Friday, Aug 19th

rabbitBurglary: On April 20, a glass break motion alarm alerted police to a burglary on Spencer Place. The owner of the business reported that $6,613 in miscellaneous medication and controlled substances were stolen, along with prescription pill bottles. The front glass door had been smashed open. Police are investigating.

Stolen car
On April 19, a Nelson Road resident reported that his $60,000 black 2019 Audi was stolen from his driveway. The car was unlocked, with the cars left inside.

Identity theft and fraud
On April 20, a Fayette Road woman reported she was scammed into allowing an unknown person have remote access to her computer because she thought she had been a victim of fraud. The remote access resulted in $50,000 being transferred out of her account. The woman’s bank is looking into the matter.

On April 21, a Berwick Road man reported that an attempt was made to steal his personal information and initiate fraudulent transactions. None of the attempts were successful, and no financial loss occurred.

On April 21, an Overhill Road resident reported she was directed to pay a fraudulent invoice, which she thought was legitimate, by email. The invoice was for $26,750. After paying the invoice, the resident realized the transaction was fraudulent and contacted her bank to stop the transaction from going through.

An investigator from Orange County, California, asked police to verify an online car purchase from a dealership in the investigator’s jurisdiction April 21. Scarsdale police confirmed that the stated purchaser did not, in fact, reside in Scarsdale, as stated.

On April 22, a Palmer Avenue woman reported she discovered an unknown home address and an unknown linked bank account listed on her credit report. She was advised by her bank to document her findings and notify the credit reporting agencies.

Irate customer
On April 21, an irate customer entered an East Parkway business and began yelling at employees about product pricing. The customer left the store and was gone before police arrived.

Employer/employee problem
On April 22, a Chase Road postal employee was refusing to leave the post office. Police contacted the postal police, and they advised the employee to leave. The employee said he would follow up with his union about ways to rectify the problems he was having with his supervisors.

Two tall, white men with black jackets, and one with a bald head, were arguing inside a Garth Road restaurant April 22. Police canvassed the area for the men, but they had already left.

A woman who was crying in a Palmer Avenue parking lot reported she had just received bad news and was taking a break from work to put herself together April 22.

A Walworth Avenue woman received an S.O.S. message from her husband’s cell phone April 23. She later learned that the S.O.S. message was sent out in error, and her husband was OK.

Police helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street April 24.compostingdayEnthusiastic gardeners picked up compost from the food scrap recycling program on Saturday April 24.

Civil matter
Police helped a landscaper and a homeowner mediate their differences and come to an agreement for payment for services April 23.

Cars and roadways
Following a rear end collision at the intersection of Chase and Popham roads April 18, police issued a summons for a suspended registration to the driver of one of the cars.

On April 18, police asked a Brambach Road resident to move a white van parked in the area.

On April 18 and 19, police moved fallen branches from Mamaroneck and Post roads and Palmer Avenue and Innes Road.

Police taped off a gravel lot that was flooding on Post Road April 19.

Police notified Con Edison and Verizon about fallen wires on Colonial Road April 19.

A wire fell on a car parked on Madison Road April 19. Police called Verizon.

On April 19, Westchester County police reported a possible domestic incident inside a car on the Bronx River Parkway. WCP then reported a female might have exited the car and was hiding behind a building on Walworth Avenue.

Police reported a water leak on Innes and Heathcote roads to the water department April 19.
A contractor was pumping water from a flooded Nelson Road foundation into the roadway April 20. Police advised the contractor that emptying water into the roadway was not allowed.

Errant traffic cones littering the roadway were causing a traffic nuisance April 21. Police removed the cones from the roadway.

A Bee-line bus stalled on Post Road April 22. A mechanic was en route to repair it.

Police re-secured a loose manhole cover on Dobbs Terrace April 22. The cover broke in half after a driver drove over it April 23. It damaged the driver’s rear wheel. On April 24, the new manhole cover was reported to be loose. Police informed the highway department.

Police moved a “boulder” out of the roadway at Post and Mamaroneck roads April 22.

On April 24, police twice issued three summonses to the owners of parked cars blocking driveways on Potter Road.

After receiving a call about an erratic driver near the White Plains border, police observed the car and began following it April 24. Its driver was driving erratically. Police initiated a traffic stop in the interest of public safety, and White Plains police took over the scene after they arrived.

Village code
A woman was observed walking her dog off leash toward a wooded area near Kent and Fox Meadow roads April 21. Police advised her of Village code, and the woman put her dog back on leash.

Two men soliciting for signatures for their basketball team in an East Parkway parking lot were advised that they were not welcome to solicit signatures on that private property April 23. The men moved to the front area of the business and remained on the sidewalk while they asked for signatures.

After a neighbor complained about noise, police asked a Boulevard resident to lower the volume of music playing April 23.

A Secor Road manager lowered the volume of music after neighbors complained April 23.

Lost and found
On April 22, a passerby found a lost wallet on Post Road. Police contacted the owner and facilitated the wallet’s return.
A passerby found a purse at the Scarsdale High School carnival April 22. Police contacted the owner’s father using information found inside the purse. The father picked up the purse from headquarters on behalf of his daughter.

A Brite Avenue resident found an iPhone outside his front door April 24. The resident said he had video showing an older man placing the phone there. Police vouchered the phone for safekeeping.

A Cornell Road man reported a rabbit was stuck in his fence and was unable to free itself April 22. Police went to the scene but did not see any rabbits in the fence.

On April 19, firefighters shut down a faulty heating unit in a Ridgecrest West house because it was not venting properly, creating elevated carbon monoxide levels and emitting a gas odor outside the vent. Con Edison was called.

On April 21, firefighters called Con Edison to address a gas leak near a Sherbrook Road dryer.

On April 23, firefighters used a wrench to shut off a propane tank attached to an outdoor grill.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak on Murray Hill Road April 23.

On April 24, an Axtell Drive resident reported that he took a shower and a drain in his sink backed up and overflowed. Firefighters investigated the situation and found a sewage blockage in the street. Police notified the Department of Public Works and advised the resident to not use the drains until the problem could be resolved.

This report covering police and fire department activity from April 18-24 has been compiled from official information.

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CherryBlossomIdentity theft: On April 14, a Sheldrake Road woman said she received three separate application letters from various banks stating that credit line applications had been submitted in her name. All applications had been denied and flagged as fraudulent.

A Post Road woman reported that $15,000 in funds was fraudulently withdrawn from her bank account without her permission April 15. She said she previously received a fraudulent message asking her to reveal her banking details to an unknown website.

On April 11, a Hamilton Road woman reported receiving a call from a person claiming to be a drug enforcement officer investigating an alleged complaint against her originating from Pennsylvania. The caller attempted to solicit personal information about the woman.

Missing person
On April 12, an East Taunton woman reported she had not seen her 81-year-old father for several hours since she last saw him at the Scarsdale track earlier that day. Firefighters searched the school and the area around the school with thermal imaging cameras, but they did not locate the man. The man was later located and reunited with his family.

A caller reported seeing water running out of Weaver Street school and into two Old Lyme Road lawns April 14.

A caller dropped car keys in a storm drain on Boniface Circle April 14. The highway department was called in to help retrieve the keys.

Police checked the welfare of a Ridgecrest West woman at the request of her son, who had not been able to reach her April 17. She was in good condition and said she did not want to talk to her son at that time.

A man called police because an employee of a Scarsdale Avenue store detained him, accused him of stealing and would not let him leave the store April 16. The employee insisted on looking inside the man’s carry bag, which the man brought into the store. The man said he did not have a receipt but insisted he did not steal the items. Police asked the employee to reprint the receipt for the items. Police noted that the items in the bag were listed on the receipt. The man was allowed to leave the store, and police cautioned the employee not to accuse shoppers of stealing “based on a feeling.”

Cars and roadways
On April 11, police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Penn Blvd.

The highway department cleared a low-hanging branch from Mamaroneck Road April 11.

Police secured a loose manhole cover on Edgewood Road April 12.

Police assisted a motorist with a flat tire while she was waiting for roadside assistance near Post Road April 13.

Police assisted a motorist whose car ran out of gas on Post Road April 13.

On April 15, police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Woods Lane.

Lost and found
A passerby found a lost wedding ring while out walking in the area of Olmsted and Hampton roads April 11. She gave it to police.

On April 12, an Edgewood Road man reported losing a wallet while out at a restaurant outside of the Village on April 8. He said he had been in contact with police in the restaurant’s jurisdiction.

Keys found on East Parkway were returned to the owner April 14.

A Bradley Road resident found a credit card on the street while out walking his dog.

Village code
On April 11, police issued a summons to a landscaper and a homeowner on Cushman Road for use of a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of Village code.

On April 12, police issued summonses to landscapers and homeowners on Post Road for use of gas-powered leaf blowers in violation of Village code.

On April 13, police issued summonses to landscapers on Seneca Road for use of gas-powered leaf blowers in violation of Village code.

On April 13, police advised a Hampton Road resident to lower the volume associated with a gathering after dark. The resident complied.

On April 15, police issued summonses to landscapers and homeowners on Madison Road and Mamaroneck Road for use of gas-powered leaf blowers in violation of Village code.

A dog was reportedly barking in a Fayette Road yard for over an hour after midnight April 15. Police tried to notify the homeowner by knocking on the door. There was no answer. Then patrol called contact number and the homeowner said she was out of state but her husband was home. She called him, and he let the dog inside. A Village Code violation summons was issued.

On April 15, a Lebanon Road woman reported that a small animal was caught in a trap, and she needed help disposing of it. Police assisted with the disposal of the animal.

Police assisted in reuniting a loose dog on Heathcote Road with its owner April 17. They issued a summons to the owner.

On April 12, firefighters ventilated a Rodney Road basement due to carbon monoxide created by insulation contractors running a gas-powered generator. They advised the contractor to move the generator.

On April 13, firefighters ventilated a Fountain Terrace basement due to carbon monoxide created by plumbing contractors using an acetylene torch.

On April 13, firefighters addressed a burning aerial electrical serviced burning on Graham Road. The fire was confined to wires outside the house. The scene was turned over to Con Edison.

Firefighters were called to put out a reported car fire on the Bronx River Parkway April 13. When they arrived on scene, they encountered an overheated vehicle with steam being mistaken for smoke.

Firefighters addressed a clogged sewer drain in an Edgewood Avenue house by calling the highway and water departments April 14.

A burning odor in a Brewster Road house was caused by a light ballast breakdown April 15.

On April 17, firefighter assisted with a car accident with injuries on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

This report covering police and fire department activity from April 12-17 has been compiled from official information.

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wildturkeyStolen cars: On April 1, a Meadow Road resident reported two of her cars – a 2020 Kia and a 2020 Pilot – had been stolen overnight. The owner was confused about whether the keys were inside the cars and if the cars were unlocked. One car, the Kia, was recovered in New Rochelle.

Car break-ins
On April 1, an Old Lyme Road resident reported that someone entered her car, rummaged through it and stole a purse and wallet containing $100 cash and a driver’s license. She said she captured the incident on video.

Identity theft
On March 28, a Walworth Avenue woman reported her daughter’s Instagram account had been backed.

On March 30, an Axtell Drive woman reported four of her unemployment checks were fraudulently deposited into an unknown Green Dot account. The checks were written in 2021.

On March 29, a caller reported that a mailbox on Chase Road had a sticky substance near the mail slot. Patrol notified the Post Master, and a maintenance crew was made aware of the incident.

Cars and roadways
On March 29, a car struck a fire hydrant on Stratton Road March 29. Firefighters and the water department assisted.

On March 30, police placed a fallen wire to the side of the road on Weaver Street and notified Verizon.

Police placed portable stop signs at the intersection of Post and Olmsted roads while maintenance workers were working on a fallen primary wire March 30.

On April 1, police placed a fallen wire to the side of the road on Crossway and notified Verizon.

Police helped a driver change a flat tire at Post and Olmsted roads April 2.

On April 2, police directed traffic around a stopped car on Heathcote and Sherbrooke roads while the driver checked it for possible mechanical issues.

Police issued summonses to drivers who parked their cars on a Fox Meadow Road lawn April 2.

On April 3, police helped a driver with a flat tire on Heathcote Road.

Three car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

A Putnam Road homeowner reported a child from Greenacres School threw a brick over the rear playground fence, and the brick damaged the homeowner’s car. The parent of the child who threw the brick exchanged information with the homeowner in order to take car of cosmetic damage to the car.

Civil matter
On March 30, a Fox Meadow Road resident reported that a neighbor’s workers were removing the fence at the back of his property to replace it with a new fence. Patrol spoke with the resident and the neighbor, and both individuals claimed that the property in question was on their side of the property line. The building and engineering department said no further work could be completed until the property line was clarified. Police advised the parties that this was a civil matter.

On April 2, police stood by while two neighbors spoke with each other to resolve a matter.

An Oak Lane homeowner accidentally left a key in his house door, which was under construction April 2. Police checked the house and secured the door.

On March 29, a caller reported an injured turkey on Fox Meadow and Ogden roads. Police contacted a local animal shelter and an animal rehabilitator arrived to evaluate the turkey. It was determined that the turkey was not injured.

A loose dog was reported at Mamaroneck and Murray Hill roads March 28. Police picked up the dog and in the meantime the dog owner’s nanny contacted headquarters looking for the dog. The dog was returned to the nanny, who came to HQ with a leash. Police issued a summons to the owner because the dog was not properly licensed in the Village.

A wild turkey was reported on Fox Meadow and Ogden roads March 31 and on Walworth Ave on April 1.

On April 2, two large, blonde-furred dogs were roaming on Post Road, disrupting traffic. Police secured the dogs with the help of the dog owner’s friend. The friend called the owner who reported the dogs damaged the fence around her yard, which enabled them to break free. She picked up the dogs, and police issued her a summons.

On April 3, a Clarence Road resident reported having concerns about a coyote that appears in her yard. It was not there when police arrived. Police advised her to call again when she sees the coyote, especially if it appears sick or injured.

Village code
On March 30, police issued a summons to a landscaper for using a gas-powered blower on Richbell Road.
On April 1, police issued a summons to a landscaper for using a gas-powered blower on Thornwood Place.

A Rugby Lane resident reported a neighbor was placing garbage in open pails, which were attracting vermin and emitting a foul odor April 2. Police noticed one open trash can containing household trash. There were no vermin observed in the area. It appeared that the lid of the can blew off.

On April 2, police issued summonses to landscapers for using a gas-powered blower on Lincoln Road.

On April 2, police advised a Richelieu Road resident to keep the noise level of music down after neighbors complained.

Lost and found
A Clarence Road man found a blue iPhone on his property and handed it over to police for safekeeping March 29.

On April 3, a youth lost an Apple watch on Huntington Avenue, and the parents reported it to police.

On March 28, firefighters helped paramedics access an Edgewood house for a medical call.

Firefighters assisted at car accidents on the Hutchinson River Parkway March 29 and March 31.

Called to investigate a gas odor on Sheldrake Road, firefighters found a gas grill that was left with the gas on March 29. They turned off the gas.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of an arcing power line and a burning tree on Olmstead Road March 30.

Firefighters shut power to a malfunctioning HVAC system in a Brite Avenue house and ventilated the space March 31.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway March 31.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on Burgess Road April 1.

This report covering police and fire department activity from March 28 – April 3 has been compiled from official information.

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Goose TulsaGas theft: A Varian Lane resident reported that gasoline was stolen out of her car while it was parked in her driveway April 6. She said the car was parked in the driveway with half a tank of gas, but it was showing low gas in the morning.

Identity theft
On April 4, a Chesterfield Road man reported that someone fraudulently opened a Wells Fargo account in his name using the man’s Social Security number. The account was already closed by the bank.

On April 5, a Lenox Place man reported that someone fraudulently opened several department store credit cards in his name.

On April 10, a Rural Drive resident reported that debit cards were fraudulently opened in her husband’s name, using his personal information. Both accounts were cancelled.

On April 6, a Lee Road man reported receiving a scam call from a person alleging to be a local police officer. The caller said the man had to “clear his name” with the police department and subsequently requested $1,000 in Target gift cards. The man completed the task and realized he was the victim of a scam. He called Target to cancel the gift cards.

On April 5, a Continental Road woman reported some of her packages were sent to the wrong address and stolen from there. The packages contained two bags ordered from Bergdorf Goodman in early March. After ordering the bags, the woman realized she sent them to the wrong address, which was a family member’s former address in New Jersey, and she then attempted to change the delivery address. However, at that point, the items had already been delivered. The woman contacted the NJ resident and learned that he never received the items, as they were allegedly stolen from his address.

On April 9, a woman reported that a man attempted to look over her shoulder while she was entering her pin number into an ATM on Palmer Avenue. She felt this was suspicious and halted the transaction.

On April 4, a caller reported seeing a homeless man drinking from a bottle of vodka while sitting at an outdoor table on East Parkway. Police arrived on scene and did not see the man drinking or any alcohol. The man left the area without incident.

On April 7, police shut off water in a vacant Lincoln Road house after a pipe burst, and water could be seen leaking into the street.

Civil matters
A Dolma Road homeowner and a business owner got into a dispute over products that the business owner delivered to the homeowner April 9. The homeowner did not like the quality of the products and attempted to remove them from the house. Both parties were grabbing the products and a struggle ensued. Police were called and mediated the disagreement.

On April 10, a Ridgecrest West home health aide was told that she was no longer welcome in her employer’s house because two people forced her out. Police facilitated contact with the employer who said she did not know anything about the matter and welcomed the aide back into her house. Later the aide called police again to report that the same two individuals were removing items from the house. The employer said the individuals were helping her move things out of the house.

Cars and roadways
On April 4, police assisted a driver with a disabled vehicle on Heathcote Road and Palmer Avenue.

On April 7, police asked a driver to move a trailer that was parked too close to an intersection at Greendale and Oxford roads.

On April 8, police notified the department of transportation about an oversized pothole on Weaver Street.

Four car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

A caller reported seeing a dead animal near the river waterfall near Depot Place April 4. Police canvassed the area and did not see any dead animals.

On April 8, a loose dog was reported on Mamaroneck Avenue. Police went to the scene and did not see any loose dogs.

On April 8, a Chateaux Circle resident reported a “large and aggressive” goose charged at him and “slammed him from behind” while he was walking with his wife near Scarsdale High School. No injuries were observed or reported. The resident expressed concern for other residents as the attack was “unprovoked.” Police explained that geese are territorial during the spring mating season. Police went to the high school and encountered the goose, which also took an aggressive pose with police and prepared itself to charge. However, due to patrol’s lack of response, the goose backed down from the position of intimidation it was trying to exert.

Lost and found
On April 4, a Farragut Road man reported that he lost a license plate when it fell off his trailer.

A California driver’s license was found outside at Wynmor and Secor roads April 9. Police contacted the owner and facilitated the return of the license.

Village code
On April 4, police issued a summons to a landscaper for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of Village code on Sprague Road.

A Birch Lane resident asked police to check if a neighbor’s trash rack, which was installed near a fence abutting a stream on the property line, was in violation of Village code because water flow in the stream seemed to be negatively affected. The caller alleged that the trash rack collected falling leaves, which caused the water to back up, and the stream to flood. Police pointed out that the water level was consistent on both sides of the trash rack and elsewhere in the stream, suggesting the possibility that the waterway might not be sufficient for the volume of water to adequately flow through.

On April 8, police issued a summons to a landscaper for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of Village code on Haverford Avenue.

On April 4, firefighters assisted with a leaking hot water heater in a White Road house.
An electrical outlet was smoking in a Stonehouse Road house April 4. The outlet was charred and warm. Firefighters removed the outlet and capped the wires. Firefighters advised the resident to replace the outlet.
Firefighters helped a resident remove approximately two inches of water from a Canterbury Road basement April 7 and 8. On April 8, they pumped out water from a flooded Palmer Avenue basement.
An oven was accidentally left on overnight in a Griffen Avenue golf club. It caused a burning odor an activated an alarm. Another odor in the structure was traced to an overheated relay pump.
On April 8, firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.
Firefighters assisted Con Edison check houses for gas following a gas leak on Mamaroneck Road April 8.
On April 9, firefighters assisted with a car accident on Boulevard.

This report covering police and fire department activity from April 4-10 has been compiled from official information.

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beerFirefighters assisted with a car accident on Church Lane, involving a 13-year-old driver who drove a car out of a driveway and struck a utility pole, March 26. The air bags in the car deployed and the utility pole was “severely fractured.” The boy was taken to the hospital, and Con Edison was called to repair serious damage to the pole.

Youth party with alcohol
Police shut down a youth party with alcohol and issued the parents of the hosting youth a summons for a violation of the Village’s Alcohol Beverage Control Law March 26. Police were called to Cooper Road on a noise compliant. There they spoke with a homeowner who said a youth party was occurring, with private security, involving approximately 80 kids. Police went to the backyard and observed about 100 kids with open alcoholic beverages in the presence of minors. The age of one participant was disclosed as 14 years old. Police advised the homeowners about the law as it concerned alcohol and minors. An appropriate summons was issued.

Stolen cars
A police officer from Secaucus, NJ, reported he was using GPS to follow a stolen Mercedes Benz, from Nutley, NJ, and requested assistance at a location near the intersection of Willow Lane and Cushman Road March 23. The car was described as a black MB GLA. Police observed and pursued the car, which was travelling at a high rate of speed, around 85 mph, recklessly on Post Road. Due to the danger of a reckless pursuit, police called off the chase.

A 2019 BMW, valued at $85,000, was reported as stolen from Lenox Place around 2 p.m., March 26. It occurred while the driver was unloading groceries with the keys inside the car. The driver’s $3,340 handbag, wallet, $400 cash and driver’s license were also in the car.

Cannabis sale to minor
On Thursday, March 24th at7:15 pm, the Greenburgh Drug and Alcohol Task Force conducted an investigation at The Scarsdale Smoke Shop located at 455 Central Park Avenue for selling tobacco and THC products to persons under the age of twenty one. A minor working as an agent for the Town of Greenburgh Police Department entered the store and purchased an electronic cigarette containing nicotine and a cartridge containing THC. The employee that sold him the products, 27 year old Mohammed Hauter, was arrested and charged with Unlawful Dealing with a Child in the 2nd degree (B Misdemeanor) and Criminal Sale of Cannabis in the 3rd degree (A Misdemeanor). Mr. Hauter was released and issued a Desk Appearance Ticket returnable on Monday, April 11th, 2022 to the Greenburgh Town Court.

Power outages (From Con Edison)
On March 18, an outage affecting 995 customers primarily in Greenacres, began at 3:36 p.m. due to a failure on an electric cable. All customers were restored by 5:59 p.m. (Some were restored earlier than that.)

On March 20, an outage affecting 117 customers in Fox Meadow and Greenacres began at 6:42 p.m. and lasted until 9:46 p.m. This was caused by a tree limb coming down on wires, In order to make the repair, crews took an additional 222 customers out of service. Those customers were out from 8:17 p.m. to 9:44 p.m.

Stolen packages
On March 25, a caller reported seeing two parties in a blue or green sedan steal mail and a package from a Gatehouse Road mailbox. The package contained children’s pajamas, worth $65, from Bloomingdales. The parties left in the direction of Weaver Street. The packaging material was removed and discarded in the driveway. Investigation of the area discovered other empty packaging material on Crest Lane.

A Carthage Road resident reported a blue, older-model Nissan or Toyota sedan stopped in front of her house and stole a FedEx delivery from the doorstep March 25. It contained sneakers valued at $155.

On March 26, an Innes Road resident reported a package had been stolen from her house in the past. It contained a $40 play mat.

Car break-ins
On March 21, a Church Lane resident reported that two men, who were passenger in a white BMW SUV with a NJ license plate, attempted to open the door of a Porsche parked in the resident’s driveway. Fortunately, the car door was locked. Two other men were also reported to be in the suspects’ car.

A parked car was entered in a Willow Lane driveway and three dollars was stolen March 23. The console was also tossed, and papers were scattered around the car.

An Old Lyme Road resident’s video surveillance camera recorded men attempting to open the doors of a car parked in her driveway around 5 a.m., March 23.

On March 26, approximately $60 and a set of keys to a car’s roof rack were stolen from a parked car in a Lebanon Road driveway.

Identity theft and stolen check
On March 23, a resident came to police HQ to report that someone filed a fraudulent unemployment claim in his name.

On March 23, a Herkimer Road resident reported that an unknown person filled out a mail forward request for her mail at the Post Office without her permission. On March 25, she provided police with an address in Maryland, to where the mail was being forwarded, and asked police to reach out to Maryland police and the Postal Inspector for follow up.

On March 25, a Boulevard woman reported an incident involving check fraud. A check issued from her online bill pay account was sent to the intended recipient, but instead it was intercepted by an unknown person, altered and deposited into an account via an ATM.

On March 25, an Olmsted Road resident reported that fraudulent tax returns were filed in her name.

Loose items of mail were found strewn across the ground on Penn Road March 25. The Postal Inspector was notified, and the mail was collected. Later a Penn Road resident called police to report his mail had been stolen.

A Heathcote man received a voicemail from an unknown male caller who made threatening comments about the man’s wife March 23. The call lasted for 13 seconds. The man did not know who the person was, and the number was unlisted.

A Village resident reported receiving unwanted communication from another person March 26. Police advised her to block the sender to stop the messages. Police also advised the sender of the same.

On March 21, a Mamaroneck Road man asked police if his ex-wife possibly violated an order of protection. Police advised she did not, based on the man’s description of events. Police advised him to consult with his attorney.

A Kensington Road resident said she received a text message asking if she wanted to sell her house March 21. Police attempted to contact the sender of the message but did not get through.

A caller reported that youths were spray painting a Popham Road brick wall March 22. Police spoke with the kids who said they had permission to use Crayola chalk paint to paint the wall because it was washable. An employee in charge of the wall confirmed this.
Police assisted Westchester County police look for a woman who was wanted in connection with an arrest warrant and who has a history of living in the Village March 24. She was not able to be located at the time.

Policed checked the welfare of a Carthage Road resident who may have been involved in a verbal dispute according to Harrison police March 24. All was in good order.

A male in black hooded sweatshirt rang a Sheldrake Road resident’s doorbell at 11:30 p.m., March 26, and left. The male may have been a party guest at a neighbor’s gathering and accidentally rang the wrong doorbell, according to police.

Police checked on two men who were sitting on the curb on Gatehouse Road, allegedly waiting for an Uber, to go to a “friend’s house, somewhere over there” March 25. Due to the elusive nature of the men’s explanation, police contacted the friend, a Scarsdale resident, who arrived on scene to verify the men’s story.

A delivery driver attempted to drop off prescribed medical equipment to a Chesterfield Road resident around 11 p.m., March 22. The resident said she was uncomfortable receiving equipment so late and asked police to advise the driver to return the next day during daylight hours.

A Lyons Road resident reported that her neighbor’s contractors were power washing the neighbor’s house with bleach and she was thus concerned. The contractors told police they were using water only at that time. There was no odor of bleach. However, a bottle of bleach was observed on scene, which may have been used earlier. The contractors said they were done washing that side of the house and would no longer be working near the resident’s house from where the complaint originated.

Cars and roadways
On March 21, police observed low-hanging and fallen wires on Sunset Drive and on private property on Heathcote Road – also on Post Road March 26. Verizon was notified.

A driver reported an incident with another driver in a dangerous intersection in another jurisdiction March 22. Police advised the driver to contact police in the other jurisdiction.

Sanitation workers were notified about a dead animal on Tompkins Road March 23.

Police asked construction workers on Overlook Road to move their parked cars to make it easier for a nearby resident to enter and exit her driveway March 23.

Police called a tow for a truck that became disabled at Mamaroneck and Garden roads March 25.

On March 26, the water department investigated flooding on Fox Meadow Road.

On March 26, police called a tow for a car with a flat tire at Popham and Taunton roads.

Police removed a broken manhole cover from Dickel and Post roads March 26. They put up flares to warn motorists while the highway department made repairs.

Three car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

A caller reported a deer was struck by a car at Mamaroneck Road and the Hutchinson River Parkway ramp March 23. The deer was no longer on scene when police arrived.

On March 26, a wild turkey was reported to be causing a hazard on Fox Meadow Road. It was gone when police arrived.
A possibly rabid raccoon was reported in the area of Farragut Road March 26.

Village code
On March 25, police dispersed noisy kids from Brewster Road after dark.

This week, police issued summonses for the improper use of gas-powered blowers on Morris Lane, Richbell Road, Post Road, Garden Road, Mamaroneck Road, Chesterfield Road, Autenreith Road and Brewster Road.

Firefighters assisted with car accidents on Post Road March 21 and 27.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a Greenacres Ave. gas leak March 23.

On March 23, firefighters entered a Nelson Road house to check a gas leak. Con Edison was on scene and repaired the leak.

Firefighters shut water in a Dobbs Terrace house due to a leaking shower assembly March 25.

Firefighters assisted with two car accidents on the Hutchinson River Parkway and at Popham Road and East Parkway March 25.

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