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villageOnce a month we will publish special offers from Scarsdale retailers and professionals who are members of the Chamber of Commerce and friends of Scarsdale10583. When you patronize the shops and businesses you see here, please mention that you saw the offer on Scarsdale10583.

Linens: 30% off sale on all Yves Delorme bath linens for the month of May. This is an extraordinary sale because it includes everything, new and old styles.

La Dentelliere at Home
35 Popham Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
(914) 725-2800yvesdelorme

Framing: 50% off the moulding portion of one custom frame (max $50, one per customer, offer expires 6/30/11)

Scarsdale Art and Frame Shop
46 Christie Place
Scarsdale NY 10583




Beauty: Prom 2011 hair and make-up special, including eyelash extensions

Setsuko at Jean Claude
16 Palmer Avenue
Scarsdale NY 10583
(914) 725-0770



Architectural Services: For the month of May to September Architect Emanuel Caras is offering a 15% discount for all new work for construction, legalizations and variance s. Respondent- must mention this offer by name. If a Scarsdale Chamber member avails themselves of this offer it will be a 20% discount. Please call for a consultation/site visit for only $250 and the fee will be incorporated into the overall price for the project.

Emanuel P. Caras A.I.A.
51 Carman Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
(0) 914-472-6639
(F) 914-472-6639 (+) *51
(C) 914-804-4548


arborday11Scarsdale’s annual Arbor Day Celebration was held at Red Maple Swamp on Friday Apriil 29th. The Village celebrated its 28th consecutive Tree City USA designation with the planting of three Red Maple trees that derive their name from their brilliant autumnal foliage and are common in swamps and moist slopes throughout New York. The Red Maple tree is a rapid-growing tree and grows between 40 and 60 feet tall.

Red Maple Swamp was chosen for this year’s event because of a clean-up and planting project started by Boy Scout Mark Colbran. As part of his Eagle Scout Service Project, Mark coordinated 33 volunteers to clear fallen leaves, remove invasive plants, and clean and dispose of trash and litter. Wood chips and logs from the removed invasive trees will be used to form trails that run through Red Maple Swamp. Mark and other volunteers will replant native trees and plants to finish the project. As part of the project, the Village refurbished the storm water drainage system at the South entrance to eliminate erosion on the main trail.

The Village Highway Department is currently planting 200 trees in the Village right-of way in front of area homes. They have expanded the tree-planting program to replace the large number of trees lost to storms last year. Currently, you will see Village employees on the streets, planting Red Chokecherry trees, Japenese Zelcova, Eastern Redbud and Autumn Flame Red Maple trees.

To request a new Village tree for your property, contact the Village of Scarsdale Department at Public Works at 722-1150 to be placed on the waiting list.

Pictured from left to right: Boy Scout Mark Colbran; Suzanne Busby, Superintendent of Parks; Trustee Kay Eisenman; Mayor Flisser; Trustee Stacey Brodsky; Trustee Robert Harrison; Lena Crandall; and Fred Gervat.


taxcapThe Scarsdale Forum (TVCCEF) cordially invites the public, free of charge, to its membership meeting on Thursday, April 28 in the Scott Room of the Scarsdale Library at 8 p.m. The Citizens and School Board Nominating Committees will be honored that evening at a welcome reception which begins at 7:30 p.m.

The evening program, Tax Caps—the Good, the Bad and the Ugly will feature remarks from State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, Mayor Miriam Flisser, School Board President Jill Spieler and former Lieutenant Governor Alfred B. DelBello. Following the panel presentation, the audience will be invited to ask questions of the speakers.

The Scarsdale Forum is a 106 year old civic club dedicated to improving life in Scarsdale. The Forum studies issues before the Village and County governing boards and provides input via reports and recommendations. Scarsdale residents are encouraged to join and participate in the process.

For program and membership information, visit www.ScarsdaleForum.com , e-mail office@scarsdaleforum.com or call 914-723-2829.



kallistecakeIf you’ve been over to Freightway lately you may have noticed a new shop tucked into the side street next to Classy Consignments. Look too fast at the cupcakes and chocolate torte in the window and you’ll assume that Scarsdale is now home to another bakery. But upon closer inspection you’ll notice that the cake in the window is actually made of soap, and that Kalliste is new organic bath and beauty products store.

You’ve heard about artisanal cheese – but how about handcrafted soap? Shop owner Marie Labropoulos makes all the beautiful soaps that she sells in a her workspace in Irvington. A civil engineer she began experimenting with the soap making process when she lived in Long Island City. Friends were so impressed with her creative gifts that they encouraged her to sell her products and she began an online business and also made the products available at several gift shops in the East Village. She recently got married and moved to Westchester and saw an opportunity to open a retail store …. and that’s what brings her to Scarsdale.

Labropoulos grew up in Greece and uses olive oil as the base for her colorful and unusual soaps that include herbs, kallistemariecoconut and macadamia nut oil and all natural ingredients. She explains that most of the FDA- approved soap used in the United States contains chemical detergents that strip the oil from the skin. Her products balance, hydrate and protect the skin, and her lovely complexion is the result.

The soap she crafts is formed into bars or circular cakes that take up to four weeks to cure and the bars she slices look good enough to eat. They come in appetizing flavors like coffee, orange spice, lavender, tea tree and cherry. She also makes vegan lip balm, and a scrub from Dead Sea salts that lubricates without being sticky or slimy.

kallistecherryA woman of many talents, Labropoulos designed her new shop herself – and it is inviting, colorful and fun. If you stop by, she’ll even serve you a cup of herbal tea. A typical bar of soap will run you about $6.00 and she’ll wrap up your purchases in attractive recycled paper and adorn the package with a bright orange bow.

The soap and products would make wonderful Mother’s Day Gifts, so make your way to Freightway to see, touch and smell the soap yourself.

30 Garth Road
Scarsdale NY 10583
(914) 297-8959



gasscarsdalecitgoWith gas prices inching upwards, the price to fill up the tank is often over $50. Price variations between stations do matter and an area survey showed that there is a big range in gas prices around town. We wasted some precious fuel driving around to find out where the high and low prices are in our area.

Here is what we found. Of the five stations we checked, the Citgo station on Scarsdale Avenue was the cheapest, with Regular gas priced at $3.85, Plus at $3.97 and Premium at $4.07. These low prices were paying off as cars were lined up on Monday morning to fill up. Next door at the Shell Station on Scarsdale Avenue with prices at almost .10 cents higher in each category there was only one car at the pump.

The Shell station at the corner of Popham Road and Post Road was also a good bet at $3.89 for regular, $3.99 for gasweaverPlus and $4.09 for Premium fuel.

The most expensive prices we found were at the Mobil station in Hartsdale where gas is priced at about .50 cents more per gallon than the Citgo station on Scarsdale Avenue. However, the pleasant people at the Hartsdale Mobil, their competent mechanics and the location still make this station a favorite among area residents.

Here are the prices for Regular, Plus and Premium gasoline we found at the pumps on Monday, April 11, 2011:

Scarsdale Avenue Citgo $3.85 $3.97, $4.07

Popham Shell Station $3.89 $3.99 $4.09

Scarsdale Avenue Shell $3.95 $4.06. $4.17

Weaver Street Shell $3.99 $4.09 $4.19

Hartsdale Mobil $4.17 $4.50 $4.58

gasscarsdaleshellA helpful website reports on gas prices at some area stations. Click here to check it out.
And if you fill-up at an economically priced pump, let us know where it is in the comments section below.gashartsdalemobilgaspophamshell



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