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SCNPSlateBelow find letters from Evelyn Stock, Janice Starr, Amy Laartz, Carl and Betty Pforzheimer, Carol Stix, Merrell Clark and Susan Duncan in support of the candidates for Village Trustee and Village Justice selected by the Citizens' Nominating Committee:

To Scarsdale

Please--it is essential that you vote on March 18 for the candidates of the Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party (Justin Arest, Lena Crandall, Randall Whitestone, and Joaquin Alemany). My opinion is based on my soon to be 50 years living in Scarsdale during which I have been an active community volunteer and on my experience serving for 28 years on the Westchester Fair Campaign Practices Committee (WFCPC) from which I have taken a leave of absence.

WFCPC was established in 1991 as an independent impartial body to examine charges of unfair practices made by candidates against their opponents for any State or local election held in Westchester. What I have witnessed in neighboring communities, including those similar to Scarsdale: false information, personal attacks, self-aggrandizement, charges and counter charges, anger and mistrust, all of which continues from election to election and tears apart the fabric of a community. This has made me appreciate and value our non-partisan system which has provided overall good honest government. That our non-partisan system continually enlists new people to participate—people who generally have made and continue to make significant community contributions-- also serves us well
During my nearly five decades in Scarsdale, I have served on the Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC) three times, the last time approximately five years ago. I have also served on the School Board Nominating Committee. The CNC, a publicly elected body is the core of the Scarsdale’s non-partisan system. Nominees for Village office are selected by the CNC on the basis of their demonstrated interest in various Village activities, which among other things, reflects their ability to relate to people. CNC members vet potential nominees in several ways including reviewing their records of community involvement and contacting those residents the nominees have worked with. This is true for the Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party candidates this year.

This is not to say that the system is perfect. The non-partisan system, of which the CNC is the core, has evolved over time as successive generations of Scarsdalians have modified it to adjust to changing circumstances and community desires. The Non-Partisan Resolution, the foundational document for the nonpartisan system in Scarsdale, has been amended over 40 times by public vote since its adoption in 1930. However, fewer people are willing to run for both the CNC and for Village office. Reasons they give vary—no time, reluctance to run against friends and neighbors, unwillingness to lose. Many potential candidates say, “another time, another year.” To work, the system requires broad participation and support. Everyone I know who has served as part of the non-partisan system has found it worthwhile.

So this season, I urge residents to demonstrate their support for our non-partisan system. It has served our Village well for decades. Enlist your friends and neighbors to join you. Vote Row B for the Citizens Non-Partisan slate—Arest, Crandall, Whitestone and Alemany—on Wednesday, March 18th at the Scarsdale Congregational Church, One Heathcote Road, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
And consider running next time for the CNC or School Board Nominating Committee. You won’t regret it.

Evelyn Stock

87 Catherine Road

To the Editor:
I first became acquainted with Justin Arest in my capacity as the co-President of the League of Women Voters Scarsdale when he was assigned to be the Village Trustee Liaison in his first year as Trustee. From the onset of our working relationship, I was struck by how knowledgeable Justin was on a wide range of complex Village issues. He has often shown an encyclopedic-like knowledge of the Village budget and has displayed the ability to handle himself well in front of large groups discussing anything from the mundane to the potentially controversial. The League annually evaluates the Village’s budget process, and Justin made himself available to us regularly to answer questions and explain issues, whether on the phone or in person. He has a natural ability to distill the essence of complicated issues and explain them in a way that is easily understandable. During budget discussions with his colleagues and Village Staff, Justin excelled at asking pointed questions about the Village Budget and routinely tried to find creative solutions to maintaining desired services and as well finding cost savings.

Over the course of his first year, there were at least a few important matters on which Justin was willing to disagree with his colleagues due to problems he found with the process, as well as substance. I respect his courage to speak up and dissent from the dais.
I was fortunate to work again with Justin as liaison in his second year as Trustee in my capacity as co-President of the Fox Meadow Neighborhood Association. Over and over again, Justin showed his willingness to not only listen to residents’ concerns and attend our myriad events, but I always found him to be additive.

Justin cares deeply about Scarsdale and demonstrates that in the way he carries out his responsibilities as Trustee. I am so impressed with how prepared he is at every single meeting. I once asked him how he makes the time. He laughed and then smiled and told me that it was hard and meant a lot less sleep but, it was also very important to him. He is committed to making the community and the volunteers who have served before him proud.

I strongly endorse Justin for a second term and encourage voters to show up at the polls to vote Row B on Wednesday, March 18th at Scarsdale Congregational Church. The SCNPP slate is vetted, thoughtful, and will represent us well. We are fortunate that they are willing and able to step up to serve Scarsdale.

Janice Starr

Church Lane

To the Editor:

We moved to Scarsdale almost 4 years ago and quickly experienced our first Scarsdale contested election. We didn’t have the local experience to understand the process or know the candidates, but we were struck by the amount of public animosity targeted by a few individuals toward the non-partisan system. Flash forward to February 2020 and not much has changed. I decided to get more involved to better understand the process and answer the question - is it really “rigged” as a few have alleged?

I joined the Scarsdale Forum Climate Resilience Committee and Friends of Scarsdale Parks (FOSP). My interest in sustainability is both personal and professional. I have dedicated over 21 years working as an environmental scientist, ultimately owning a successful permitting and compliance business assisting clients with environmental impacts analysis, wetland mitigation, and navigating Clean Water Act regulations. Working with FOSP to sustain and enhance our green space, trees, streams, and wetlands was a natural step for me to volunteer and support my new community.

I first met Lena Crandall during her tenure as Village Trustee and liaison to the FOSP. She was very engaged in our meetings, articulating her knowledge about environmental issues, and offering advice and viable solutions to environmental issues pressing upon the Village. I really got to know Lena while supervising the planting of about 200 native shrubs and saplings in Harwood Park for the community wetland restoration planting day in 2018. What struck me most about Lena’s commitment to the community was how approachable and transparent she was in answering questions and listening to the volunteers on a variety of subjects. She dug into the mud with the rest of us while taking the time to get to know the community planting team. This is the type of person we want as Village Trustee.

Lena inspired me to become more involved. In 2019 I ran and was elected by my peers in Fox Meadow for a position on the Citizens Nominating Committee. I was thrilled to be a part of the process interviewing and vetting candidates along with 29 other volunteers from our community elected by their respective neighborhood voters. We carefully reviewed the trustee candidates’ community service track record and conducted due diligence through local references. Subsequently, each person on the CNC committee contributed to an open and thorough discussion and ultimately agreed to nominate the following on the ballot for trustees: Lena Crandall, Justin Arest, and Randy Whitestone, and Joaquin Alemany for Village Justice. Thirty volunteers elected by their neighborhood peers came together to review and nominate the non-partisan slate. There is more engagement in this electoral process than there is in state elections!

I’m proud to be a part of this non-partisan process and happy to report the system is not “rigged.” I suspect the details of village politics is something most Scarsdalians have little time or bandwidth for, which is why the CNC’s work in vetting candidates is important. I stand by our choices. Please remember to vote Wednesday, March 18th at the Scarsdale Congregational Church.

Amy Laartz

Old Orchard Lane

To the Editor:
We have lived in Scarsdale since 1965 and our family has strongly benefitted from its unique, non-partisan form of Village and School government. The Village Board and the School District have faced, and solved, many challenges over those 55 years.

Why does the system work? It works because a dedicated and experienced elected body, the Citizens Nominating Committee, finds candidates who are thoughtful and reasoned, collegial and consensus-building, and expert in needed fields. That body eschews candidates who have pre-determined “platform” views or believe they already have the answers to solve a particular problem. It works because people in the system put the interests of the Village or School District first, and their own interests second. It works because the elected officials understand that not everything comes down to that extra tax dollar. It works because, after public discussion and numerous (indeed, some might say endless) meetings and studies, reasoned decisions are made by the governing body usually, but not always, through consensus.

No one is shut out of the process along the way. There is no back-room secrecy. There are opportunities galore to make your opinion known. And the most important opportunity in the process is to make your opinion known by voting. Except for times we weren’t in the Village, we have voted in every election that we could over 55 years. And when we weren’t here, we used an absentee ballot.

We urge you to vote Row B for the candidates put forth by the Citizens Nominating Committee: Justin Arest, Lena Crandall, and Randy Whitestone for Trustee and the Hon. Joaquin Alemany for Village Justice.


Carl and Betty Pforzheimer

16 Tompkins Road

To the Editor:
Scarsdale is a community blessed with fine schools and first-rate municipal services. Both are led by volunteers selected by their neighbors, then typically confirmed in general elections. The process of selecting candidates is Scarsdale’s Non-Partisan System.

This year the election for Village Trustees and Village Justice will take place on Wednesday, March 18th at the Scarsdale Congregational Church, One Heathcote Road. The Non-Partisan Candidates for Trustee positions are Justin Arest and Lena Crandall for second terms, and Randall Whitestone for a first term. These three candidates have all volunteered with respect to Village civic matters in numerous capacities. Their expertise in various fields and their dedication to Scarsdale are proven and well respected.

They are being challenged by a slate which is critical of the Non-Partisan System, even though it is a system that for decades has consistently persuaded talented resident volunteers to dedicate themselves to overseeing our local government. The platform of this challenging slate consists almost wholly of that criticism. For reasons not explained by them they are unhappy with a non-partisan system that emphasizes open minded government leaders committed to overseeing a professional staff that provides first rate local services with fiscal responsibility minus the wasteful and destructive rancor of clashing politics.

Therefore I urge all who value this tradition to vote Row B on Wednesday, March 18th for the Non-Partisan slate, Justin Arest, Lena Crandall and Randall Whitestone for Trustee, and for Village Justice, Joaquin Alemany.

Carol Stix
Carthage Road

To the Editor:
Scarsdale’s major attractions are well known. Highly rated schools, beautiful homes, Village in a Park, Tudor style Village center, and easy commute.

But what about the ethos? Individual families will find their own comfort zone within the Village, but an overarching umbrella that serves everyone is Scarsdale’s tradition of volunteerism. We aim to get along and do our part. Those with flexible time engage with the community. Thus we learn about the needs of the Village and its residents. We get to know neighbors throughout the community. We get to appreciate and emulate those who seem to give more of themselves, including their talent, time and kindness.

Scarsdale’s volunteer ethos was not an accident. Beginning in 1911, it was designed thoughtfully over many years to encourage a neighborly, friendly social order in which volunteer leaders would be recruited by other volunteer leaders for greater responsibility. The selection of Village Board volunteers has followed this system for decades, after repudiating the rancor that once existed in Scarsdale when political parties attacked each other, when abrasive individuals promoted themselves and their self-appointed colleagues, and when hostility nearly destroyed the community’s spirit. That’s why the nonpartisan system that has nourished Scarsdale for a century was adopted and sustained.

Scarsdale encourages participation of volunteers. There are seventeen neighborhood associations, operated by volunteers in every geographic section of the community. There are numerous sports organizations. Every Scarsdale school enjoys an association of parents and teachers. There are approximately 30 community organizations, such as: Boy and Girl Scouts, League of Women Voters, Junior League, Scarsdale Forum, Scarsdale Woman’s Club, and many groups of Friends (for Music and the Arts, Scarsdale Library, Scarsdale Parks, Westchester Band and others).

In addition, Village-appointed groups of volunteers (boards, councils, committees), lend wisdom, perspective, and expertise to the Village Manager and his staff as well as to the Trustees. And, of course, the Trustees are volunteers who provide their expertise to the Village Manager. Of all the hundreds of volunteer leaders in Scarsdale, the Trustees are honored to be selected and gladly undertake a demanding schedule without pay. They provide an enormous service to the residents of Scarsdale, and as residents themselves contribute balance and insight to the day to day work of Scarsdale’s outstanding professional staff.

The electoral system in Scarsdale, both for School Board and Village offices, avoids partisan politics. Active participation of volunteers from many organizations of the Village is its foundation. Efforts to abolish or challenge it are uncompromisingly indifferent to how this part of Scarsdale’s ethos has benefited the community over many decades. Like the freedoms of our democratic society and the quality of life that we enjoy in our Village, the community “spirit” of our nonpartisan election system is central to the Scarsdale ethos and worth fighting for. Vote the Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan slate -- Justin Arest, Lena Crandall, Randall Whitestone and Joaquin Alemany -- on Wednesday March 18th.

Merrell Clark
Popham Road

To the Editor:
Edgewood resident Randall (Randy) Whitestone is a candidate for Village Trustee in the election on March 18, 2020. Scarsdale has an exciting opportunity to elect an intelligent and thoughtful leader to help steer our village in the coming years. He has a long family history in Scarsdale and not only raised his children here, but chose to stay even when they grew up and moved away, as children do.

I have known Randy for more than 20 years and have found him to be a calm and steady voice in any discussion. He always seeks consensus in a thoughtful, rational manner. He cares about the issues that are of concern to our residents, such as education and taxes. He has no axe to grind but will listen to the various voices before reaching a decision.

I feel confident that Randy will make a great trustee and commend him to the voters.

Susan Duncan
193 Lyons Road

SCNPSlateJoaquin Alemany, Randy Whitestone, Lena Crandall and Justin ArestTo my Scarsdale Neighbors: Our Village elections are fast approaching and I want to urge all my fellow residents to re-elect Justin Arest to a second term as Village Trustee.

For nearly two years, I and a group of dedicated residents have had the pleasure to work with Justin as members of the Scarsdale Cable Television Commission of which I have been a member for ten years and its chairman for the last two years. The Village Code established this commission authorizing it to negotiate and recommend to the Mayor and Trustees new cable television franchise agreements with our cable providers, Verizon and Altice (Cablevision). Justin was appointed by two successive Mayors as the Trustee liaison to the Commission. The role of the Trustee liaison is to provide feedback to the Board. As did his predecessors, Justin does far more.

Justin’s involvement has been an invaluable asset to the work of the Commission. Justin has not only attended every meeting and participated in every conference call – his ongoing advice, input and recommendations have been important in the preparations for face to face negotiations with the cable providers. His background as an attorney and businessman have uniquely combined to provide the Commission with a priceless partner in seeking the best cable television deal for village residents, businesses and non-profit organization during the next 5-10 years.

Additionally, Justin was instrumental in helping the Commission secure funds from our cable providers for our Library’s cable television facilities upgrade to enhance residents’ television access to their events and programming on Scarsdale’s Public Access cable channels.

Beyond his involvement with the cable commission, Justin’s astute analysis of issues and proposed solutions and his proven business acumen and legal skills in addressing village wide matters, make his continued involvement with our Village government invaluable. I urge all our residents to reelect Justin by voting Row B on March 18th.

Michael A. Rubin
33 Crossway
February 25, 2020

To the Editor:
Dear Sirs: Elections for Village office approach in March and I would like to offer a recommendation and request for support for my good friend, Randy Whitestone, Scarsdale's nonpartisan system and the other candidates on the Citizen’s Nominating Committee (CNC) non-partisan slate as well.

I have known Randy for twenty five years, first meeting while working on the Fiscal Affairs Committee of the then TVCC. He made valuable contributions to our committee reports over several years and demonstrated a complete understanding of the village accounts. There were always many people who were willing to append their name to the reports without ever attending a session, but Randy was one who was willing to share the actual work. He has always been the type of person who draws other people into groups, and into conversations, wherever he happens to be, be it our book club, the train posse of people who meet on the tracks every morning, a working committee, or cocktail party. He invites people around him to join in and respects their views. I think that he would make an excellent contribution to our Village Board, willing to hear people out.

The other CNC candidates for Trustee should be known already to the community for their ongoing work and experience. Justin Arest has been the liaison to the Overhill Neighborhood Association, of which I am a member, and has provided a willing ear to our group, showing up for evening meetings to hear our complaints and comments. His real estate experience is very valuable to understanding the complex issues of development on the Freightway site currently before the Board.
Lena Crandall has always been a voice for the environment and sustainability in the community, having been active on the Friends of the Parks for many years before joining the Village. She has demonstrated that she has the even temperament required for Village Board service.
The Village Justice, Joaquin Alemany, is running unopposed for another well-deserved term on the slate.

Finally, I would encourage all citizens to turn out and vote for the CNC’s non-partisan slate on Wednesday March 18th at the Scarsdale Congregational Church, One Heathcote Road. Participation gives our political system the support it deserves having served our Village well for many decades.


David E. Buchen
2 Circle Road
February 24, 2020

To the Editor:
It is again that season where all good women and men need to come to the aid of the Village of Scarsdale and support the Non-Partisan Citizens’ team running for trustees and village justice. The ticket includes Justin Arest, Lena Crandall, and Randy Whitestone for trustee and the Hon. Joaquin Alemany for Village Justice. The depth and breadth of the slate is illustrated by their background and experience which will be summarized in a brochure to be circulated in due course to all residents. It is worth noting briefly the following:

Justin Arest, a current trustee, has both the professional and community experience that we need. Even before becoming trustee he was active in community affairs including the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Freightway Steering Committed, and the Library’s Building and Campaign Committees. As trustee he has had leadership roles in overseeing the budget process and as Chair of Personnel heading search committees. Justin served as liaison to neighborhood associations, advisory councils on communication and Technology, the Board of Appeals, Board of Architectural Review, Board of Assessment Review, Cable Commission, and others.

Trustee Lena Crandall, who retired from the practice of law to raise her family and to be involved in the Scarsdale community, is also running for a second term. She too has had leadership positions on the board including having chaired the Village’s Sustainability Committee and co -chaired the Recreation Committee. She is liaison to the Conservation Advisory Council, the Advisory Council on Youth, Friends of Scarsdale Parks, Junior League of Central Westchester, Advisory Council on Senior Citizens and neighborhood Associations. Crandall has served the Scarsdale Forum, Friends of Scarsdale Parks, The Scarsdale Woman’s Club and the Bronx River Parkway Reservation Conservancy.

Randy Whitestone, a twenty-five year resident of Scarsdale has been nominated for a first term as Village trustee. He has deep family roots here going back to 1928 when his grandparents moved to Scarsdale. His civic involvement includes having chaired the Scarsdale Forum’s village Fiscal Affairs Committee and served as a member of its Audit Committee. He has served on the Citizens Nominating Committee, Scarsdale Foundation Bowl Committee, and on the Arthur Manor Association board of directors.

Joaquin Alemany is our current Village Justice, who previously served by filling the remainder of the term of the Late John Galloway. He was also an Acting Village Justice in the Village of Sleepy Hollow and an Administrative Law Judge for the Westchester County Human Rights Commission and the Westchester taxi and Limousine Commission.
With the important issues currently facing the village it is more important than ever to vote for those who have demonstrated their significant qualifications and their dedication to the Village of Scarsdale by their past efforts. Vote for the nominees of the Scarsdale Non-Partisan Committee.

Dorothy M. Finger
Sheldrake Road
February 25, 2020

To the Editor
Once again, the Non-Partisan system is being challenged.

For many years, when choosing trustees of our Village government and also the School district, Scarsdalians have looked to neighbors with demonstrated experience, skills and an interest in serving the community. A Citizens Nominating Committee elected by the community at large serves as the vehicle for vetting and then proposing individuals who could fill these unpaid positions without regard to political affiliation. All residents are encouraged to give suggestions for candidates to the Nominating Committee.

While to some this system may appear somewhat complicated, it generally functions well in our community which abhors politicking over local matters and prides itself in broad participation by interested residents, all in the context of volunteerism. We have been fortunate that this non-partisan system has produced skilled candidates who can oversee and supplement our professional management.

This year the Nominating Committee has proposed two candidates who have completed one two-year term and are eligible now for one more term: Justin Arest and Lena Crandall. On the slate to replace a retiring current Trustee is Randall Whitestone, who should bring fresh perspectives to the Board.

I for one believe in non-partisanship for Scarsdale and am grateful that these highly qualified individuals are willing to serve. Vote Row B on Wednesday, March 18th at the Scarsdale Congregational Church, One Heathcote Road.

Bill Miller
Popham Road
February 25, 2020

MarcyBScarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Service (SFCS) has selected Marcy Berman-Goldstein to receive its annual Rising Star Award in recognition of her volunteer leadership and contributions to many Scarsdale organizations. The annual Rising Star Award recognizes leaders in the Scarsdale Community who have demonstrated dedicated, impactful and active community service.

The Award will be presented to Berman-Goldstein at the SFCS 2020 annual benefit gala, Centennial Celebration, Thursday, May 14, at the Scarsdale Golf Club. Tickets to honor Berman-Goldstein can be purchased here

"This award recognizes that Marcy has become one of Scarsdale’s most active and valued civic volunteers, and business leaders, over the years. The commitment, creativity and energy with which Marcy approaches her multitude of roles and initiatives has earned her the respect and acknowledgement of the Scarsdale community and of the organizations she serves," said James Genova, LCSW, executive director, Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Service.

"Marcy’s involvement is driven by her desire for the betterment of our community and to see those around her thrive. Her leadership style is defined by a recognition of the inherent value of teamwork. Marcy’s volunteer efforts are deeply influenced by her care for the rich history, intrinsic character, and promising future of our Village."

Marcy Berman-Goldstein
Berman-Goldstein has consistently given back to her community throughout her time in Westchester. She is co-owner, with Abbey Solomon, of I Am More, a clothing store in Scarsdale Village that is devoted to empowering women to feel confident, supporting women-owned businesses and designers, and giving back to local and women’s philanthropic organizations. Berman-Goldstein and Solomon operate I Am More as a philanthropic business, foregoing their salaries to donate profits to charity. Since its inception, I Am More’s philanthropic events and donations have benefited more than 40 organizations, with over $150,000 in cash and tangible items.

In addition to running her business, Berman-Goldstein is co-president and a founding board member of the Scarsdale Business Alliance (SBA), a vibrant and collaborative non-profit organization of Scarsdale merchants, dedicated to supporting the Village of Scarsdale and its local businesses. Berman-Goldstein has been integral in the SBA’s establishment and growth, committing countless volunteer hours to ensuring that Scarsdale remains a dynamic village, and that the merchants have a voice in the community.

In 2019 alone, Berman-Goldstein helped lead two initiatives that engaged the community and helped drive traffic to businesses in Scarsdale Village. In the Spring, she introduced, organized, and ran the first ever Health, Beauty & Wellness Fair in Scarsdale Village, which was attended and enjoyed by more than 700 people. Then in the Fall, Berman-Goldstein was also co-creator and chair of the Scarsdale Music Festival, which attracted thousands from Scarsdale and surrounding communities, far exceeding anyone’s expectations.

Berman-Goldstein also has been a member of the Junior League of Central Westchester since 2010, a local nonprofit women’s organization committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. She helped develop the league’s sponsorship program, establishing integral relationships with many executive directors and owners of Westchester County businesses and corporations, and ran several of the annual fundraising events.
In addition to work for her community, Berman-Goldstein is a board-certified radiologist, specializing in women’s imaging. She completed her residency and fellowship training at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City in 2005, and remained on staff until 2017.

Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Service

Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Service (SFCS) is a nationally recognized family service agency accredited by the Council on Accreditation. The agency has been an anchor in the community for almost 100 years, providing counseling services and supportive programs to local individuals and families in all stages of life. Our mission is to strengthen and support family life and to contribute to the well-being of our residents. We believe families matter and that healthy families are the cornerstone of a healthy community.
For more information, please click here or call (914) 723-3281.

JadenTen year-old Jaden Myles Waldman, formerly of Scarsdale, is currently rehearsing to perform in the Roundabout Theatre production of Caroline, or Change. Written by Tony Kushner, the musical is set in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1963 and tells the story of African American maid Caroline and her relationship with Noah, a young boy in the Jewish family for which she works. The backdrop is the American south at a pivotal time in the fight for racial equality. Jaden is now rehearsing for the role of Noah and learning to sing the score, composed by Jeanine Tesori.

We had lunch with Jaden in midtown Manhattan during a break in his busy week. We walked and he arrived by scooter, which Mom Stacie says makes it easier for Jaden to get around town.

Due to the six-day a week rehearsal schedule, Jaden and his mom have sublet an apartment near the theater district so that he could get to work on time without having to commute from Connecticut, where the family now lives.

Stacie explained that Jaden is not missing his schoolwork during the run of the play. Roundabout has two highly skilled tutors that work with him three hours a day so that he keeps up with his fourth grade class. She says that the tutors are excellent and sometimes even give Jaden extra work.

This is not Jaden’s first gig -- he has performed in many commercials, recently co-starred on an episode of the Amazon Prime series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and will appear in HBO’s miniseries The Plot Against America in March. Jaden has recently done film work and he played the principal role of Ben in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular twice. Caroline, or Change, however, marks his Broadway debut and his first musical; he seemed to be thriving with the vocal coaching, dance instruction and the intensive acting lessons involved in learning his role.

Previews begin March 13th and the show opens April 7th. As an alternate, Jaden is guaranteed to perform each week and also has to be at the theater for all performances. It seems like a lot to ask a boy of ten, but Jaden was clearly enjoying it.

What about his Dad and sister back home in Connecticut? Stacie said with help from her mother and wonderful neighbors, sister Carly has been managing just fine.

Watch for Jaden Waldman in the Roundabout Theatre production of Caroline, or Change at Studio 54 beginning March 13, 2020.

wilsonIra Wilson of Wilson and Son Jewelers in Scarsdale passed away at the age of 81 on February 5, 2020 surrounded by his family. He was a leader in the jewelry business and well known and trusted in the community.

Wilson’s grandfather Morris founded the store in 1905 and Ira was the third generation of the family to run the business. Today the business is run by Ira’s sons Michael and Matthew Wilson.

In a note to the community, Wilson’s wife Lynne wrote, “It is with great sadness that we inform you that our father, Ira Wilson, has passed.

Dad was 81 when he passed peacefully early this morning, surrounded by family. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather who was a truly unique individual.

Ira was our patriarch – he was in the jewelry industry for seven decades and was a kind and gentle soul. He was a mentor to all he worked with, and was loved by all. His customers and employees were his family, and he will be missed by all the lives he touched.

Though his loss is painful, we are grateful for his lessons of compassion, integrity and family values. We will always cherish the time we had with him and he will live on through our work and great memories. We love you, Dad.”

“No man is a failure who has friends.” – It’s a Wonderful Life

“The richest man in town!” – It’s a Wonderful Life

The following tribute was contributed by the Scarsdale Business Alliance:

“On behalf of the entire Scarsdale Business Alliance, the Zacharia Family/ZACHYS would like to pay tribute to the passing of a “Founding Father”- Ira Wilson. As a business that has stood shoulder to shoulder with the Wilson Family for 7+ decades, we feel that Ira Wilson and his family have created an unrivaled presence in our village. Class, elegance, integrity and prominence are all traits that Ira and his family have always stood for. Over the years we have watched Scarsdale Village change, but a single constant has been a legacy that Ira Wilson has created …. the continuity of a family business that has continued to draw people to our special town. Ira will surely be missed by all, and we can take comfort in the fact that his spirit will live on with his loving family as they continue the tradition of being a world class destination. Rest in peace and our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Wilson family.”

Services will be held at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 7, at Temple Beth Abraham in Tarrytown. Shiva will commence immediately following the service and burial until 5:30 p.m. and again on Saturday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 8 p.m.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations in Wilson’s memory be made to the White Plains Hospital Medical Center or Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

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