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BandsmaAdelia BandsmaScarsdale High School senior Adelia Bandsma came to the Scarsdale Board of Trustees meeting on January 9, 2023 to discuss her Girl Scouts Gold Award project called “Hometown Heroes”.

She explained, “‘Hometown Heroes’ are military tribute banners honoring veterans with a connection to their hometown. Hometown Heroes is a project that started in Pennsylvania and has spread nationwide. I am bringing this project to Scarsdale to celebrate and honor our hometown heroes.”

Adelia thinks that by displaying these military banners, Scarsdale residents will learn “that there are people who live here who have risked or even sacrificed their lives for our country, our security, and our freedom.”

Hometown Heroes is both a national and a local program. Similar banners have been posted in Eastchester, New Rochelle, and Ardsley.

Any military veteran who was either born in Scarsdale or currently lives in Scarsdale will be eligible to have their own banner. The banners will go up for Memorial Day 2024 and will be seen in downtown Scarsdale, along the Memorial Day parade route. Families will pay for their own veterans banners or organization, neighbors, or local businesses can act as sponsors and cover the cost of the banners.The price for each banner will be $150.

Adelia will reach out to the community to take orders for the banners. Orders can be placed by filling out a google document and uploading a photo. A mailed check will also be needed. The deadline for this google document is March 15th and the delivery is expected during the first week of May. The Scarsdale Village road crew will install the banners in time for the Memorial Day Parade.

Overall Adelia thinks that these “military tribute banners will bring awareness of veterans in our midsts. A hero could live right next door and you might not even know it. I want people in Scarsdale to feel part of something larger than just our town.”


(Updated January 16, 2024) An additional election date (due to the extremely inclement weather during the evening of the original Jan. 9 election date) for the 2024 School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) election will take place on Wednesday January 16, from 5 – 9 PM in the Scarsdale High School Brewster Road entranceway. Any resident of the School District who is (i) 18 years of age or older, and (ii) a resident of the School District for 30 days prior to the election may vote in the SBNC Election.

If you have any questions please contact the SBNC Administrative Committee Election Chair at or see

Please vote and be a part of the process to ensure that great candidates represent us on the Scarsdale Board of Education! Thank you!
Listed below are the candidates from each neighborhood along with their biographies

EDGEWOOD (3 candidates running for 3 positions)

SHIVI S. BANSAL: 175 Nelson Road Length of Residency: 5 years
Occupation: Finance
Education: IIT Kanpur, India (BS), University of Illinois (PhD)
Child/Children’s ages: 5, 3
Civic Activities: Board of Trustees, Kids’ B.A.S.E. & The Little School; Technology Advisory Committee Village of Scarsdale

OWEN ELLIOTT: 177 Madison Road Length of Residency: 5 years
Occupation: Stay-at-home parent, freelance corporate video and photography work, Previously: Media Producer & Director
Education: University of Newcastle (BS, Communications)
Child/Children’s ages: 13, 11, 3
Civic Activities: Scarsdale Congregational Church, Volunteer; Edgewood Girl Scout troop, Volunteer; Edgewood Elementary School, Class Parent; Nutcote Trust Board, Deputy Chair; Neutral Bay Public School (Australia), Volunteer

MIMI ROBINSON: 171 Nelson Road Length of Residency: 1 year, 3 months
Occupation: Stay-at-home parent, Previously: HR/Pharmaceutical Industry
Education: University of Texas (BS, Communications), NYU, (MS, HR Management)
Child/Children’s ages: 12, 10
Civic Activities: SMS—Compact Committee, Pizza, Compost, Library Volunteer, Edgewood—Yearbook, Fifth Grade Events, Lunar New Year Co-Chair, Edgewood Fair, Multicultural Tasting, Book Fair Volunteer, Grassroots Grocery-Volunteer

FOX MEADOW (1 candidate running for 1 position)

ADAM HELLEGERS: 18 Lockwood Road Length of Residence: 11.5 years
Occupation: Attorney/Real Estate Development/Affordable Housing
Education: University of Pennsylvania (BA), Northwestern University (JD)
Child/Children’s ages: 17, 13
Civic Activities: Board of Directors (Building and Development Committee Chair, former Chair), Osborne Association; Westchester Board, Habitat for Humanity; Board of Advisors, NYU Furman Center for Real Estate; Secretary/Executive Committee, Westchester Reform Temple

GREENACRES (3 candidates running for 3 positions)

AMADALLY HOSSEINBUKUS: 26 Elm Road Length of Residence: 15 years
Occupation: Management consultant
Education: Durham University, (BS, Computer Science)
Child/Children’s ages: 18, 17
Civic Activities: Girl Scouts, Troop Co-Leader, Scarsdale Youth Soccer Parent coach, Lower East Side (NYC) Mentor

LISA PURCELL: 25 Montrose Road Length of Residence: 6 years
Occupation: Stay-at-home parent, Previously: Attorney
Education: Dartmouth College (BA), Columbia Law School (JD)
Child/Children’s ages: Twins, 5
Civic Activities: Class Parent (GA), Board Member, Greenacres Neighborhood Association, Coach-Scarsdale Little League

KRISTEN ZAKIERSKI: 81 Greenacres Avenue Length of Residence: 4 years
Occupation: Education consultant
Education: Vanderbilt University (BS), Pace University (MST)
Child/Children’s ages: 5, 2, 5 mo.
Civic Activities: Scarsdale Forum (hospitality/special events), Greenacres Neighborhood Association (President), Hitchcock PTA (President) Hitchcock School Board

HEATHCOTE 2 candidates running for 4 positions)

KEN MEYERSON: 5 Hanover Road Length of Residence: 13.5 years
Occupation: Commercial Real Estate
Education: Boston University, BSBA
Child/Children’s ages: 16, 13
Civic Activities: All Stars Project, National Board member and co-chair, NY Board, Member, Real Estate Board of NY, Boy Scouts of America, Honoree, Heathcote coach, Basketball & Baseball

SAUM SHETTY: 2 Burgess Road Length of Residence: 2 years
Occupation: Digital Marketer
Education: BA, Mass Media
Child/Children’s ages: 11, 7, 5
Civic Activities: Heathcote Multicultural Chair, SMS DEI Chair

QUAKER RIDGE (2 candidates running for 3 positions)

Alissa Baum: 2 Sylvan Lane Length of Residence: 17 years
Occupation: Stay at home parent, Previously: Attorney
Education: BA, JD, University of Texas-Austn
Child/Children’s ages: 16
Civic Activities: SHS Compact Committee (elected 23-25), SHS PTA Parent/Teacher Conference committee, LWV-Scarsdale, president (2023), JCY-Westchester Community Partners, reading buddy, SMS, Class Parent, QR, member PTA Legislative Advocacy Committee, volunteer, learning to look

Kamala Vittal: 27 Stratton Road Length of Residence: 10 years
Occupation: Real Estate Agent, Previously: Administrator (Montessori School, NJ), Optometrist/Researcher (Hospital, India)
Education: Elite School of Optometry, India (BS)
Child/Children’s ages: 21, 17
Civic Activities: SHS New Families Committee (Chair, 22-24), SHS Wellness Committee (Co-Chair, 23-24), SHS DEI Committee (Co-Chair, 23-24), SHS LIbrary Volunteers (Co-chair), SHS College & Career Center Volunteer, SHS P/T Conferences Volunteer, SHS & SMS Audit Committees, SMS & QR Multicultural Events
About the School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC)

The School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) is a committee of residents elected from across the Village for the purpose of nominating candidates to fill vacancies on the Scarsdale Board of Education. Members are elected from each of the five elementary school districts to serve a term of three years on the Nominating Committee and two additional years on the Administrative Committee.

The Administrative Committee would like to encourage all Scarsdale residents to support the SBNC by voting in local elections, considering a candidacy, and making a contribution. The SBNC Administrative Committee runs the annual SBNC elections financed entirely by community support. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.
Contributions may be made via PayPal online at  Checks may be made payable to the “SBNC Administrative Committee” and mailed to
P.O. BOX 172H

2024 SBNC Continuing Members (Nominating Committee)

Terms End 2024
• Edgewood – Anne McCourt Bates, Christine Weston, Meng Zhang
• Fox Meadow – Claudia Green, Jennifer Zola
• Greenacres – N/A
• Heathcote – Kimberly Miller Champlin
• Quaker Ridge – Lisa Gans

Terms End 2025
• Edgewood – N/A
• Fox Meadow – Kevin Chen, David Kirshenbaum, Susan Lee
• Greenacres – Arthur Rublin, Molly (Yue) Tu, Jocelyn Zoland
• Heathcote – Jacob Adlerstein
• Quaker Ridge – June (Xun) Deng, Jennifer Simon Tabak

2023/2024 SBNC Administrative Committee Members

Zach Altschuler (FM), Treasurer, Sarah E. Bell (TVCC), Resolution Chair, Lauren Hammer Breslow (HE), Lara Chassin (SNAP); Susi Coplan (QR) Election; David Fenigstein, Webmaster (GA), Jennifer Goldfarb (HE), Beth Goldoff (SNAP), Stephanie Israel (QR Swapna Kanekar (FM); Cecelia Anon Kowalski (EW), Jon Lemle, Resolution Chair (FM), Alan Meizlik (EW), Valerie Phillips (EW), Nominating Chair, Deborah Skolnik (GA) Election, Purnima Srivastava (QR), Stacey Strauss (QR), (Claire) Yin Yan (HE), Cindy Yau (GA)
For additional information, please contact Deborah Skolnik, at

flag half mastFlags are flying at half-staff at Scarsdale’s elementary schools this week for a local family who was in a tragic car accident in Bristol, CT on Thanksgiving night, November 23, 2023.

Toby and Brooke Cohen of Mamaroneck Road were driving with their three children when their car ran off the road into the woods around 7:18 pm. The parents, Toby and Brooke Cohen, were killed at the scene and their three children, Cooper, Jake and Addison were critically injured.

A funeral was held for the couple in Livingston, NJ on Tuesday November 28, 2023.

Brooke Cohen, age 37, worked for the Brooklyn District Attorney for ten years. DA Eric Gonzalez said, “Throughout her time in Brooklyn, Brooke demonstrated unwavering dedication, relentless advocacy and a steadfast commitment to combatting gender-based violence. From her early days as an assistant to her role as a supervisor in the criminal court she fought for justice with positivity, resilience, and a contagious smile that inspired those around her.”

Her husband Toby Cohen, age 41, worked for the Red Apple Group.

The family purchased the house on Mamaroneck Road in July 2023 and their two older children attended Heathcote Elementary School. They were members of Westchester Reform Temple.

Here is the police report from the Bristol Police Department:

"On the above date and time, Bristol Police, Fire and EMS responded to the Bristol/Farmington town line for a serious crash that occurred on Stevens Street in Bristol. Upon arrival, a vehicle was located off of the roadway along the northern side of the road.

The initial investigation showed that a westbound vehicle was traveling on Morea Road in Farmington, had crossed into Bristol on Stevens Street, east of Cherry Hill Drive and had left the roadway to the right, striking a roadway sign and vegetation/trees. The vehicle continued through the woods until coming to a stop.

Two adults were pronounced dead at scene and three children were transported to area hospitals. The Bristol Police Department worked with several out of state agencies to identify all occupants of the vehicle and to notify next of kin. All involved occupants were not Connecticut residents and were visiting from out of state for Thanksgiving."

CurtiMichael V. Curti has been appointed Scarsdale Village JusticeScarsdale Village Justice Cynthia Dunne has resigned. Mayor Justin Arest announced the news at the December 12 meeting of the Scarsdale Village Board. With court scheduled to be in session the following day, the Mayor announced that the current Associate Justice, Michael V. Curti would step up and fill the role until the election in March.

Curti has served as Associate Justice for the Village since April 2022. His prior public service includes tenures as Corporation Counsel of the City of Yonkers, Westchester County assistant district attorney and principal law secretary in New York State Supreme Court. He lives in Scarsdale with his wife (an SHS alum) and two children.

Here are the remarks he made at Village Hall on Tuesday night:

I would like to thank the Mayor and the Board of Trustees for considering my appointment as Village Justice this evening. It is a privilege to serve in this incredible position of trust and responsibility alongside my colleagues at the Court, the clerks, court officers, attorneys, and stenographers who make our Village Court hands down the best in New York State.

Tomorrow at 9:30 a.m., we will have Court in this room. Along with the gratitude I am feeling this evening is a sense of sadness that the journey will continue without Judge Dunne on the bench. But what will carry forth and continue is her legacy of achieving and maintaining excellence in giving the people of this exceptional community the level of service in the pursuit of justice that they both expect and deserve.

The two years I have been on the Court have been among the most professionally and personally rewarding moments of my life. Judge Dunne always treated me as a peer and I can say without reservation that we worked collaboratively to achieve the best results possible: fairly and impartially, efficiently and effectively.

Of course, that’s no surprise to anyone who has seen her commitment to family, volunteerism in our community in the League and Rotary, and service to our country as an Assistant United States Attorney.

I pledge to you that I will do my best to continue the work of this superb public servant. Thank you.

Destress‘Tis the season to be jolly…or so goes the famous Christmas song! While the holidays can inspire feelings of joy and merriment, for some this time of year can also be full of pressure and stress. If you are the kind of person that can get easily overwhelmed by crowded shopping malls, out of town visitors, and trying to prepare the perfect meal, you are not alone! But luckily for us, there are some steps we can take to cultivate an inner peace and to help us stay grounded even when the self-checkout at Target stops working or “grandma’s famous gravy” turns out lumpy.

By now many in our community have probably heard how beneficial meditation can be. Whether it is practiced to improve attention and focus or to help us control our emotions and relieve anxiety, mediation produces true, measurable benefits (and can even help us keep our cool when that gift we ordered online doesn’t show up in time!). The beauty of meditation is that it can be used by anyone, anywhere! If you are new to meditation and need help getting started, there are dozens of apps you can use or articles you can read that will help you build a practice in no time at all. If you prefer the help of an expert or want to meditate with other like-minded friends, you can also check out Kelsa is an amazing meditation teacher and mindful practitioner that leads sessions right here in Scarsdale!

Yes, it may sound cliche…but really, remember to take care of yourself! It’s hard to stay “jolly” when our tanks are running on empty! Maybe you like to exercise to keep the stress at bay or maybe you need to soak in the bath with a good book, whatever little acts of self-care might help, remember to build time into each day to recharge your batteries! And if you are in need of a little deeper healing, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a massage or maybe even a healing sound bath. If you haven’t experienced the wonder of a sound bath, check out Susie Sands is also a Scarsdale local and performs sound baths both in person and virtually.

This last tip can be a little tricky, especially in a world that feels so topsy-turvy, but focusing on the positives has proven to be a successful tool in helping to improve one’s mood and well-being. One easy way to focus on all of the good things that we are surrounded by is to engage in the practice of gratitude. When we practice gratitude, we actively look for things in our lives to be thankful for and it can be as easy as saying what you feel grateful for before dinner each night. Other easy ways to practice gratitude include: writing down three things you feel grateful for in a journal before bed each night, writing thank you notes, or sitting in nature for a few moments while trying to focus your attention on all of the blessings our lives are filled with. Focusing on the positive doesn’t mean that we negate hardships or feelings of sadness or frustration, it just means that we take time each day to remind ourselves and refocus our attention on all of the good that is out there too.

Whether you are a person that lives for the magic of this season, or you are someone who might need these tips and tools to help keep stress at bay, we hope your holidays are filled with light, love, and laughter.

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