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Those who served on Scarsdale Boards, Councils and Committees this past year, were honored at an event at the Scarsdale Golf Club on Thursday, June 23, 2011. The evening is a toast to these important volunteers who are so important in making the Village government successful.

Take a look at who served below, and if you see them around town, thank them for their service to Scarsdale.

Mayor and Village Board of Trustees: Trustee Robert Harrison, Trustee Stacey Brodsky, Trustee Robert Steves, Mayor Miriam Levitt Flisser, Trustee Jonathan Mark, Trustee Katherine Eisenman, Trustee Richard Toder.


Board of Architectural Review, Library Board, and Town Board of Assessment Review: Top Row- Trustee Stacey Brodsky, Barbara Josselsohn, Trustee Robert Harrison, Judd Cohen, Susan Ross, Richard Gardella, of Counsel, Mary Kaye Koch, Carolyn Mehta, Wayne Esannason, Village Attorney, Marc Gross, Paul Sved Seated- Beth Bermel, Library Director, Sara Werder, Michelle Sullivan Lichtenberg, Nanette Albanese, Village Assessor


Board of Ethics, Judicial Qualifications Advisory Committee and Village Justice: James O’Connor, Evelyn Stock, MaryLou McClure, Village Treasurer, John H. Galloway III, Village Justice, Arlene Katz, Acting Village Justice, Mark Lewis


Cable TV Commission and Committee for Historic Preservation Top Row: Lorayne Fiorillo, Andrew Sereysky, William Jacobs, Lucas Meyer, Robert Schiebe Seated: Ban Choura-Loughran, Linda Blair Doescher, Marjorie Ann Meiman


Council on People with Disabilities, Advisory Council on Human Relations and Advisory Council on Youth, Evan Gross, Carol Kadanoff, Scott Bookner, Trustee Robert Steves, Jiyon Lee, Michael Duncanson, Kathleen Steves


Advisory Council on Parks and Recreation and Conservation Advisory Council Trustee Katherine Eisenman, Trustee Richard Toder, David Silberstein, Eda Newhouse, Matthew Zik


Planning Board, Board of Appeals: Jane Veron, Seth Ross, Tom Giordano, Seated: Elizabeth Marrinan, Village Planner, Emily Sherwood, Pamela Rubin


Advisory Council on Technology and Scarsdale Arts Council: Daniel S. Finger, John H. Galloway III, Village Justice, Trustee Robert Harrison, Scott Rompola, Joan Uchitelle, Edward Morgan



Advisory Council on Scarsdale Senior Citizens: Top row- J.D Sullivan, Barbara Greebel, Anita Mailina, Dino Venuto, Norman Alterman, Eunice Laughlin, Bob Wax, Helen Stempel, Marjorie Spiro Seated- Joan Gips, Janice Cohen, Carol Silverman, Kathy Hurwitz

spiereheadshotAccording to USA Today a decomposed body found on Sunday July 3rd in Indianapolis is not Laurent Spierer. A forensic examination found that the victim was African American and taller than Spierer.

According to WXIN television , a woman's body was pulled from Fall Creek on the northeast side of Indianapolis on Sunday evening. Witnesses called 911 at 6:50 pm on July 3rd to report that they saw a body floating in the creek, lodged between some debris. Paramedics pronounced the woman dead at the scene in the 6500 block of Fall Creek Parkway. Indianapolis Metro Police Officers say the body was badly decomposed. The news fueled speculation that the body could be Lauren Spierer who has been missing since June 3rd. However, the autopsy ruled out a connection to the case and Spierer is still missing.


spierer2resizeThe Bloomington Police announced a change in strategy in the search for Lauren Spierer, missing since June 3rd at Indiana University. Rather then send out general search parties, the investigators will base their activities on leads and direct efforts towards specific information.

On Saturday June 25, 615 people participated in a wide scale search on “Find Lauren Day.” Police report that 99 missions were completed on Saturday; on Sunday 107 searchers completed 22 missions.

In a press release dated June 28th, they say, “To date, volunteers that have included citizens, law enforcement, and professional search and rescue groups have conducted more generalized searches. These searches have covered the vast majority of Monroe County and even some areas in surrounding counties. National search experts who were in Bloomington recommended that a five mile radius from Lauren’s last known location be covered extensively and that effort was completed last week. Coordinators for the search effort indicate that much of the area within a ten mile radius has also been covered. Searches have included those conducted on foot, by boat, the use of canines, on horseback, ATV’s and helicopter.”

“We cannot say enough about our appreciation for all of those who volunteered to assist in this effort and for the various agencies that provided resources to our Department. A great deal of credit also goes to Lauren’s parents for the thousands of people who have turned out for the searches simply because they wanted to help,” said Chief Michael Diekhoff. He added, “This transition will allow us to focus and rely more on the investigative aspect of this case and conduct searches based on the information we get as the investigation proceeds.”

Robert and Charlene Spierer will hold a press conference on Friday July 1 at 11:00 am at the Bloomington Police Department. They plan to make a statement regarding the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of their daughter.

robertspiererFour weeks after their daughter’s disappearance, Robert and Charlene Spierer are determined to continue the search in Bloomington, Indiana. At a press conference at Bloomington Police headquarters on July 1st, he called the event “our worst nightmare, one that we don’t want anyone to ever have to go through.” In an update on the investigation, he said that police are now conducting specific investigative searches rather than sending out the general search parties that have been at work over the past four weeks. Spierer thanked the thousands of volunteers, some who have travelled four to six hours to participate, taking leave from their jobs to assist. He expressed their gratitude to the people and merchants of Bloomington, law enforcement, the police and the national organizations who sent in teams to help.

Speaking on the eve of the holiday weekend, Spierer urged the parents of Lauren’s friends to cooperative with the investigation. He said, “July 4th is a time for family and friends to get together. We are appealing to the parents of the children who may have first or secondhand knowledge of what happened to Lauren. Please take time to sit down with the children and find out if they know anything. Help your children find the courage to come forward…. help them find their moral compass. They need your guidance and your strength to do the right thing.”

Choking back tears, Charlene Spierer came to the mike and assured listeners of their resolve to find their daughter. Sending a message to those who know where Lauren is, she said, “To the person who has knowledge of Laurent’s whereabouts, if you think our determination is any less, it's not. If you think that our hope and our belief that we are going to find Lauren has changed, it has not. We are just as determined now as we were from day one.” She ended by speaking directly to her daughter, saying, “We love you… we’re here for you.”

See the entire press conference here:









reservoirlevelsThough the reservoirs that supply our water are nearly filled to capacity, Scarsdale has imposed watering restrictions due to inadequate pumping capacity. Earlier this month the Scarsdale Middle School had to be closed when the water pressure dropped so low that the lavatories were inoperable.  The restrictions limit watering between the hours of 12 AM and 12 noon the following day by area.

However, according to Deputy Village Manager Steve Pappalardo, there are no limitations in any area of town on watering anyday between 12 noon and 12 pm. Here is what he said, "The lawn watering restrictions are limited from 12:01AM – 12:00PM in certain geographical sections of the Village during certain days (each section gets 2 days during which they can water their lawns during these hours). All residents may water their lawns 7 days a week between the hours of 12:01PM-12:00AM."

Jim Macri of the Scarsdale Water Department blames the drop in pressure on early morning lawn watering. The Village is working to bring a new pumping station online, but until that time the Village has mandated the same restrictions on watering that were utilized during draught conditions.

Here are the new rules which limit the watering of lawns to twice per week:

Between the Bronx River Parkway and the Post Road, watering is permitted Mondays and Thursdays from 12:01 am to 12:00 pm.

Between the Post Road and Wilmot Road/Palmer Avenue/Secor Road/Mamaroneck Road, watering is permitted Tuesdays and Fridays from 12:01 am to12:00 pm.

Between Wilmot Road/Palmer Avenue/Secor Road/Old Mamaroneck Road and the Town of Mamaroneck boundary watering is permitted Wednesdays and Saturdays from 12:01 am to 12:00 pm.

See the watering map below for clarification and click here for more details:

Restrictions are effective June 20, 2011 and violators may be subject to immediate discontuation of their water service. The Village utilized their new automatic call system to alert residents on June 17, 2011.

So make sure you reset your automatic sprinklers. Macri also suggests that residents install rain sensors so that the sprinklers are not in use when there is rainfall.




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