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AffekThe Scarsdale Police have made an arrest for a bank robbery that occurred three and a half years ago. On Thursday, January 4 Police arrested 36 year old Matthew Affek of North Road in Bronxville in connection with a bank robbery that occurred at the Webster Bank in 2015.

On July 18th, 2015 at approximately 11:00 am, a male suspect entered the Webster Bank at 17 Popham Road and presented a teller with a note demanding cash. The teller complied with the suspect’s request, and he fled the bank with the cash. The officers who responded to the bank processed the crime scene, interviewed witnesses and collected evidence.

The department’s preliminary investigation included multiple interviews with all bank personnel, customers, witnesses in the area and a review of all available area video camera surveillance.

The Scarsdale Police Department’s continuous investigation eventually focused on Mr. Affek as a suspect. The defendant’s DNA was a positive match to evidence left at the scene. The suspect was taken into custody by Scarsdale Detectives at approximately 6:27 pm in Mount Vernon, and in an interview admitted to the bank robbery. Defendant Affek was charged with Felony Larceny.

Jill SpielerJill Spieler will receive the 2019 Scarsdale BowlJill Spieler, an extraordinary resident with 40 years of dedicated volunteerism to Scarsdale, will be the 2019 recipient of the community’s highest award, the Scarsdale Bowl. The Scarsdale Bowl is awarded annually, since 1943, to recognize an individual’s outstanding contribution to the civic institutions of Scarsdale, by giving unselfishly of their time, energy, and effort.

Explaining the decision to award Spieler the Bowl, Deborah Pekarek, Chair of the Scarsdale Bowl Committee, said “Jill Spieler is a Scarsdale gem, contributing in a generous and unselfish fashion, again and again. Her calm demeanor, collaborative spirit, and her desire to find long-lasting solutions to improve and deliver important services for Scarsdale are hallmarks of her volunteerism. Her leadership abilities are extraordinary and span Village, School and other community institutions.”

On Sunday January 6, 2019 the Committee voted to honor Jill Spieler, for her extraordinary service to this community. Delegates from the Bowl Committee, including Pekarek, Scarsdale Foundation President Randy Guggenheimer, Foundation Liaison to the Committee Seth Ross and Committee Secretary/Treasurer Abby Sroka together with Committee Members Karen Brew, Karen Ceske and Dorothy Finger arrived at the Spieler home to announce the Committee’s selection. When advised of the recognition bestowed upon her Spieler said “I am touched”. After allowing the news to sink in she said, “I am just beginning to feel the excitement of this honor, understanding it is a symbol of the community we live in, as I begin to recall all the wonderful Scarsdale volunteers I’ve had the opportunity to work with over these last 40 years. “

Spieler has a long, distinguished record of volunteer services to Scarsdale and beyond. Spieler began her service to the Scarsdale community in 1981 as a founding member of Kids B.A.S.E and The Little School. She served as a Board Member from 1983-1988 when she became President of the Board. She served a two- year term as President and continued on the Board through 1998. During her tenure, Spieler provided outstanding leadership during the difficult period when Kids B.A.S.E lost its original space in the Scarsdale School facilities. As reported by Jackie Irwin, “Her focus, energy and collaborative skills were critical in the effort between the Village and the program to raise $1.8 million for the current facility adjacent to the pool complex.”

Spieler continued her commitment to this community by serving on the Scarsdale Village Board of Ethics, the Advisory Council on Youth, and the Village Parks and Recreation Council, becoming Chair of the Recreation Committee in 2000. Spieler was also an active member of the League of Women Voters and chaired the Voter Service committee.

Spieler also joined the Scarsdale Forum Board in 1999, where she later served as First Vice - President and President. Following her service on the Forum, she was nominated to the Scarsdale Board of Education in 2007 where she served for two terms and was elected President in 2011. She served as President of the Board for two years.

Spieler will be honored at the Scarsdale Bowl dinner on Wednesday evening, April 10th, at Mulino’s at Lake Isle, in Eastchester. Pekarek encourages all members of the community to attend: “The Bowl Dinner is a wonderful event thanking an individual for their service to benefit the common good of our beloved Scarsdale.” The Bowl Committee will send out invitations in late February. However, one need not receive an invitation in order to attend the dinner, and the Committee encourages all who are interested to sign up for the dinner on the Scarsdale Foundation website starting February 25th.

The Bowl Committee, a diverse group of 15 community volunteers, selects the recipient after reviewing many worthy candidates who are nominated by the community. The annual tradition of awarding the Scarsdale Bowl is maintained by the Scarsdale Foundation. The Foundation engages in a broad range of philanthropy in the Scarsdale community and supports many local institutions. One of its primary functions is funding and distributing need-based scholarships to deserving Scarsdale High School graduates and Scarsdale residents in their sophomore through senior years of college.

The community is invited to join the Bowl Committee on April 10th at Mulino’s at Lake Isle in Eastchester, at 6:30 P.M. to honor Jill Spieler who exemplifies Scarsdale’s spirit of volunteerism.

volunteerThe Procedure Committee, the ad hoc group of community volunteers who administer the nonpartisan election system in the Village, is inviting qualified voters to serve on the PC next year. There are 11 open appointed seats available on the PC beginning February 1, 2019 for a term ending on January 31, 2020.

Recently, the PC administered the election of the new members of the all-volunteer Citizens Nominating Committee, which is now in session interviewing, evaluating and selecting candidates who will be on the ballot for village elected offices this spring. Elections for open positions on the Village Board are held every year, and for Village Justice every four years.

This unique non-partisan system, in existence in the village for 88 years, gives qualified residents elected by their neighbors an opportunity to participate in village civic affairs and to have their voices heard on who will govern at Village Hall. According to Procedure Committee Chair Madelaine Eppenstein, the 30 elected members of the CNC this year are already conducting due diligence reviews of non-partisan candidates for the offices of Mayor and three Trustees. The CNC will then nominate candidates to represent the non-partisan party’s slate, under the banner of the Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party in the village-wide election on March 19, 2019.*

To participate in the non-partisan election system as a 2019 appointee of the Procedure Committee, apply by contacting Madelaine Eppenstein by email: meppenstein@eppenstein.com

The members of the 2018-2019 Procedure Committee, whose term extends through January 31, 2019, are: Charles Baltman; Sarah Bell; David Dembitzer; Eric Cheng, Vice Chair; Madelaine Eppenstein, Chair; Timothy Foley; Jeff Goodwin; Mayra Kirkendall-Rodríguez; Eli Mattioli; David Peck; Pam Rubin; Gregory Soldatenko; Nancy Steinberg; Michelle Sterling; and Bruce Wells.
Public and Media Contact: Madelaine Eppenstein, Chair, By Email: meppenstein@eppenstein.com

* Under New York State Election Law, candidates outside the non-partisan election system may also run for village office by obtaining the prescribed number of signatures on a nominating petition.

howawrd nadelHoward Nadel, a former president of the Scarsdale Forum and a committed Scarsdale volunteer, passed away on Wednesday December 19, 2018 from a heart attack.

Accroding to the Scarsdale Forum:

Known to many as "Howie," he graduated from Columbia College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1974 and was an active alumnus and coordinator for the Alumni Association. He served the University in many capacities and receiving Columbia's Alumni Federation Medal in 1989. He began a long career at the pharmacy at Jacobi Medical Center in 1981 until his recent retirement, achieving many distinctions and ultimately serving as the Founder and Director of the Research Center for the North Bronx Healthcare Network. In 1998, he was awarded the Smithsonian Medal for 21st Century Innovation Technology.

His volunteer arc within Scarsdale was just as lengthy and prestigious. In addition to many years as a Committee Chair, member of the Board of Directors, and President (2015-2016) of the Scarsdale Forum, he also served multiple terms as Chair of the Procedure Committee, as a member and as Chair of the Citizens Nominating Committee, and as coach for many youth sports teams. He was affectionately known as the "Unofficial Mayor of the Scarsdale Pool."crandallnadelLena Crandall and Howard Nadel announcing the results of a contested election for Village Mayor and Trustees in March, 2016.

The funeral will take place on Sunday, December 23 at 11:00 am at Ballard & Durand, 2 Maple Avenue, White Plains, NY. We will pass information on when the family will be sitting shiva and receiving guests when those details become available.

Commenting on the passing of his friend, Robert Berg said, "Howie retired a year ago, and was loving life. He was a HUGE Disney fan and travelled to Disney several times a year. He and his wife Deadre were planning on spending the next three months in Florida and had rented an apartment. I heard a little while ago that they were driving down to Florida and pulled up to a hotel last night in Virginia. Howie got out of the car and took some bags out of the trunk and collapsed. He had suffered a massive heart attack and couldn't be resuscitated despite prompt and heroic efforts.

I had selected Howie as my Vice President when I was to be President of the Scarsdale Forum. Howie was just the nicest, gentlest, funniest guy. Everyone enjoyed being around Howie, but what he loved most was being with his family -- his wife, Deadre, daughter Ellen, and son, Stephen. He was so proud of all of them. Howie was a big Columbia supporter. He was a grad of the Pharmacy School. His daughter just graduated from the Nursing School last May, and his wife is a Barnard grad. In Scarsdale, Howie was very active in community affairs, particularly on the fiscal side. For many years, he Chaired the Forum's Village Fiscal Affairs Committee and County Budget Committee. He was an active member of the Assessment Revaluation Committee, and was an outspoken supporter of the first townwide revaluation and an outspoken opponent against doing the Ryan revaluation. Howie coached many of his kids' sports teams. Howie was a tremendous advocate for and user of the Scarsdale swimming pool. He really loved this Village and did a lot for it. Howie will be greatly missed. 2018 has been an annus horribilis for Scarsdale. We've lost some really shining stars -- Bev Sved, Eric Rothschild, Jedd Sereysky, Aaron Panken, Stuart Hendel, and now Howie. Let their memories be a blessing."

HowieStevenNadelSunday September 9 marked the end of the season for the Scarsdale Pool. Though the weather was gloomy and cool, the pool was still a pleasant 75 degrees. Here’s a photo of Howie and Steven Nadel who came by the pool to do some laps and take a walk before heading to the football game. Photo credit Michelle Lichtenberg

ServiceMemorial Service for Beverley Sved. Photo credit: HL FlisserScarsdale Bowl recipient and committed community volunteer Bev Sved was remembered at a memorial service on Wednesday November 28 at the Scarsdale Woman’s Club on Wednesday November 28.

Former Village Trustee David Buchen was the master of ceremonies and spoke in a meaningful way about Bev’s BuchenMaster of Ceremonies David Buchen. Photo credit HL Flisserlife of service in Scarsdale and her various contributions, such as her role in the development of Christie Place and her longtime work with the Overhill Neighborhood Association who organized the memorial. Buchen read some remarks from Mary Beth Gose and Paul Sved, Bev’s husband for 47 years, thanked Buchen and their Overhill friends for arranging the gathering.

He explained that Bev died suddenly on September 22 from an aortic aneurysm. He said in their 47 years of marriage they “never had a serious disagreement,” and marveled, “how time flies when you’re having fun.”

In addition to giving the following remarks about her friend Bev, baker extraordinaire Evelyn Stock contributed delicious sweets.

Here are Stock’s remarks about Beverley Sved:

My deepest sympathy to Paul, her loving and supportive husband of more than 45 years, to all those who loved Beverley, and to our community for the sudden and unexpected loss of an incredible volunteer, an incredible person, much too soon. It seems impossible that I was speaking about Beverley at the Bowl Dinner less than 10 months ago. You will hear some of what I said then.

I had the pleasure of working with Beverley for nine years on the Scsrsdale Foundation where she became my friend. When I served on the CNC, I submitted her name for her second term as a Village Trustee.

StockEvelyn Stock: Photo credit HL FlisserBut let’s go back. It is 1984. The Sveds are living in Montclair, New Jersey in a lovely house in a lovely community. Only problem—a deadly commute to their jobs at IBM in New York. Only solution—moving to New York—really to Westchester. Beverley’s father had lived in Scarsdale as a child. But it was not family history or the schools but location, location, location which brought the Sveds to Scarsdale. It brought them closer to IBM. And their new home at 26 Overhill Road provided lots of land and sun for Beverley’s gardening. But first IBM made a dream proposal --four years in Paris.

In Scarsdale, children are the usual reason people move here and they become the usual conduit for community involvement. So we should all be grateful to the neighbor who suggested the Sveds join the Overhill Neighborhood Association as soon as they returned from Paris in 1988. The rest is history as Beverley went on to become President of the Overhill Association followed by being chair of SNAP from 1996 to 1998. By this time, she had retired from IBM and had begun what was to be her real career – Scarsdale volunteer.

And what a career it was. I believe that Beverley has been an been an active member –often the leader-- of more organizations than anyone else in Scarsdale. And I think you would agree that I am a good person to make that judgment. The list includes the United Way of Scarsdale/Edgemont, the Westchester County Historical Society, the Citizens Nominating Committee, the Procedure Committee (where she helped facilitate the creation of a website), the Scarsdale School Superintendents Citizens Search Committee, and the Scarsdale Technology Advisory Council. And when her term as Mayor ended, she added the Planning Board, Westchester County Historical Society, TVCC/now Forum, Board of the LWV of Westchester, and the Scarsdale Foundation. In each position, she brought her analytical skills in finance and planning and her fair and thorough approach to problems and issues. Bev had a knack for developing better procedures, leaving each organization improved.PaulSvedPaul Sved: Photo credit HL Flisser

Of course she was smart. She was one of only six women to graduate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, class of 1966 and the only woman to obtain an engineering degree. But her being smart was the real kind of smart—common sense, plus education, analytical skills, and more. I felt more confident of my choice of a financial advisor when I learned she used the same person.

Everywhere she earned the reputation as a dedicated, perceptive, intelligent, calm, consensus builder who created a collaborative and collegial working atmosphere. She was able to balance competing interests to promote the best interests of the community or organization, often reaching out to solicit and understand other points of view. Her goal was the resolution of problems, not attaining personal credit. She was a proven team player, never attempting to micromanage, working well with fellow board members and the Village staff. All of these qualities were to stand her in good stead when she was mayor during the contention that surrounded the Christie Place development.

But we cannot forget the Beverley who made working with her so pleasurable and made her a wonderful friend. She was fun to be with, had a wicked sense of humor, was always able to see the humor in a situation, always had a smile. Unlike many of us, she was always willing to listen and even change her mind.

Indeed, Beverley herself exemplified what you can receive for being a volunteer—knowing and working with people like her. Generally, when you move to the suburbs, your source of friends are your neighbors and the parents of your children’s friends. BUT when you volunteer, you become friends with your fellow volunteers. Ever since the Sveds moved to Scarsdale, it would have been hard to find a volunteer activity that did not include working with and knowing Beverley. And thus finding a new friend.

SvedPhotoWe will miss her incredible involvement in so many organizations and witnessing the pleasure she derived from this involvement. I think back to back to April 26, less than 10 months ago when I thanked Beverley for allowing me to share my experiences working with her and the opportunity to convey my pleasure in her receiving the Scarsdale Bowl --one she so richly deserved. She left an incredible legacy of what it means to be member of community. We are grateful.

Thanks to Michelle Lichtenberg for her reporting.

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