efforts in an unfinished structure in order to keep the structure safe. The job foreman assured police that his workers understood they needed to practice social distancing while completing the work.

Cars and roadways
On March 23, police called a tow for a disabled vehicle at Mamaroneck Road and Crossway.

Police checked on a BMW parked in Freightway Garage with its engine running March 23. They contacted the registered owner who responded to the garage and turned off the car.

Police notified the water department about a possible water main break on Secor Road March 24.

Police notified Verizon about a low-hanging fiber-optic cable over Walworth Avenue March 24.

A person contacted AAA about a malfunctioning car alarm on Nelson Road, according to police, March 25.

The highway department was informed about a broken tree branch dangling over Quentin Road March 27.

A reported offensive odor on Tisdale Road was determined to be caused by wet mulch March 27.

A man making noise in his car parked on Greenacres Avenue, on March 28, was determined to be a food delivery driver who had pulled over to eat his own dinner after making a delivery. He was talking on the phone to a friend and did not realize the noise might have been disturbing nearby residents.
No car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Banging inside a Garth Road store, which was heard by the owner over CCTV monitoring, was determined to be caused by noise in heating pipes at 10:30 p.m., March 25.

On March 26, a Birchall Drive resident stated she caught a loose dog and was holding it at her house. Police provided her with the number of New Rochelle Humane Society.

On March 27, police encouraged a wild turkey to leave the roadway after a caller reported a turkey in the intersection of Kent and Fox Meadow roads. Thirty minutes later, the turkey was again seen in the roadway – this time, it was observed to be lying down. Police investigated the bird and deduced it was resting, as it appeared to be neither sick nor injured. With some encouragement, the turkey moved out of the roadway and went on its way.

Lost and found
A person walking in village center found a debit card on the ground and gave it to police for safekeeping March 26.

Fire Chief James Seymour reported that firefighters responded to 19 incidents during the reporting period. He shared the following details.

On March 28, firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On March 28, firefighters responded to a possible chimney fire at Brewster Road house. Upon arrival, the homeowner advised of sparks coming from the fireplace flue and smoke coming from an interior wall adjacent to the brick chimney. The homeowner also said he had extinguished a fire in the firebox prior to firefighters’ arrival. Firefighters determined the fire was out in the firebox, and they checked for extension in the walls of all three floors and basement. No extension was found. Firefighters advised to have the chimney and fireplace serviced before using it again.

On March 28, firefighters responded to Scarsdale Congregational Church for a reported problem with the stove. Upon arrival, a member said she had used the stove and was unsure if it was turned off properly, due to a malfunctioning knob. Firefighters checked to make sure stove function was off.

On March 29, firefighters assisted other agencies with a commercial restaurant fire on Central Avenue. Specifically, firefighters helped by laddering the affected building and setting up aerial equipment to fight the fire, which was located in the kitchen’s rooftop hood vent system.

This report covering police and fire department activity from March 23-29 has been compiled from official information.

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surveillancecameraArrested: Following a car accident at Fenimore Road and Walworth Avenue March 14, police determined one of the drivers showed signs of intoxication and administered field sobriety tests, which the driver failed. As a result, the driver – Brisey E. Burgos Osorio, 29, of the Bronx, was arrested. She was charged with driving while intoxicated (first offense) and aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol level of .18 or more with no priors. She was released on her own recognizance and issued an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court.

A Griffen Avenue resident reported seeing two individuals attempting to break into his house via video surveillance at 6:30 p.m., March 11. Security cameras captured images of the individuals inside the house. Upon patrol’s arrival to the house, the individuals were no longer there. They were observed fleeing through a rear patio door, via video captured by security cameras. It was determined that nothing was missing.

A person alleging to be a law enforcement official showed up at a Carthage Road woman’s house and scammed the woman out of $9,000 cash to supposedly bail her grandson out of jail following an alleged “accident” March 11. A caller who alleged to be a lawyer representing the grandson initially set up the scam.

ID theft
On March 12, a golf pro said someone hacked into his account and shipped eight sets of golf clubs to an unknown person without his permission. The combined cost of all the clubs was $7,761.61.

On March 15, a Secor Road resident reported her Sprint account had been fraudulently used for an unauthorized purchase of three tablets and two cell phones. The devices had reportedly been delivered to her address, but she never received them. She is following up with Sprint’s fraud department.

A Barry Road parent reported his son’s blue Metro mountain bicycle was stolen from outside Edgewood School March 11. It was valued at approximately $500. It was taken while the boy was playing with friends at the playground.

Campaign signs
A Fox Meadow Road resident reported a local campaign sign was stolen from her property March 9.

On March 13, a Tisdale Road resident reported 20 campaign signs were removed from her property and around the Village. Each sign was valued at $5, representing a theft of $100 in signs. The signs were allegedly stolen between March 7 and March 13.

Around 7 p.m., March 14, police received a call from a Mamaroneck Road man who had been cornered by a coyote while out walking his dog. Upon arrival, patrol scared the coyote away with his emergency lights and siren. Patrol further chased the coyote into the woods with the police car and the man and his dog were able to safely leave the scene. Patrol stayed in the area to make sure the coyote did not emerge again from the woods, which it did not.

Background check
On March 10, a Montrose Road woman reported a man came to her door and left a piece of paper requesting a callback regarding an alleged FBI background check for a federal government job. The paper appeared to be official and a review of video footage indicated nothing suspicious.nationalguard65 men and women from the National Guard cleaned and sanitized the JCCMW on Wilmot Road on March 16-17. Though nobody at the JCC tested positive for Covid19, the guard was brought in as a precaution.

On March 10, a Mamaroneck Road homeowner reported someone left a “bag with used tissues” in his yard, and he found it to be suspicious. Police examined the small bag of garbage and notified the sanitation department to retrieve and discard the bag.

A caller reported black garbage bags being thrown from the window of a Meadow Road house March 12. He felt this was suspicious because he thought no one was living in the house. Police investigated, and the new homeowner said he was in the process of working on the house and wanted to be efficient in getting bags of debris down to the driveway for disposal.

A Depot Place business manager called police to as for help in getting a woman to leave the place of business at 6 p.m., March 13. Police asked if the woman needed medical attention. She declined and left the place of business.

Cars and roadways
On March 9 and 12, police escorted a pedestrian to her destination by helping her cross Weaver Street.

A car was observed to be idling in an Olmsted Road driveway March 9. Police spoke with the owner who said he must have forgotten to turn off the car’s ignition. He thanked patrol and tended to the car.

On March 13, police stood by while the driver of a disabled car waited for a tow on Heathcote Road.

Sewage was backing up in a Wynmor Road house March 15. Police notified the highway department and firefighters.

Two car accidents were reported in the village this week.

On March 9, a Brite Avenue woman reported her neighbor was yelling at her children and telling them that they were “shaking” her house by playing outside. Police observed the children playing and found their noise level to be reasonable. Police advised the neighbor that the children could freely play outside and to refrain from yelling at them.

A caller reported a loud party on Axtell Drive March 9. Patrol spoke with the homeowner and advised him to lower the volume of the party music.

Neighbors complained of loud music coming from a Madison Road get-together March 10. Police advised the homeowner to lower the volume of the music.

On March 15, a Boulevard woman found a loose beagle outside her house. It had a collar with a number on it. She called the number, but there was no answer. Patrol arrived to assist, and the dog’s owner arrived on scene to retrieve the dog.

On March 15, a Colonial Road woman called for help in removing a dead rabbit from beneath her backyard deck. Police were unable to move the dead animal and could not reach it due to low clearance beneath the deck. The woman thanked police and said she would ask her gardener to device a way to access the space and remove the dead rabbit.

A Ridgedale Road woman asked for help with a sick squirrel on her deck March 15. The squirrel was moving around the deck but did not look well. It was not in a safe area for police to safely dispatch it. Patrol offered local trappers’ contact information to the woman.

Lost and found
On March 9, a crossing guard found a set of keys on East Parkway and gave them to police for safekeeping.

On March 11, a woman and her child found cash on the street near an Olmsted Road intersection. They brought it to headquarters and gave it to police.

A woman in a Palmer Avenue store said she believed someone stole her wallet while she was in the store March 13. The store manager and other customers helped her look for it, in case she dropped it. Before police arrived, the woman went to her car and left.

According to Fire Captain James Seymour, firefighters responded to 26 incidents during the reporting period.

On March 10, firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway.

On March 13, firefighters were called to extinguish a grease fire that ignited on the drip tray of an outdoor grill on a Dickel Road deck.

On March 13, firefighters responded to an inside gas odor in a Walworth Avenue house. A small gas leak in piping was detected. Con Edison was dispatched.

On March 14, firefighters assisted in extricating the driver of a car at an accident site at Fenimore Road and Walworth Avenue.

This report covering police and fire department activity from March 9-15 has been compiled from official information.

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