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11DolmaRoadThe Scarsdale Board of Trustees announced a long awaited decision on the preservation of a historic home at 11 Dolma Road at their meeting on March 9. Trustee Seth Ross presented the Board’s findings after a hearing was held to appeal the decision of the Committee For Historic Preservation who turned down the application to raze the house.

The Board heard that appeal on February 4, 2021 and then deliberated in private on whether or not the home met the criteria for preservation as dictated by Village code. At their hearing on September 29, 2020, the Committee for Historic Preservation found that the home met two of the criteria for preservation:

-That the building is the work of a master; or

-That the building embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type, period or method of construction that possess high artistic value;

However, the Board of Trustees decision went above and beyond the ruling of the Committee determining that the home met three criteria:

The home contributes to broad patterns of history: The building style and design of the home are important to this historical significance of the building of the town of Scarsdale, and it is emblematic of the suburbanization process that made the town what it is today.

The home is the work of a master: The board determined that architect Julius Gregory was a master. The Village sought counsel on this matter from architectural historian Andrew Dolkart who stated that Gregory was “a specialist in suburban homes, and among the most talented architects in the United States.” The Board agreed and concluded that Gregory was indeed a master of his craft.

The home embodies distinctive characteristics of a type, period, or method of construction that possess high artistic value: The home is an English Norman-style house, and although it has been renovated in the past, these modifications were sympathetic to the original design. Mr. Dolkhart stated that “the talented architect Julius Gregory, whose work can be seen in other areas of Scarsdale, designed a huge French farmhouse at No. 11, one of the finest houses of the type in Scarsdale. The L-shaped brick house has a polygonal corner tower and an entrance set beneath a shed hood, a sophisticated rendition of a vernacular rural French design.” The Board agreed that the house met the standard set for this criteria.

So after many months of deliberation, the house stands.

Executive Search Firm

Earlier this year, Village Manager Steve Pappalardo announced that he is retiring in the summer of 2021. Leaving big shoes to fill, the Village and the Board of Trustees is now searching for a replacement for this critical position. In his introduction, Mayor Samwick announced that after a competitive selection process, the Board has chosen the firm GovHR to conduct a nation-wide search to fill this role.

Joellen Cademartori, the co-founder and CEO of GovHR, introduced herself and explained that before starting her company she worked in local government for 24 years. She has direct knowledge of the needs of a smaller local government and will be conducting a thorough national search and a competitive review process to bring the most qualified candidates to Scarsdale. The Board voted to retain GovHR.

Scarsdale Elections

Scarsdale Village Elections will be held on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at the Scarsdale Congregational Church from 6:00 am – 9:00 pm.

On the ballot are four candidates nominated by the Scarsdale Citizens Non-Partisan Party:

Mayor: Jane Veron
Village Trustees: Sameer Ahuja, Karen Brew and Jonathan Lewis

While the deadline has passed to have an absentee ballot mailed out, residents can pick up an absentee ballot from Village Hall until the end of the day on Monday, March 15. Absentee ballots can be delivered until the polls close on Tuesday.

Manager’s Comments

Village Manager Pappalardo addressed the ongoing issue of the late tax payments by several hundred Scarsdale residents resulting in almost a million dollars in penalties and fines. To help residents financially during the hardship caused by the pandemic, Scarsdale switched to a two-installment system for tax collection this year. While this change was implemented to help ease the burden of tax payments and was encouraged by residents, 6% of taxpayers failed to pay their second installment on time, and as a result they accrued sizable penalties.

Manager Pappalardo expressed his deep regret for the situation but stated that the Village is legally unauthorized to grant any relief from the late payment fees to these residents. Additionally, the Village is legally not authorized to accept any amount less than the amount due.

The Scarsdale Libraryteenroom

Trustee Waldman announced that the Scarsdale Library is finalizing plans to reopen in a limited capacity. Teen Services Manager Jennifer Brinley has launched the Library Teen Advisory Board, which held its first meeting last Saturday. The group will work to develop events to appeal to teenagers and will develop a weekly teen services newsletter to provide information and updates.

Dine The Dale

Trustee Justin Arest announced that the Dine the Dale tent hosted by the Small Business Association will shortly be back in town. In addition to providing Covid-safe support for local restaurants, the initiative will encourage residents to frequent the Village center and shop at all Village businesses.

Other Amendments and Resolutions

Amending the Constitution of the Advisory Council on Communications: Under current rules, members of the Advisory Council on Communications are not permitted to join any other Scarsdale boards, councils, or commissions. An amendment to permit AAC members to join one other board, council, or commission passed unanimously. The change is intended to increase the wealth of experience and knowledge on Scarsdale leadership teams.

Public Hearing on a Local Law Amending Chapter 205 of the Scarsdale Village Code Entitled Noise Pertaining to Gas-Powered Blowers. The Board voted to schedule a Public Hearing on the issue of limiting the use of gas-powered leaf blowers for Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 7:00 PM .

The Board approved an agreement with Westchester County to provide for a reimbursement for the Scarsdale Youth Sports Program for up to $3,688, payable quarterly.

The Board approved an intermunicipal agreement with Westchester County to provide reimbursement for the Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Services Youth Services Project of up to $3,418.

letter to the editorBelow find letters in support of the candidates running for Village Mayor and Village Trustee on the Scarsdale Citizens Non-Partisan Party slate. The election will be held on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

February 27, 2021

While many of our lives have slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jane Veron’s life has never been busier with a never-ending cycle of new problems to solve. This is nothing new for Jane. In the 16 years that I’ve known Jane, she has always managed a full plate of initiatives to improve others’ lives. The COVID-19 pandemic presented unique challenges which Jane recognized necessitated immediate intervention. As Deputy Mayor, Jane was the driving force in putting together a cross functional task force to reopen and support Scarsdale’s business community, championing the “Dine the ‘Dale” tent in the village benefiting both residents and Scarsdale small businesses. Additionally, as the CEO of The Acceleration Project (“TAP”), Jane was instrumental in helping other small businesses adapt and survive this past year with assistance in financial management, access to capital and strategic planning. As one of TAP’s first consultants, I can attest to the professionalism and selflessness with which Jane approaches this work. With over 32,000 hours donated by dozens of volunteers both businesses and consultants have been enriched.

I often laugh that I follow Jane, from Fox Meadow Neighborhood Association to the League of Women Voters to the Scarsdale Boards and Councils and TAP. I find myself working on initiatives with Jane because a) it’s very hard to say “no” to Jane and b) because if Jane is involved, you know that it will be worth your time and effort. Without exception, Jane leaves a legacy of tangible and concrete improvements. From the early days of getting a neighborhood playground installed to the most recent library renovation, village communications and Shop/Dine-the-Dale initiatives, no effort has been too large or too small if it improves the daily life of the community.

What many may not know, is that Jane is also a fierce competitor on the tennis and paddle court. As a partner, I can always count on Jane’s integrity with line calls, grit in chasing down every ball and positive fighting spirit, even when we are down love-40. On and off the court, Jane is a team player. She governs like she plays tennis, with transparency, integrity, toughness, empathy and with hard work. She believes in our community and in the resourcefulness of individuals working together for a common purpose. As Mayor, I believe that Jane will set a high bar for both our village professional staff as well as the board of trustees. I am confident that under her leadership, our village will be in very competent hands.

Pam Rubin

March 2, 2021

To the Editor,
It is my distinct pleasure to write in support of the candidacy of Sameer Ahuja for Village Trustee. Sameer’s passion for the Scarsdale community has its roots in his family’s experience of being welcomed here as immigrants. When I first met him as a newcomer myself seven years ago, we were fellow parents of kindergarteners, and his warm welcome and friendship helped our family to feel quicky at home. Sameer has a profound feeling for the sense of place that Scarsdale affords its residents, and his commitments as parent, neighbor, and coach inform his desire to serve the Village. As Scarsdale becomes a more diverse community, Sameer is well-positioned to work to bring warmth, welcome, and inclusivity to all its residents.

Sameer has a distinguished academic and professional background that spans technology, finance, and public-private partnerships. He has a love for complex analytics, and a great ability to apply it to his passion for civic and public matters. His brilliant mind and work ethic, in combination with his warm heart, kindness, and personable nature, add up to a person of rare ability. Sameer has already demonstrated the depth of his commitment and gifts in his work as a volunteer in Village matters, especially in redesigning the Village website as a member of the Advisory Council on Communications. As a Trustee, his contribution to the life of our community would be profound.

Along with his fellow candidates of the Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party, Jane Veron, Karen Brew, and Jonathan Lewis, Sameer Ahuja is an excellent choice for Village Trustee in the March 16 election. His election would formalize the many years of devoted service he has already brought to Scarsdale.

Charles Mayer
Leatherstocking Lane

To the Editor:
I have known Karen Brew as a friend and worked alongside her as a volunteer here in Scarsdale for the past 11 years, and I endorse her for Scarsdale Village Trustee enthusiastically and unreservedly.

Karen and I have worked together on various boards and committees for many Scarsdale organizations, including: the Scarsdale Parent Teacher Council; the Scarsdale School Board Nominating Committee; the Scarsdale Bowl Committee; the Scarsdale League of Women Voters; and the Scarsdale High School PTA Scholarship Fund. Regardless of the group or activity, I always found Karen to be a hard-working, caring, creative and respectful team member. She takes the commitments she makes very seriously and works collaboratively with the people around her. She has a plain-spoken, no-nonsense style that co-workers and constituents alike will find refreshing and productive, and she doesn’t stop working a problem until she finds a solution that considers all stakeholders.

Karen already has invested a tremendous amount of her time and energy into making our schools and community better for everyone who lives in Scarsdale, and I’m so pleased she is willing to continue that legacy by serving as a Village Trustee.

Best of luck to Karen Brew and the other candidates on the Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party ticket: Sameer Ahuja, Jonathan Lewis and Jane Veron.


Deb Morel

March 1, 2021

Dear Sirs:
Elections for village offices in Scarsdale take place on March 16 at the Congregational church. I would encourage all resident citizens to participate and cast a ballot in order to show an interest in our electoral process. Participation is important to give the democratic process legitimacy. The right to vote, to express approval or disapproval of candidates, is perhaps our most precious privileges in this country, for local as much as national offices.

This year the Non Partisan Citizens Party has offered us a strong slate of candidates for Village offices. They are people of serious commitment, interest and experience. Each of them has participated in our official Village life in some way and demonstrated a serious commitment of time to Village affairs. From personal experience, I can say that serving on the Board is a very demanding job; it requires a great deal of time and patience to attend all the committee meetings, read the briefing documents, and hear the citizens before making an informed judgement.

I am particularly acquainted with Jonathan Lewis, whom I have known for nearly twenty years. He participates in my book club and, as an author in his own right, offers unusual insight into many of the texts which we read. He has eclectic interests. Jonathan has served on the school board in addition to his first term on the Village Board. I would also note the time and money which he committed to mounting a somewhat quixotic challenge against an incumbent representative to Congress over an issue of principle to him and his family, that of taking money from big Pharma. Just as every auction requires an underbidder to demonstrate a fair price, every political system runs best with opposition to test the views of the winner, and in this race, Jonathan provided us that under-appreciated service.

Jane Veron, who leads this slate as the candidate for mayor, in addition to serving for four years on the Village Board of Trustees, served five years on our most demanding and difficult Village volunteer board, the Planning Board. Land use issues have been difficult and controversial since the beginning of time in the Village and she balanced the often conflicting interests in the community with grace and balanced judgement.

Sameer Ahuja has devoted his recent time to the advisory committee on Communications and Karen Brew has been involved with our schools, from the PTA and the SBNC, the committee which selects our school board candidates, to the raising of scholarship funds for students.
Each of these four candidates has more extensive resumes than I can here describe. You can find more complete descriptions of their prior service in the Village and professional experiences on the Non-Partisan Committee's website, "www.ScarsdaleCitizens.org". The site is easy to use and is complete with brief statements from each of the candidates in their own words. It is a convenient place to inform yourself of their qualifications. They manifest leadership in the endeavors which they have undertaken. I note amongst the information on the site that they all share MBA degrees amongst their academic credentials; therefore they should be able to read a balance sheet, despite the fact that their professional experiences have taken different paths. However, more than the ability to balance spread sheets, they offer us balance in judgement.

Turn out on Tuesday, the 16th.


David Buchen candidatesJane Veron, Karen Brew, Jonathan Lewis and Sameer Ahuja, candidates on the SCNPP Slate
2 Circle Road

February 27, 2021

I’ve known Jane Veron for the better part of 20 years. In that period she served as President of the Scarsdale League of Women Voters, Chair of the Village’s Planning Board and an extended term as a Trustee on the Village Board. As a member of those three bodies while she served Scarsdalians, I had a firsthand opportunity to appreciate her skill and hard work to support decisions that made life in Scarsdale better, and then still even better than that.
When she and I were on the Village Board together, we worked together between Board meetings to learn what the people we served wanted. We either explained why the Board’s decision in support of the request would cause a downside for Scarsdale or we would vigorously pursue the decision requested.

Although Jane may not be opposed, please take a few minutes to vote for her to show how much you appreciate Jane’s willingness to serve you.

Dan Hochvert

To the Editor,

As second year Heathcote representatives on the Citizens Nominating Committee, we fully support all three of the Scarsdale Citizens' Non-Partisan Party (SCNPP) candidates for election as Village Trustee. We are proud to participate in the comprehensive nominating process that recruits and puts forward dedicated, qualified volunteers to represent and serve our community. Each year, many hours are spent recruiting and meeting potential candidates, exploring their experience and leadership qualities, completing extensive diligence, and engaging in group discussion and debate. This year, we are excited to have selected a committed and diverse slate of outstanding candidates to represent and guide us in our community affairs.

In particular, we are pleased to write this letter in support of Sameer Ahuja for Village Trustee. Since we have gotten to know Sameer over the past several years, we have been impressed by his appreciation for and desire to give back to the Scarsdale community, his kind and inclusive spirt, and his intelligence and strong work ethic, all of which make him an exemplary candidate for Trustee. A Scarsdale resident for a combined 21 years, Sameer knew he wanted to raise his children in the town that had welcomed him and his family when they moved here as immigrants, and he is eager to be an inclusive, thoughtful, and open-minded trustee for our increasingly diverse community. Down-to-earth and approachable, Sameer has a natural ability to engage with and listen to others, making him a well-liked friend, neighbor, coach, and colleague. He has a distinguished academic and professional entrepreneurial background and is a demonstrated analytical thinker and problem solver (one of our favorite examples of this is when, as a softball coach, he developed an algorithm for ensuring that the kids received equitable playing time and experience during games, which he gladly shared and was used by other coaches). His positive energy is contagious and will benefit the Board and community especially during times of disagreement and when difficult choices are necessary.

Motivated by a genuine desire to help the community, Sameer joined the Advisory Council on Communications last year and was tasked with redesigning the Village’s website. He has worked closely with Village staff, trustees, and other volunteers and experts to provide updated content that is more readily accessible and navigable as well as a refreshed overall look and feel for the site that will reflect Scarsdale’s special community.

Sameer has already proven himself to be an asset to our community and we are confident that he will approach his role as Village Trustee with the same inclusive and generous spirt, inspired work ethic, and dedication.

Janet Han
Lawrence Road

Peri Zelig
Lakin Road

To the Editor:
I write in support of the Jane Veron I came to know. Jane is now the candidate for mayor. My knowledge came about from sitting to the right of her at Village Board of Trustees meetings for the better part of four years. I offer my impressions through observing Jane at the meetings and other public hearings.

A style is not something you learn so much as something you synthesize – (a creative impulse).

This idea closely resembles “the seven habits of highly effective people #6 – synergize – combine the strength of people through positive teamwork so as to achieve goals no one person could have done alone.”

How did Jane learn this? Through the ABCs of a successful businesswoman: academic credentials, business sense and commitment to community.

Let’s look at each of these elements that made her what she is.

Academic credentials: BA Art History Yale University, magna cum laude, MBA Harvard University, Honors. I will offer a closer look at these credentials. The Yale Art History studies leads to her creative abilities (a broader view of life). The MBA offered her a way to inject her creative abilities into her business. The Acceleration Project where she is the Founder and CEO is a non-profit business with a national scope concentrating on small minority owned businesses. By the way, at Harvard she was Founder and President of the Non-Profit Business and Government Club.

So what exactly is Jane’s style? Firm, warm, reflective, gracious – qualities derived from her academic studies and life experience. She knows what is expected of her: impartiality, independence, collegiality and courage.

Business sense: “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate that vision, passionately own that vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.” She has done this with The Acceleration Project and several other Scarsdale projects. She will do this for us.

Commitment to Community: “Success starts with a dream and discovers the future” (anonymous). Jane found her dream by unlocking her creative impulse honed by her academic endeavors and business sense. She took that dream to Scarsdale and literally lit up the ‘Dale – and, she has only just begun. Jane found a place to grow and we are lucky she found Scarsdale.
Jane’s commitment to Scarsdale, her contributions to Scarsdale – too numerous to mention – President, League of Women Voters Scarsdale, Chairperson, Planning Board and President of the Fox Meadow Neighborhood Association, just to mention a few. In addition, she served two terms as a Village Trustee which were extended to almost four and a half years when Village elections were postponed due to the pandemic.

Jane fully realizes the precious inheritance she is about to receive-- the stewardship of the public good and welfare of Scarsdale. She has successfully been able to broker her life’s experiences into the wider world and I have every reason to believe she will continue to do so as Scarsdale’s mayor for the benefit of the whole community.

Matthew Callaghan
49 Carman Road

Dear Scarsdale,

We urge you to vote for Mayoral candidate Jane Veron and trustee candidates Sameer Ahuja, Karen Brew, and Jonathan Lewis in the upcoming village election.

Veron exemplifies what is best about our community. Her dedication to civic service in Scarsdale is unparalleled. She dutifully served more than four years as a trustee. She impressed her colleagues with her dedication, thoughtfulness and drive. She founded The Acceleration Project (TAP), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and fostering small businesses owned by women and people of color. She has been an invaluable member to many community organizations. Her focus has always been making Scarsdale a better place. The word most commonly associated with Veron is “dynamo.”

Ahuja, a Scarsdale High School graduate, returned here to raise a family. Sameer has been integral member of the village’s Advisory Council on Communications, chairing the website redesign process and working alongside staff and volunteers. His love for our village, combined with his intelligence, drive and creativity, will be an asset to the village board.
Brew has been an active and committed Scarsdale volunteer. She served on the board of the League of Women Voters Scarsdale for six years and has spent five years working on the executive committee of the Scarsdale High School Scholarship Fund as well as volunteering for numerous other civic activities. Her colleagues have described her as thoughtful, insightful and committed, qualities that will serve our village board well.

Lewis has distinguished himself in two years as a trustee and has demonstrated his commitment to furthering the well-being of our residents and the municipal professionals on whom we rely. He is respected for being open-minded, deliberate and kind. His colleagues trust him, and we have been fortunate to have benefitted from his two years of service.

These candidates embody civic experience, passion, kindness and tolerance. They care about our village, its people and our future. They reflect the benefits of the nonpartisan approach to Village government. Your elected body of 30 representatives vets candidates, seeking those who demonstrate a willingness and ability to listen to various points of view on municipal matters and arrive at solutions using good judgment and open-mindedness, as well as civic experience. It’s a rigorous process, and in our opinion, preferable to the division and gridlock that is too often the result of partisan politics. Our non-partisan approach has served out village well for over 100 years and has made a significant contribution to creating a village in which people wish to live and raise their families.

Jane Veron, Sameer Ahuja, Karen Brew and Jonathan Lewis have been selected by the elected Citizens Nominating Committee members because they have shown the temperament, experience and commitment that our village expects and deserves in its mayor and board of trustees.

Please vote on Tuesday, March 16 or by absentee/mail-in ballot and show your support our nonpartisan system. Learn more about our candidates and voting options here: https://www.scarsdalecitizens.org.

Omer Wiczyk and Jared Stern
Co-Chairs, SCNPP Campaign Committee

BetterTogetherThe Jewish Learning Lab (JLL) at Westchester Reform Temple is pleased to announce it was selected to participate in the Better Together in a Box program. Better Together in a Box, which is modeled after the four-year Better Together program, is designed to encourage meaningful interaction between young and old. JLL teenagers in 7th-12th grade, under the direction of our JLL Full Time Educators, Rebecca Anolick and Rachel Hershman, with the assistance of JLL Assistant Director, Felicia Block, have been participating in the program with seniors from the congregation.

“We are honored to be part of this initiative,” said Rabbi David E. Levy, JLL Director. “During this unprecedented time, everyone feels isolated. Through letters, phone calls, and Zoom gatherings, our young people will have the opportunity to learn from the elders of our community, and our long-time congregants will be connected to a generation of families they may not have had the pleasure of meeting, if it wasn’t for this program.”

JLL teenagers and seniors have already started to develop these intergenerational connections. Following a Better Together in a Box delivery in early December, one participant wrote, “Thank you so much for the Buddy Box...I got very teary when I saw the photos of [our JLL learner] and his family and dog! I guess I felt an immediate connection to this adorable young man - even to his family and dog! ...the Chanukah candles [we] received will be in our menorah tonight.” Buddy Boxes have included Challah, Shabbat candles, grape juice, and good quality BetterTogether reusable masks as well as stationary for letter writing, photos of the teen buddies, fuzzy socks, and reusable water bottles.

Westchester Reform Temple and the Jewish Learning Lab are grateful for being chosen to participate in the Better Together in a Box program. They are proud of their seniors and teens who have made a significant commitment, from October 2020 - May 2021, to this project and to getting to know each other.

Contacts: Rachel Hershman, Rachel.Hershman@wrtemple.org
Felicia Block, Felicia.Block@wrtemple.org

Veron2021Former two-term Village Trustee and 23-year Scarsdale resident Jane Veron has been nominated by the Scarsdale Citizens Nominating Committee as the Scarsdale Citizen's Non-Partisan Party's candidate for Mayor of Scarsdale. Veron has a lengthy and impressive record of both volunteer and professional positions.

In Scarsdale she was the Chair of the Scarsdale Planning Board, President of the League of Women Voters of Scarsdale, Chair of SNAP, and President of the Fox Meadow Neighborhood Association. In recognition of her sustained and significant impact on the community, she received the Mayor’s Award for Exceptional Leadership and the Daily Point of Light Award granted by Points of Light, the organization founded by President George H.W. Bush.

She is CEO and co-Founder of the Acceleration Project (TAP), a nonprofit that provides high-caliber consulting services to high potential small businesses, particularly those owned by women and People of Color. Prior to TAP, Jane spent her career in strategy and marketing, working at Bain & Company and American Express and also has experience in private equity and venture capital as an investor and board member.

Jane earned a BA magna cum laude from Yale University and an MBA with honors from Harvard Business School.

We asked Jane a few questions about the state of the Village and her agenda for leading Scarsdale. Here is what she shared:

(Q) You had a few months to take a break from Village governance. What did this additional time give you the opportunity to do?

It is not really my temperament to take a break. I remained engaged with Village matters, attending every public Board meeting by Zoom. I also continued to participate as a resident volunteer on the Scarsdale Business Reopening Task Force, sharing best practices and planning for the spring. I listened attentively during the budget meetings and was proud of my former colleagues and Village staff as they dove deep into the line items, wrestling with difficult tradeoffs. As a resident, I appreciated the opportunity to hear their dialogue.

During these past few months, I did spend more time with my friends and family, played more paddle tennis, skied, read and listened to books, and of course, watched trending series on Netflix and Hulu.

I also invested a tremendous amount of time in my professional life. As CEO of The Acceleration Project, a nonprofit dedicated to keeping small businesses and local economies thriving, I worked to ensure we have strong leadership in place to deliver on our high growth plans. We serve underrepresented small business owners, particularly women and People of Color; since the pandemic hit, the national demand for our services has markedly increased. We doubled in size since March 2020 and have great momentum heading into 2021.

I have been spending a great deal of time thinking about how we transition our Village from austerity management during COVID to new beginnings. Many of us have suffered tragic loss and significant hardship, and unfortunately, there will still be tough times ahead; yet I am hopeful that Scarsdale will reemerge from the crisis with renewed optimism, and I am committed to leading the way.

(Q) With some distance from day to day operations, have you had any insights into the way the Village runs and what you might do differently?

(A) Village staff works extremely hard to serve residents, and operating in a COVID environment has taken an enormous personal toll. Yet along with the struggles, we have seen opportunity. Department heads have done more with less, and while some practices are not sustainable, other solutions could become permanent. At the top of the list for immediate adoption should be digitization to promote operational efficiencies. We must leverage technology and rethink service delivery. We need to continue our conversations with residents to understand what they truly value and what we know to be key differentiators for Scarsdale.

(Q) What will be your initial priorities?

(A) At the first organizational meeting, I would like to kick off a strategic and financial planning process. Together, we will articulate a vision for Scarsdale that honors the past and builds for the future. Our mission will be to ensure that Scarsdale remains the best place to live.

As we emerge from COVID constraints, I would like to institute regular work sessions to discuss our strategic priorities. I’ve already reached out to my running mates and former colleagues to listen to their perspectives and have incorporated their thinking.

As a starting point for our strategic and financial planning discussions, I propose four pillars:

Quality of Life
Public Safety
Economic Revitalization

As we collectively detail the priorities embedded in the four pillars, we will consider advancements in three areas:


Together the Board, Staff and community will deliberate, evaluate, and develop short- and long-term plans.

In concert with the planning effort, I hope to institute a reengineered budget process, building on our excellent foundation and augmenting it by incorporating the best paradigms out there. We are entering a new world and must look holistically at our costs, revenues, borrowing and reserves.

With the upcoming retirement of our esteemed Village Manager Steve Pappalardo, a top priority will be to design and conduct a robust and comprehensive search process. Village Manager Pappalardo devoted his heart and soul to our community and set the bar very high. As we know so well, the quality of our Village staff distinguishes us, and we commit to filling this role with someone extraordinary.

(Q) You’ve had many years of experience dealing with many aspects of the Village including land use, downtown revitalization, development and the renovation of the library. What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about building community, about protecting and enhancing the magic of Scarsdale. We are incredibly fortunate to have unique assets, some shiny and new like our library and others that need immediate attention such as our pool complex. We want to bring vitality to our Village Center and other retail hubs that have suffered enormously during COVID; a thriving local economy will fortify our Village. We need to continue to maintain our beautiful open spaces, parks, and sporting fields. After these months of social isolation, there is pent up desire to come together. I want life to be easier, more uplifting, and invigorating. I am about hope and possibility.

(Q) The Village is facing a deficit due to a loss in revenues and an increase in expenses. It seems that most people value the services the Village provides and do not want to see cuts. Do you think that they would be willing to pay additional fees or taxes to retain these services and programs?

(A) One of the reasons I want to combine strategic planning with financial planning is because I think we need to take an integrated approach. The post COVID world will likely be different from what we’ve experienced in the past. We cannot predict how resident behaviors and needs will change. What is clear to me is that residents value their quality of life, their feelings of safety and security, the uninterrupted delivery of Village services, the beauty and character of tree-lined streets, and the vibrancy of our town. Scarsdale delivers across the board, but there is still significant work to do. While there is much cause for optimism with vaccine roll outs and normalcy on the horizon, Scarsdale will remain under budgetary pressure for the foreseeable future. We cannot know whether our nonproperty tax revenue will return to prior levels. Relying on budgetary surpluses to fund capital projects and taxing to fill the gap is not a sustainable strategy. We are cognizant that our residents feel the pressure.

(Q) As part of the COVID relief package, some in Congress are asking for funds for municipal governments. Do you think Scarsdale will be eligible for these funds?

(A) It would be wonderful to receive funds from the federal government. Our local officials understand most specifically what is needed to reinvigorate our Village. That being said, I would never develop a budget with the expectation that we will be granted funds. I would never build a budget on hope.

(Q) The Enterprise Fund for the Scarsdale Pool has been depleted and the pool complex is in need of repairs. How will you approach this issue?

(A) Day one, I plan to kick off the process to create a visioning study and resident needs assessment for the pool complex. We have deferred focus on the complex, and we cannot continue. The pool is at the end of its useful life, and to keep it functioning, we have been funding emergency repairs. Membership is declining as residents go elsewhere. I firmly believe that if we reimagine the complex and invest in its future, more residents will return and enjoy this amazing asset. By reversing membership declines, we will be able to build back our enterprise fund and celebrate in our new facility.

(Q) The job of Mayor is in many ways a full-time, two-year commitment and you’re a very busy person. How will you fit everything in to your schedule?

(A) Working hard is nothing new to me. I like to get things done and work collaboratively to accomplish more together. I set a demanding pace when I served as Trustee and expect to do the same if I am elected Mayor. On the professional side, I have an extraordinary team at TAP, and they are used to my government schedule. Our rapid growth closely tracks my four and a half years on the Village Board. Everyone on my management team is exceptional in her own right.

All Scarsdale residents are encouraged to vote in the Village election on Tuesday March 16 from 6 am to 9 pm at the Scarsdale Congregational Church, 1 Heathcote Road, Scarsdale. Information on registration or obtaining an absentee ballot can be found here.


More information about where to get vaccines is emerging daily. While some locations in New York City are limiting allocations to neighborhood residents, more vaccine locales and pop-up sites are opening up in Westchester.

For instance we heard of several people who went to the Armory in Washington Heights to get vaccinated. They did not live in the area but were given the vaccine. Now this site is out for Scarsdale residents. However appointments for second doses there will be honored.

A note says, “New York-Presbyterian today announced new guidelines for the vaccination process at its Armory Vaccination Center in Washington Heights. Effective immediately, 100% of new appointments at the Center will be for New York City residents, and a minimum of 60% of all those appointment slots will be reserved for eligible residents of the Washington Heights, Inwood, Northern and Central Harlem, and South Bronx communities. (All existing appointments, including those for second vaccination doses, will be fully honored)."

NYC Vaccine List

Another website to check vaccination availability in New York City is https://nycvaccinelist.com. This site checks the websites of clinics, pharmacies, and other locations that may have vaccines. If they find an available vaccine, a 'Sign Up' button will appear and take you directly to the website of the location with availability.

Westchester Community College

In addition, Westchester Community College has partnered with the Westchester County Department of Health to convert its Physical Education building into a temporary vaccination facility. To protect the health and safety of the community at large, the College has established a process to separate those coming onto campus for the vaccine from students and employees who utilize the campus facilities for college purposes. No one is permitted on campus for a vaccine without an appointment.

To see if you are eligible for a vaccine appointment through New York State please use these resources:

• Westchester County residents including WCC faculty and students may go to the NYS website to determine eligibility and find a vaccination location at https://am-i- eligible.covid19vaccine.health.ny.gov/

• The State COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline will open for scheduling vaccination appointments for eligible New Yorkers at 1-833-NYS-4-VAX (1-833-697-4829).

• Prior to receiving the vaccination, you must complete the New York State COVID-19 Vaccine Form at https://forms.ny.gov/s3/vaccine.

Westchester County Vaccine Allocations

We received this list from Westchester County on February 4 which shows the weekly allocation for these sites in Westchester. To learn more click here:

The closest locations for Scarsdale residents are White Plains Hospital, the Westchester County Department of Health at 145 Huguenot Street in New Rochelle, Westchester Medical Center and the Walgreens #20583 is at 66 East Post Road in White Plains.

The Westchester County Center is not listed below but they are a vaccination center.

If you have luck securing a vaccine, please share information in the comments section below.

allocation FEbruary 4

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